How many times is a donkey mentioned in the Bible (what does the Bible say about donkey)?

During our Sunday sermons, we frequently hear about different animals referred to in the Bible. The donkey is an example of an animal featured repeatedly in biblical stories. Donkeys are mentioned in the Bible on several occasions, both as a form of transport and as a central figure in parables and prophecies. We wanted to know more about what the Bible says about donkeys. After going through a few verses that referred to donkeys, I wanted to learn more about the donkey’s role in the Bible. I was therefore interested in responding to the question, how many times is a donkey mentioned in the Bible?

Some biblical scholars have suggested that the donkey is mentioned 93 times in both the New and Old Testaments. In the Old Testament, it appears 78 times, while in the New Testament, it appears 15 times. The Bible frequently uses donkeys to symbolize humility, harmony, and service. The narrative of Balaam and the talking donkey in the book of Numbers is one instance where it is claimed that the donkey stands for foolishness. Jesus also entered Jerusalem on a donkey, satisfying the prophecy in Zechariah’s book.

In this article, we will discuss the relevance of the donkey in the Bible will be addressed. We’ll start by explaining where it appears in various biblical stories. We will also explore the biblical passages that refer to a donkey and how they relate to different biblical concepts. This article will help you better understand the donkey’s role and importance in the Bible and its connection to Christian beliefs. Read further to learn more details about a donkey’s biblical importance.

Where are donkeys mentioned first in the Bible?

Donkeys are first mentioned in the book of Genesis, specifically in Genesis 16:12. It implies that Ismael will be like a wild donkey. God’s angel appears to Sarai’s servant, Hagar, who was carrying Abram’s baby at the time. The angel foretold that Ismael’s child would grow up to be an untamed donkey of a man. Every person’s hands would be against him, and his hand would be against them.

In this text, the donkey represents an uncontrolled and wild character, implying that the descendants of Ishmael would be strong and resilient individuals. According to the prophecy, they would always be conflicting with others. This verse mentions the donkey as an advanced indication of the donkey’s role in upcoming biblical narratives. The following few verses mentioning donkeys are Genesis 22:3, Genesis 22:5, and Genesis 32:15.

How were donkeys used in the New Testament?

How many times is a donkey mentioned in the Bible?
How were donkeys used in the New Testament? Image source: Pixabay

The New Testament suggests that donkeys were extensively used for several functions, such as the triumphant entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem. Jesus went to Jerusalem while riding on the colt of a donkey. A king also rode on a donkey while traveling. A donkey was also used to carry people and items. For instance, the injured man was transported by a donkey to an inn, according to Luke 10:34.

Donkeys were used as a sacrifice for making offerings. According to Leviticus, donkeys were among the animals that may have been sacrificed. Lastly, donkeys were used to symbolize humility. This is seen in Matthew 11:29, where Jesus describes himself as lowly. This phrase is used to refer to the gentleness of the donkey.

Bible verses about Donkeys

Genesis 42:26 – describes how grain was being loaded on donkeys. This implies that in biblical times, donkeys were used to transport goods.

Numbers 22:28-31this scripture is about the talking donkey. It questions its master for striking it three times. The donkey asks her master for the unfair treatment despite having provided adequate services to the master.

Judges 15:15-17refers to a donkey’s jawbone that was used in killing many men. Samson picked up the jawbone and used it to fight against many men.

Zechariah 9:9 – describes the arrival of a king. It suggests that the king will arrive riding on a donkey. The daughters of Jerusalem and Zion are being urged to rejoice because their king is on his way.

Matthew 21:2 – Jesus sends two of His disciples to a close village to get a donkey. The Bible suggests that the donkey is tied with a colt beside it. The disciples are instructed to untie and deliver them to Him.

What was the talking donkey in the Bible?

what does the Bible say about donkey?
What was the talking donkey in the Bible? Image source: Pixabay

The talking donkey was God speaking. The donkey spoke on behalf of God. When Balaam repeatedly struck the donkey for it to take a turn, the donkey did not listen because an angel was standing on the pathway. The donkey could not move as a wall, and the angel blocked it. It hid under Balaam. This triggered his anger, making him strike the donkey once more. The donkey was being unfairly treated as it had zero faults in this.

The donkey couldn’t take any more beatings from his master, and that is when God opened her mouth; the donkey asked Balaam what she had done to him to deserve all that beating. Ballam eventually accepted that he was wrong to strike his donkey and apologized. This scripture shows us that God communicates with us through the Bible.

Is riding a donkey in the bible royalty according to the Bible?

Donkeys were employed all through biblical times. Some scholars have claimed that riding a donkey was a sign of royalty. According to the Bible, riding a donkey into the city signifies kingship. The Bible frequently references donkeys and mules. Jesus’ triumphant arrival in Jerusalem on a donkey wasn’t simply a last-minute decision to use whichever animal was on hand. His plan included this intentionally and with a particular objective in mind.

Although donkeys were frequently used in those days, Jesus riding one did not suggest that He was a commoner or a poor man. Biblical scholars have implied that it signified kingship. Jesus confirms the predictions of Zechariah 9:9 by riding the donkey. The scripture predicted that the king was going to be lowly. The donkey chosen by Jesus had never been ridden before. Donkeys serve as symbols of peace because of their gentle nature.

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