Biblical Meaning of Chicken in a Dream (Spiritual Meaning of Chicken in a Dream)

Growing up on a farm, my favorite farm animal was the chicken. What intrigued me about them was their sense of family. I was fascinated by how the hen nurtured her eggs and chicks and how they always stayed close together.

My interest led me to research about chickens and their behavior. During one of my in-depth readings, I came across a spirituality book about chickens.

Upon further research, I discovered that people believe dreaming about a chicken has Biblical and spiritual meanings. During a recent Theological symposium on Nature and Religion, I participated in a workshop discussing animals and their importance in religion.

One of my fellow theologians raised a question about chickens and whether dreaming about them bore any Biblical connotation.

Having conducted thorough research on the topic, I enlightened them on my previous findings. After the productive discussion, I decided to write this article to share my knowledge on the biblical meaning of chicken in a dream with others.

The Bible does not say anything about a chicken in a dream. However, some people believe that the biblical meaning of chicken in a dream represents times of growth, good luck, and positive energy. They also claim that this dream indicates fertility for the dreamer and favorable times ahead.

Join me as I discuss the biblical and spiritual meanings people believe are behind dreaming of a chicken. I will also delve into the symbolism behind dreaming of a chicken and the different scenarios of chicken dreams.

Furthermore, I will touch on what some cultures assume one should do if they dream of a chicken.

Read on and find out all there is to know.

Biblical References of Chicken

The most notable reference to a chicken is from the New Testament. Matthew 23:37 talks about Jerusalem and the people who kill prophets and stone those sent to them.

It states how Jesus wanted to gather the people like a hen gathers her chicks under her wing. Another variation of this verse is in Luke 13:34.

A male chicken, a rooster, is mentioned concerning Peter denying Jesus before the rooster crows. The verses are Matthew 26:34, Luke 22:34, and John 13:38.

Roosters are also mentioned when Peter eventually denies Jesus in Matthew 26:74, Luke 22:60, and John 18:27.

The Old Testament does not have a specific reference to a chicken in its female form, but it does refer to roosters. A rooster appears in Proverbs 30:31, talking about a rooster that struts, a male goat, and a king who is secure against revolt.

Symbolic Meaning of Chicken in Dreams?

Biblical Meaning of Chicken in a Dream 
Symbolic Meaning of Chicken in Dreams? Image source: Pixabay

According to many cultures, chicken in dreams symbolizes many things. Let us look at a few common ones.

Positive Emotions

According to cultural beliefs, chickens connote joy, celebration, and overall happiness. It is assumed that it is the reason it is a special meal served during joyous occasions.

People also claim that the sounds chickens make, to their movement are associated with positive emotions.

Therefore, people imply seeing a chicken in your dream symbolizes positive emotions lying ahead of you that you should embrace.

Positive or Negative Personality

Many cultures assume there are two kinds of chicken – the rooster and the hen. They believe the rooster is usually the first to crow and start a commotion, while the hen that lays eggs is the second to begin a melee.

It is a claim that the rooster represents an impulsive person who always stirs trouble. As a result, seeing one in your dream is believed to symbolize your impulsive personality.

On the other hand, it is an assumption that a hen represents positive facets of one’s personality, such as contentment, nurturing, and new beginnings.

People believe seeing a hen in your dream symbolizes your nurturing or supportive persona.

New Beginnings

Some dream symbologists claim that seeing a chicken in your dream symbolizes something growing in your life. They believe that if there is an activity or project you are pursuing, it will come to fruition.

Some allege that this dream symbolizes age-related change. It is also a claim that with this age will come new beginnings, such as a new relationship, a promotion at work, or a positive change in your business.

An Improving Situation

Spiritualists imply that a chicken in your dream symbolizes forthcoming good news or a drastic turn for the better.

Other people assume that since chickens are exceptional animals in some cultures, seeing one in a dream symbolizes how special people perceive you.

They allege that when this dream occurs during a difficult situation, it represents the outpouring of help you will receive from people you did not expect.

