Do nuns get paid? (how do nuns make money? How much do nuns make?)

I have spent the past few years learning more about different Christian denominations and the practices they carry in their churches. As a theologian, I was especially fascinated by the nuns living in the catholic monastery and wanted to know how they earn their living. I visited a catholic church near my area and interacted with a few nuns. Last week, a member of a forum I moderate wanted to know if nuns get paid and how much they get paid. Having visited the catholic monastery and interacted with the nuns, I had the answer to the question. So, do nuns get paid?

Many Nuns get paid. Most nuns work just like any other normal person. For instance, a certain nun may be a teacher while the other is a nurse. They will both carry out their professions usually and get paid. Other nuns lack professional skills and will work by helping in the community and around the monastery.

So, join me until the end as I explore this topic. I will discuss how a nun makes money, how much nuns get paid, and why nuns take the vow of poverty, among other exciting topics.

How does a nun make money?

Nuns make money just like any normal person, given that they are skilled in a specific profession. Nun Judie Distel from Dominican sisters reveals that she used to earn her money while working as an educator because she had trained to be a teacher.

Nuns are not restricted to practicing their professions and can choose to continue working even after joining their congregations. It is also okay for nuns who do not have any professional skills not to work, as they can help around the community, especially in charity work or jobs that do not require professionalism.

How much do nuns get paid?

how do nuns make money? 
How much do nuns get paid? Image source: Pixabay

Nuns get paid just like any other employees. However, they do not receive their salary cheques in person, as the money is directly sent to their congregations. Most of the money will help the community and those in need. For nuns, it doesn’t matter how much they earn at the end of the month or year, as their main purpose is to serve God and the people.

Why do nuns take a vow of poverty?

Nuns take the vow of poverty to detach themselves from material things and focus on serving God. By taking the vow of poverty, a nun gives up her right to control any property or money and dedicates it to her purpose. Detaching from any material gain helps the nun focus more on her spiritual journey. She is also not controlled by any greed to own more things and is therefore open to helping those in need with whatever she has.

How do nuns cover their basic expenses if they don’t get paid?

Do nuns get paid?
How do nuns cover their basic expenses? Image source: Pinterest

Most nuns get paid. However, as stated earlier, all their money goes to their congregations, leaving them with nothing, just like those that do not work. The nuns, however, do not lack their basic needs as their congregations ensure they are provided with any basic needs. The money earned by other nuns usually cuts across the whole congregation, ensuring that every nun is cared for.

Do nuns pay taxes?

Theologians from the Saint Leonards organization suggest that nuns do not pay taxes. This is because every nun takes the vow of poverty at the end of her training, implying that she possesses no material thing or wealth that may be taxed. It is also suggested that nuns do not pay taxes because they work for a church institution, which is usually a non-profit institution in most cases.

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