Puritans Vs. Protestants: What Is The Main Difference?

Puritans Vs. Protestants

I am continually teaching about the history of the church and how the many denominations differ from each other. In recent days, I’ve been taking time to teach my Bible study group about the aspects that differentiate different believers, specifically Puritans and protestants. In this post, therefore, I’ll give a detailed breakdown of Puritans vs. … Read more

Mormonism vs Protestant: What is the main difference?

Mormonism vs Protestant

I have spent the last fifteen years in active ministry and have learned much about religion. My knowledge and educational background play a significant role in my teaching ministry as a pastor. I teach the youths and various adult groups. During last week’s study, we began discussing the origin of Protestants. One of the students … Read more

Mormons vs. Baptists: How do they differ

Mormons vs. Baptists

Last week, there was a discussion among some members of my congregation concerning the difference between Mormons and Baptists. The point of contention in the conversation was that one person claimed that Mormons and Baptists are both Christians who believe in God and can attend the same church, whereas the other person contended that Mormons … Read more

Mormons vs. Catholics: How do they differ

Mormons vs. Catholics

Serving for 15 years in active ministry has been a great learning experience. As a college professor and a pastor, I have utilized the opportunities to learn and teach religion. One of the topics I teach in the church’s foundational classes is the differences between denominations that promote religious literacy and a deeper understanding of … Read more

First vs. Second Baptist church: how are they different?

First vs. Second Baptist church

My recent Bible study session turned out to be an exciting affair after we decided to focus on the different Christian denominations. A new member, a one-time Baptist, shared some of their doctrines with us. This aroused our interest, and we decided to focus our discussion on the Baptist church. Our area hosts two Baptist … Read more

Worship vs. Praise: What is the main difference?

Worship vs. Praise

As a born-again Christian, I have studied the scriptures in-depth and explored the intricate distinctions between Worship and Praise. These words have a significant role in the Bible and have different meanings that influence our spiritual development. During my bible study session last Wednesday, most of my learners argued that Praise and Worship are interchangeable … Read more

Amish vs. Jewish: What is the main difference?

Amish vs. Jewish

Being brought up in a Christian family and attending a Christian school, I learned a lot about Christian virtues, values, and traditions. However, as I grew up, I started hearing more and more about other religious groups and denominations. Recently, I was engaged in a conversation about the Jewish and Amish way of life, which … Read more