Planning for Something

Dream symbologists believe that seeing a chicken in your dream symbolizes planning. Many assume that when this dream occurs, you are preparing for something big in your future.

They claim that when you encounter this dream, let go of any doubts and actively prepare for what you are planning for. It is a common belief that this dream occurs when many influences hinder you from successful planning.

Therefore, they allege that you must cut off these influences and believe that you will achieve what you are planning for.

Growth and Fertility

Cultures around the world believe that chickens represent motherhood and fertility. Therefore, many allege that seeing a chicken in your dream symbolizes fertility, growth, and motherhood.

It is a claim that when this dream occurs, your life will be abundant and filled with happiness. Others allege that it represents a future with a growing family.

Dream symbologists also claim that dreaming of a chicken represents yourself. Therefore, they claim it means that you will grow and be successful in what you do.

They allege that fertility symbolizes your business or finances multiplying.

Perseverance and Strength

People claim that chickens are strong because they lay eggs daily without fail. They also believe their perseverance occurs when they dutifully lie on their eggs and patiently wait until they hatch, sometimes forfeiting food.

Therefore, it is assumed that when you see chickens in your dreams, it is a symbol of your strength and perseverance.

Other people allege that since strength and perseverance are qualities of success, experiencing this dream symbolizes the qualities you possess to succeed.

According to some, these qualities are also good for problem-solving. They claim this dream prompts you to look at your surroundings and figure out what you need to mend.

Spiritual Meaning of Chicken in Dreams

Many cultures interpret chicken in dreams differently. Let us dive into some popular spiritual meanings of chicken dreams according to many.

You are Nurturing and Progressing your Relationships

Many cultures believe that chickens flock to represent personal relationships and often live in a close-knit community. It is a claim that when you see chicken flocks or eggs in your dream, you should start a family.

Others allege that seeing a chicken nesting prompts you to enter a committed relationship or proceed to marriage. Spiritualists imply that chicken dreams focus on the family as a unit, indicating bonds of love that you should either start or nurture.

You Will Experience Fortune and Prosperity

Cultures worldwide believe that chickens provide many materials to a homestead, like eggs and meat. They allege their providence represents prosperity and good fortune.

People therefore claim that experiencing this dream means that you will have a stable life and that your needs will be taken care of, regardless of what they are.

You Will Experience Good Luck

Spiritualists assume dreaming of a chicken connotes good luck in your life. Ancient interpretations state that chickens are an omen of good luck and often represent positive change.

People allege that such a dream means your subconscious is letting you know that good luck is coming your way and you should embrace it.

According to some people, good luck may come in different facets – financial stability, a stable relationship, or a blossoming life project.

You are Anxious

People claim that chickens are cowardly. Therefore, they assume that a chicken in your dreams is a reminder that you are anxious or running away from something.

While this is not necessarily a bad sign, people claim that it comes up to remind you to stop ignoring the negative emotions you are experiencing.

It is alleged that when you experience this dream, you must look around and figure out what is causing you fear and anxiety.

Forthcoming Death

It is a common claim that dreaming of a chicken represents the death you have experienced or that is forthcoming. People believe it could be a friend, family, or a pet.

According to other cultures, a chicken in your dream about chickens does not necessarily mean death is coming but indicates that you fear death.

You are Tempted by Something

According to many people, chicken is a tempting meal. Additionally, it is a claim that people use raw chickens as bait to catch predators.

Therefore, it is assumed that when you dream about a plate of chicken, you may be enticed by something. People believe that such a dream speaks to you to examine your self-control.

Another interpretation people believe is that when you dream of raw chicken, you may be the one tempting someone, such as a bribe.

Moreover, it is alleged that such a dream is your subconscious mind speaking to a fear you have. In other cultures, it is a belief that chickens are impulsive.

Therefore, they allege your dream may indicate that you are tempted to embark on a dangerous adventure.

Biblical Meaning of Seeing Chicken in Your Dreams

Many people believe that seeing chickens in your dream has Biblical meanings. Here are some assumptions.


