Are unicorns evil? (does the bible say unicorns are evil?)

Are unicorns evil?

Part of my hobbies as a theologian is reading to gain more knowledge. A few months ago, I read a religious article about unicorns and their relation to Christ. I immediately became interested in learning more about these creatures, as I had read different mythology books depicting this creature as a fairy and a legendary … Read more

Is orcas evil? (Is orcas considered good or bad?)

Is orcas evil?

As a theologian and researcher, I have encountered several religious and cultural beliefs about the orcas. Tlingit and Haida Native American beliefs on orcas triggered my interest in studying about them. I learned about cultural beliefs about orcas when I lived with Tlingit and Haida Native Americans for six months and read the book “Listening … Read more

Is Cuphead evil? (Is Cuphead safe for kids?)

Last week, I hung out with my nieces and nephews, which I admit was fun. As we were hanging out, one of my nephews could not stop talking about ‘Cuphead’ a show on Netflix. At one point, he mentioned how he disliked the devil in the show and wished he was out of the show. … Read more

Is Necromancy Evil? (What Does the Bible Say About Necromancy?)

Is Necromancy Evil?

As a theologian, I have always taken a keen interest in Christian dogmas and beliefs. I recently was enthralled by the concepts of necromancy and related Christian insights. I researched numerous Christian publications on necromancy, relating my findings with a biblical vantage point. I also visited clerics from different Christian denominations to acquire firsthand information … Read more

Is Spongebob evil? (is Spongebob demonic?)

One of my favorite cartoons I looked forward to growing up was Spongebob. Now that I have young kids who love this show, I have become more interested in learning about what it represents. I researched online and came across some viewers who speculated that Spongebob is evil. This made me more curious since I … Read more

Is 23 an evil number? (What makes 23 an evil number?)

Is 23 an evil number?

As a theologian and math nerd, I take an interest in people’s beliefs concerning numbers. I took a special interest in this topic after watching a German movie called 23, in which the main character was obsessed with the number 23. Upon further analysis, I came across some film viewers who claimed that 23 was … Read more

Is Pokémon Evil? (Is Pokémon Demonic?)

Is Pokémon Evil?

My kids were excited when Pokémon Go was released in 2016. I was worried. Like other parents, I had lived through the Pokemania of the ’90s and early 2000s; I wasn’t excited for another one. Furthermore, I heard that Pokémon was demonic and wrong for my kids. As a Christian, my first instinct was to … Read more