Is purgatory painful? (Is purgatory a place of suffering?)

Is purgatory painful?

As a long-time Christian and theologian, people approach me with all sorts of questions regarding various doctrines. During the pandemic, the issue of death and final destinations cropped up in various discussions. Purgatory seemed to be a favorite among many. I embarked on a research mission to uncover everything about purgatory and what happens there. … Read more

How Do You Get Out Of Purgatory? (How Long Does It Take To Get Out Of Purgatory + What Happens After Purgatory?)

How Do You Get Out Of Purgatory?

Recently, I formed an online interdenominational forum to discuss various doctrines in the Christian faith. Last week, we discussed Purgatory in detail.  While we were at it, one member asked me to explain what it takes to get out of Purgatory. As a theologian with vast experience in various doctrines, I was not caught off guard. At … Read more