Do you need a Bible to go to Heaven? (What does the Bible say?)

As a faithful Christian and theologian, I am interested in the Bible and its significance in our journey to Heaven. Two years ago, I began in-depth research on the Bible’s role to Christians and if it is a requirement to make Heaven. I consulted many interdenominational clergy members to get a holistic insight. Recently, I taught my college theology students about the Bible, and they seemed to have fascinating questions. One student asked what would happen if we didn’t read the Bible, while another was interested to know whether one would go to Heaven if they read the Bible. The class erupted into a debate, with some asking if the Bible was an important tool to make Heaven. Having in-depth knowledge of this topic, I had all the answers they wanted. So, do you need a Bible to go to Heaven?

The Bible can be useful for going to Heaven, but it is not a requirement. Matthew 7:21 says that not everyone who calls the name of the Lord will go to Heaven, but only those who live according to the will of God the Father. You need to understand the will of God, which is written in the Bible, to live according to that will. Therefore, you need the Bible to get information about the will of God to live accordingly and to be part of those that will go to Heaven. Though it’s not written one has to read the Bible to go to Heaven, the Bible is useful for one to go to Heaven.

Join me in this article as we discuss reading the Bible. I have included all answers that you may need about this topic, so read till the end.

What does the Bible say about reading the Bible?

Do you need a Bible to go to Heaven?
What does the Bible say about reading the Bible? Image source: Pixabay

The Bible says we should prioritize God’s word by reading the Bible and not man’s. In 1 Timothy chapter 4, Paul cautioned Timothy and every other follower of Christ to focus on the word of God and not on man’s word. 1 Timothy 4:13 demonstrates that believers should devote themselves to publicly reading the Bible, teaching, and preaching the word. These are the words Paul used to instruct Timothy. Also, as a follower of Christ, you should concentrate on reading the Bible and preaching the scripture to non-believers.

What happens if you don’t read the Bible?

According to some scriptures, If you don’t read the Bible, you end up living a sinful life. Psalm 119:1-3 says that blessed are the blameless because they walk in the law of the Lord. It further explains that blessed are those who seek the Lord with their whole hearts and keep his testimonies. They do not walk in iniquity but walk in the Lord’s way. God’s law is only indicated in the Bible. Therefore, you cannot walk in God’s ways when you don’t read the Bible. You need to read the Bible to learn God’s law so you can follow it. Also, it is God’s will that his people read the Bible. Therefore, when you don’t read the Bible, you fall short of His glory and become a sinner, as indicated in Romans 3:23.

How is reading the Bible related to Salvation?

Reading the Bible is related to Salvation because it teaches about Jesus Christ on earth, his death and resurrection, and Salvation comes from believing in Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior, for he died and was resurrected for our sins to be forgiven. Romans 10:9-10 records that whoever believes that God resurrected Jesus and declared that he is the Lord will be saved because by declaring their Faith, they receive Salvation. By believing, they receive God’s approval. Therefore, you need to have Faith in Jesus Christ, and that Faith is only based on reading the Bible.

Why is reading the Bible important for Christians?

Do you need a Bible to go to Heaven?
Why is reading the Bible important for Christians? Image source: Pixabay

Reading the Bible is important for Christians because it shows God’s character. The Bible contains God’s revelation of Himself to Christians. From the beginning to the end of the Bible, Christians see God’s unchanging and loving character toward his people. They see how God protects his children, provides all their needs, saves them, and strengthens them in difficult situations.

In addition, reading the Bible is important because it teaches, corrects, and trains them in righteousness. 2 Timothy 3:16–17 says that the Bible is God-breathed and is important for rebuking, teaching, correcting, and training the servants of God to live a righteous life and be equipped for good work. Therefore, Christians learn to live righteously by reading the Bible. The Bible teaches them what is right and wrong and God’s will for them.

Can you be a Christian without reading the Bible?

It is possible to be a Christian without reading the Bible as long as you hear the word of God. Romans 10:17 records that Faith comes from hearing the message, and you can only hear the message through the word about Jesus Christ. You don’t need to read the Bible to hear about Jesus Christ; the word in the Bible can be preached to you. However, Christians need to read the Bible for themselves to learn the will of God for them. The Bible is the food to your spiritual life, and as a Christian, you need to feed it by reading the Bible for your spiritual life to grow.

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