Is witchcraft a sin? (God’s take on magic and sorcery)

Is witchcraft a sin?

Witchcraft is quite common, mostly in traditional settings, as elders often communicated to supernatural beings through people whose powers did not align with God’s. Witchcraft draws its roots in the Old Testament and has several expressions and forms. Though people do not practice witchcraft and sorcery openly, the practices are well-known for people to question … Read more

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Is smoking a sin? (What does the Bible say about smoking?)

Is smoking a sin?

Some behaviors like smoking and drinking alcohol are deemed as socially and culturally unfit and unacceptable. Additionally, smoking is quite unhealthy and can pose serious health threats. Though we know smoking is culturally unacceptable and unhealthy, is it a sin? Is smoking a sin? The Bible does not mention or talk about smoking directly. However, … Read more

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Is being depressed a sin? (What does the Bible say about depression?)

Is being depressed a sin?

Mental health has been a trending topic lately, with depression being a core disease affecting millions of people (Christians and non-Christians). Symptoms of depression often include intense sadness, fatigue, hopelessness, emptiness, and fatigue, among other symptoms. Being depressed can make one feel like they are worthless and might lead to suicide. The main cause of … Read more

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