How long does a soul stay in purgatory? (How long does purgatory last?)

I have always been intrigued by the concept of Purgatory since I was a teenager. As a lover of Christ, I take it as a responsibility to learn about all doctrines and sift what is right from what is wrong. So, I decided to research the Purgatory concept. My area of interest was what happens there and how long these souls last in this place. Luckily, my uncle is a Catholic Priest, and since he has always wanted me to join the Catholic Church, he was eager to teach me everything about this doctrine. So, when one of my online Christian forum members brought this topic up, I wasn’t caught off guard. He wanted to know how long a soul lasts in Purgatory before going to heaven. Equipped with all answers regarding Purgatory, I took this opportunity to give insight on how long one can expect to stay before moving on. So, how long does a soul stay in Purgatory?

It is not clear the amount of time a soul can stay in purgatory. The Catholic Church mainly speaks about the purpose behind purgatory. Despite numerous contradictions from other Christian communities, Catholics insist that purgatory is a real place, and most people will end up there after death. However, they believe that once a soul is purged from sin, it is ready to go to heaven.

In this article, we will discuss how long purgatory lasts. Join me as we try to figure out how long a soul stays in purgatory before transitioning to heaven.

How long does it take to get out of purgatory to get to heaven?

How long does purgatory last?
How long does it take to get out of purgatory to get to heaven? Image source: Pixabay

The Catholic church believes that souls in purgatory remain there until God decides they are free from their sins. The amount of time it takes for a soul to leave purgatory is uncertain because each soul has to be cleansed individually. This process is believed to be incredibly painful due to its ability to trigger a spiritual hunger for God.

Catholics back the concept of purgatory with scriptures such as Isaiah 4:4. This verse talks about the methods God would use to purify the immoral women of Zion. The scripture says that God would use the spirit of fire and judgment to remove the sins of those women.

This suggests that the extent of their sins plays a part in the time they serve in purgatory. Heaven is the holiest of places and cannot welcome anything impure.

Do all souls in purgatory go to heaven?

The Catholic church proposes that the souls in purgatory will eventually go to heaven. However, they will have to endure a period of purification through fire. Since they are free from their physical vessels (bodies), Catholic doctrine suggests that the fire burns in their souls. In this case, the fire is a deep-seated need to be in God’s presence. Souls in purgatory are painfully aware of the goodness of God and their inability to draw near him due to their sins. Catholics trust that this is the way God prepares sinful souls for their final destination. The Catholic Church refers to 1st Corinthians 3:13-15 to support their idea of what goes on in purgatory.

What day do we remember the souls in purgatory?

Catholics remember the souls in purgatory on All Souls Day, which falls on 2nd November every year. On All Souls Day, the Catholic church unites in prayer for the souls of their deceased. Catholic doctrine teaches that souls in purgatory are unable to intercede for themselves. Catholics believe that praying for these souls helps to reduce the torment. The Catholic church believes that our prayers may reduce the time the souls of our loved ones spend in purgatory.

How many years do people go to purgatory according to catholic doctrine?

How long does a soul stay in purgatory?
How many years do people go to purgatory? Image source: Pixabay

Again, Catholic doctrine is not specific about the duration a soul remains in purgatory. However, their teachings imply that the stay in purgatory is temporary. That’s because it is only in hell where a soul suffers for eternity. Therefore, it would be difficult to translate the time in purgatory to years because it is in the spiritual realm.

It may also be hard to determine years because people sin differently. This means that each person may undergo a unique purification process. Some souls may stay in purgatory for a short time, while others may remain there for years.

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