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Thank you for visiting Christian Faith Guide. I believe that God’s truth should be available to all. This Ministry can therefore give you a better understanding of the Christian faith. Christian Faith Guide aims to provide fresh biblical content to encourage anyone that is looking for a closer relationship with God. My aim is to help you understand more about the practices of faith and religion.


My name is Joseph M. Jordan, and I am a born again Christian. Being born and raised in a family of pastors brought me closer to God at a young age. Both my father and grandfather were pastors. I got born again in high school, and I have been in the Christian ministry for 15 years now. I have experience in both campus and youth ministry.

College degrees

I have an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies, and my graduate degree is in Religious Studies from Cedarville University. I also have a Masters in Theology from Bethel University.

Continuing education

Since I have always been passionate about learning, I have a certificate in Christian Foundations from Revealed World Bible College and another one in Christian studies from the Fuller seminary.

Pastoral Ministry

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve in this Ministry for over 15 years now. Currently, I am a pastor at Life Christian Churn in Cincinnati. I have planned and conducted numerous worship services for over 100 members. I also have experience in writing sermons and enjoy working with other church leaders to carry out church missions.

College Professor

Apart from working as a pastor, I have also had the privilege of working as an Adjunct professor at Midlands Technical College. That experience enabled me to teach as an Adjunct Professor at Monmouth University. Some of the undergraduate courses in Ministry that I have taught include the following.

  • Old Testament Studies: I loved teaching people about the old testament to help them understand where we came from. I believe that the Old Testament offers a good foundation for other scriptures in the Bible
  • Apologetics– I loved teaching this because it helped me strengthen the faith of believers. Through teaching it, I managed to help more people learn more about the gospel.
  • Theology– Analyzing the supernatural was also a fun discipline to teach as a professor. This course gave me the chance to help others understand the book of Revelation more.
  • Soteriology-I also enjoyed teaching Soteriology since it helped my students understand how religious doctrines differ.

Academic and Learned Societies

Learned societies for Christian Academics promote the study of theology and the Bible. People who share a common interest in the Word of God collaborate and network at different conferences. I am a member of the following societies.

Society Requirements
Evangelical Theological Society A Master of Theology degree
International Society of Christian Apologetics A Master’s degree in a relevant field
Evangelical Philosophical Society An interest in Philosophy and a profession in Christian Faith


I started writing at an early age, way back before I joined the Ministry. Since I became a pastor, I have been published in different Christian magazines and newspapers. Here is an example of an article I write about the 5 reasons to Trust the Bible. I enjoy writing online since it enables me to minister to a larger crowd across the globe.

Belief Statement

  • The Lord he is God, and there is none else beside him (Deuteronomy 4:35)
  • Man was created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26)
  • For the Lord will descend from heaven with the voice of an archangel (1 Thessalonians 4)
  • The free Gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord (Romans 6:23)
  • The church has two ordinances set by Christ, the Lord’s supper and Baptism (Mathew 28: 19)

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