People claim that seeing a chicken in your dream is a sign from God that you are growing into the person you always wanted to become.

Others also assume that it means you are tapping into the kinder and more nurturing version of yourself. It is also a claim that when you experience this dream, there may have been a recent incident or hardship you overcame through your faith in God.


According to some individuals, seeing a chicken in your dream reminds you to take responsibility for your life. It is believed that when this dream occurs, you have engaged in activities that have displeased God.

Some interpretations claim that you may have recently wasted your blessings from heaven because of bad decisions. Others also claim you may have become complacent or lost a chance to do good for others.

They believe that the dream reminds you to be responsible and remember the duties God wants you to undertake.


Many individuals imply that a chicken in your dream signifies that you have the skills and creativity to succeed in your life’s projects.

They claim that God is signaling you to look out for opportunities in the future that may need your versatile abilities. It is assumed that these opportunities could be travel adventures, new hobbies, or generally something you have.

According to the Bible, our bodies are the Lord’s temple. As a result, people believe that dreaming about a chicken reminds us to keep our bodies healthy.

It is assumed that while this dream connotes keeping a healthy body, it also talks about taking care of our emotional well-being.

It is said that only a physically healthy body can house a healthy soul.

Biblical Interpretations of Different Scenarios of Seeing Chicken in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Chicken in a Dream 
Biblical Interpretations of Different Scenarios of Seeing Chicken in Dreams. Image source: Pixabay

According to some people, the scenario in which you see chickens in your dream may determine the Biblical meaning behind it.

Dream of a Black Chicken

People believe that the Biblical meaning behind a black chicken is a bad omen. They claim that this dream links you to negative energy and you should reevaluate your surroundings.

It is also believed that such a dream signifies negative events like death.

Dream of a Chick

It is believed that dreaming of a chick indicates your mental awakening to make good use of your life, but you are scared of making mistakes.

According to other interpretations, dreaming of a chick means you are a guardian who feels neglected.

Dream of a Chicken Farm

People imply that dreaming of a chicken or chickens on a farm means you will stumble upon a lot of money. Furthermore, others claim if the farm is near you, you will get married soon.

If you already are, it is a sign of good luck.

Dream of a Flying Chicken

It is an implication that dreaming of a flying chicken indicates you are a social and lovable person. Many believe this dream means several people have an eye on you – from strangers to well-known individuals.

According to some interpretations, it is a sign of good luck as you possess the affection and care that most don’t.

Dream of a Running Chicken

People assume that dreaming of a running chicken means someone new is coming to your life. They believe it could also be a person you admire and have been longing to see for a while.

Dream of a Sleeping Chicken

It is believed that when you dream of a sleeping chicken, fake people are surrounding you. People claim when this dream occurs, you must reevaluate your friends and sometimes family.

Dream of a White Chicken

It is a common implication that dreaming of a white chicken represents change for you. People allege that this dream means you will experience new things, such as growth.

However, they also imply the dream warns of a change of routine that may result from several reasons. Moreover, others claim that dreaming of white chickens indicates new incoming friendships or interests.

Dream of Cackle Chicken

People suggest that dreaming of a cackling chicken means that visitors are coming your way with good news. However, they claim you should reconsider this news as it might be untrue.

Others also allege that the dream means you are wasting time gossiping about unimportant things.

Dreaming About a Brown Chicken

It is a claim that dreaming of a brown chicken means good fortune or a favorable issue is coming your way, but it will take time to manifest.

Dream of Chickens Laying Eggs

According to some, dreaming of chickens laying eggs is a sign of good fortune. They believe that this dream suggests new beginnings and possibilities for the dreamer.

Others also claim you might receive good news soon after encountering this dream.

Dreaming About Raw Chicken

According to some interpretations, dreaming of fresh raw chicken meat signifies good fortune. On the flip side, it is suggested that dreaming of stale or rotting raw chicken meat points to disaster.

It is also implied that when you dream of frozen raw chicken, your projects will come to fruition, and you will take a rest afterward.

