Did Elijah go to heaven (Elijah’s chariot of fire)?

Did Elijah go to heaven

I’ve learned that the question of whether the prophet Elijah went to heaven has been the subject of much discussion and debate throughout history. This question arises from the story of Elijah’s miraculous departure from earth in a whirlwind, which is recorded in the Old Testament. Since this was my favorite passage in Sunday school, … Read more

Did David go to Heaven (where is David now)?

Did David go to Heaven

Being in the Christian Ministry for 15 years, David’s story has always been a story that inspires me. A small person who believed in God, and through the Almighty, he was made king. I admire the relationship he shared with God. David was a sinful man, but God always forgave him because he repented every … Read more

Did Abraham go to heaven (Abraham’s bosom)?

Did Abraham go to heaven

As a born-again Christian raised in a Christian home, I deeply appreciate and admire the significance of Abraham. He is known as the “Father of Faith,” for he was a righteous man favored by God. I find it inspirational that he left behind everything he knew to follow God’s call in his life. He journeyed … Read more