Did Jesus smoke marijuana? (Biblical truth)

Did Jesus smoke marijuana?

Smoking marijuana has become more popular in the current generation as even some states have gone ahead to legalize the use of marijuana for recreation. The question as to whether Christians can smoke marijuana or not has continued to be a heated debate among denominations. What even creates more conflict is that marijuana is not … Read more

When Did Noah Live? (The Era of Noah)

When Did Noah Live?

Noah is one of the Bible’s standout characters, with his tale being arguably one of the most popular bible stories ever. All Christians, from the young to the old, must be familiar with Noah, the ark he built, and the flood that was sent to destroy the sinful world; but do you know the exact … Read more

Protestant vs. Evangelical: Do they have different beliefs?

Protestant vs. Evangelical

Protestantism and Evangelicalism are sects of Christianity. Evangelicalism is considered a branch of the Protestant movement. In the Evangelical vs. Protestant debate, people attempt to establish whether they have different beliefs. Protestantism and Evangelicalism differ in many ways. One of the major differences between other Protestant churches and the Evangelical Church is their view of … Read more

Who washed Jesus’ feet (the anointing of Jesus)?

Who washed Jesus' feet

The Bible describes different instances in which women washed the feet of Jesus. This topic is worth discussing since some Christians wonder whether the different Bible Verses discussing the washing of Jesus’ feet refer to the same woman or different women. Who washed Jesus’ feet? According to John 12:1-3, Matthew 26:6-13 and Mark 14:3-9, Mary … Read more

How long was Noah in the ark (total days)?

How long was Noah in the ark

During the time of Noah, God got angry with humankind and decided to destroy all the people and animals on earth. However, He chose to save Noah and his family, as he was the only good man of this time and lived in the fellowship of God. Before he destroyed the earth, God instructed him … Read more