What is sin? (Meaning, Origin + More Information)

What is sin

I have fallen into sin without knowing in the past, mostly because my definition of sin was superficial. I only thought sin was when one commits murder, steals, and other things we consider major sins. When I started my discipleship class, I was shocked at the revelation of what sin is and what God considers … Read more

Do protestant churches have nuns (how to become a nun)?

Do protestant churches have nuns?

As a theologian and pastor with many years of experience in the Christian ministry, I havealways respected nuns. This is because they devote themselves to a life of service and livedifferently from the rest of the world. Many people associate nuns with the Roman CatholicChurch. One of the questions that I get from some people … Read more

Does Catholicism teach that the Pope speaks directly to God (What is the relationship between the Catholic Pope and God)?

Does Catholicism teach that the Pope speaks directly to God

As a pastor and theologian, I often hear debates about Catholicism teachings about the Popeand his relationship with God. The Pope is the overall leader of the Roman Catholic Church. Heis the highest symbol of authority in this church. Due to the many misconceptions about theRoman Catholic Church, some of my church members ask me, … Read more

Who was John Mark in the Bible (John Mark’s biography)?

Who was John Mark in the Bible

Several Johns were mentioned in the New Testament, which sometimes makes it hard for readers to tell them apart. Biblical scholars have tried for millennia to pick apart these biblical figures, specifically John Mark, since he was not directly mentioned in the Bible. So, who was John Mark in the Bible? According to the Bible, … Read more