Reverend vs. Pastor: How are they different?

Reverend vs. Pastor

As a Christian raised in a family of church ministers, one question that I frequently encounter is whether there’s a distinction between Reverends and Pastors. Therefore, during our Bible study session last Sunday, I took the initiative to conduct research and facilitate a discussion on this topic, aiming to clarify these two titles. The discussion … Read more

Catholics vs. Atheists: How are they different?

Catholics vs. Atheists

Late January this year, one of my students in my Bible study group invited a few of his friends from the Catholic Church. They wanted to experience a Bible study with Protestants, but most importantly, they attended because they felt their faith was shaken. After Bible study, one of them opened up and asked me … Read more

Catholicism vs. Seventh-Day Adventism: How are they different?

Catholicism vs. Seventh-Day Adventism

Being a born-again Christian, I frequently encounter inquiries from believers and non-believers regarding the distinctions between Catholicism and Seventh-Day Adventism, two prominent Christian denominations. As a result, our Bible study group recently embarked on a captivating exploration of these denominations to enhance our comprehension of their unique characteristics. We dedicated last Sunday’s gathering to a … Read more

Israel vs. Judah: Are they the same?

Israel vs. Judah

Two months ago, I traveled to Israel to celebrate the Passover festival in Jerusalem and to enjoy the beautiful topography and the rich Jewish culture. Upon my return to the United States, I was so thrilled to share my wonderful experiences about Israel. Someone from my congregation asked me if I visited the land of … Read more

Ministry Vs. Church: What is the main difference?

Ministry vs. Church

The other day, I heard an argument among my congregants concerning the difference between a church and a ministry. What provoked the argument was that one individual claimed that having the church band perform at a live concert with a Godly message represented a ministry. In contrast, the other individual argued that it represented the … Read more

Calvinism vs. Arminianism: How are they different?

Calvinism vs. Arminianism

As a Christian, I often hear a lot of speculation, especially about what we are supposed to believe and how to interpret the Scripture. However, being in the ministry for 15 years has enabled me to build a personal relationship with God, which spiked a certain curiosity in me to look at other denominations and … Read more

Catholic vs. Jewish: What is the main difference?

Catholic vs. Jewish

Last week, I attended a wonderful 7-day Jewish celebration with plenty of Torah reading and dancing, and I was intrigued by how the Jewish people uphold their religious festivities. They reminded me of the Catholics who are also very devoted to their religious traditions, such as fasting and taking the Holy Communal during the Lent … Read more

The Catholic vs. Jesuit: How are they different?

The Catholic vs. Jesuit

I have served in ministry for over fifteen years and have had a great learning experience. As such, the leadership of my local church has entrusted me with leading faith formation classes for teenagers and adults. In our last adult faith formation class, we began discussing the Jesuit order. I started by challenging the learners … Read more

Saints vs. Angels: How do they differ

Saints vs. Angels

As a pastor, one of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked by new believers and non-believers is the difference between Saints and Angels. Therefore, during my recent Bible study session, I suggested we research and discuss this interesting topic. Today, I’m excited to present a comprehensive summary of our discussion on “Saints vs. Angels,” … Read more