Dream of Cooking Chicken

Some interpretations claim that when you dream of cooking chicken, a major event will occur in your life, likely related to finances.

Dream of Plucking Chicken Feathers

People suggest that the Biblical interpretation of plucking chicken feathers is that you will receive an expected profit. It is also assumed that with this dream comes a call to be careful about how you spend the profit.

Dream of Seeing Chicken in the Pan

According to some people, seeing a chicken in a pan represents a betrayal by a friend. Many suggest when this dream occurs, you must reevaluate anyone you have previously dreamt of, as they could be the source of this betrayal.

Dream Surrounded by Many Chickens

It is purported that when you dream of being surrounded by many chickens, many blessings are coming your way. People also claim that the dream indicates an abundance of negative energy around you. They allege through spiritual guidance, you will overcome it.

Dreaming About a Dead Chicken

According to some interpretations, when you dream about a dead chicken in singular form, there are troubles following you but with proper guidance, you shall overcome them.

On the contrary, if you dream about many dead chickens, it is claimed that you will receive unexpected visitors.

Dreaming About Chicken Attacking You

Some interpreters claim that dreaming of chickens attacking you is a sign that someone in your life is an obstacle hindering you from achieving your goals.

Dreaming About Eating Chicken

According to some people, dreaming about eating chicken means that you will live a comfortable life and be safe from evil.

They believe that when this dream occurs to you, it is a reminder that you have the strength to conquer difficulties and will achieve great things in life.

Dreaming About Feeding Chicken

When you dream about feeding a chicken, people believe that it indicates the recognition you will get for something you have done. Others also claim that you will receive a gift from a loved one.

Dreaming About Killing Chicken

According to many, dreaming about killing a chicken means you have given into temptation and strayed from God’s word. They claim this dream indicates you have harmed others and are currently regretting your actions.

On the other hand, people claim that when you dream of slaughtering a chicken, you are tired of others exploiting you.

Dreams of Being Pecked By a Chicken

It is a claim that when you dream about a chicken pecking you, you should be confident in starting a business or advancing professionally.

Dreaming About Fried Chicken

Some suggestions claim when you dream about fried chicken, you have good self-control. People claim that when this dream occurs, it represents your ability to make sound decisions.

On the other hand, others imply that this dream means you are doubting your self-worth.

Dreaming About Chicken Meat

According to some people, dreaming of chicken meat, like the drumsticks, indicates you are overwhelmed with emotions. Others suggest that such a dream means you crave energy and sustenance such as nourishment and growth.

Meaning of Dreaming About Chicken in Different Cultures

Spiritual Meaning of Chicken in a Dream
Meaning of Dreaming About Chicken in Different Cultures. Image source: Pixabay

Chinese Culture

Chinese cultures believe that seeing a chicken in your dream symbolizes good fortune and money. They imply that dreaming of a flock of chickens means you will have plenty of money, and your business will bloom.

Moreover, they claim that dreaming of a fat chicken represents hope for a new life. Dreaming of a flock of white chickens, according to them, suggests the power that you will wield.

In addition, the Chinese allege that dreaming of a black chicken represents the trouble you will face in your relationship.

Ancient Egyptian Culture

According to Ancient Egyptians, chickens were sacred animals revered and connected to the god Ra. They claimed that chickens represented fertility, the cycle of life and death, and abundance.

As a result, they alleged that dreaming of a chicken was auspicious and indicated blessings from the gods and prosperity.

Ancient Greek Culture

Ancient Greek culture purported that chickens were messengers from the goddess Athena. They believed seeing a chicken in a dream represents wisdom, protection, and guidance.

What Should You Do When You Dream About Chicken?

People believe that when you dream about chickens, you should consider the current situations happening in your life since the dream could have multiple meanings based on various scenarios.

The Bible does not mention the meaning of a chicken in a dream. Christians should trust in God’s word and message to guide them throughout life seasons.

In 2 Corinthians 4:6, the Bible says that light will illuminate darkness and God will give us knowledge. Therefore, Christians should rely on God’s light to show them clarity should they get such dreams.

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