How many times is Yahweh mentioned in the Bible (what does the Bible say about Yahweh)?

At our weekly bible study, our bible study coordinator challenged us to find the number of times the name Yahweh is mentioned in the book of Genesis. We had to read the entire book of Genesis to find out. Understanding the number of times a name is mentioned provides context as to how important that subject is in the Bible. I, however, did not stop my study at that point because most people kept asking, how many times is Yahweh mentioned in the Bible?

The name Yahweh which is usually spelled as Jehovah in English translations, appears 6519 times. The number of times the name occurs varies depending on translations. For instance, in the Hebrew Bible, the name occurs 6,800 times.

Join me as we explore the name Yahweh as used in the Bible. We will look at the meaning of the name Yahweh in the Bible when the name was first mentioned, and much more.

What “Yahweh” Means in the Bible

The name Yahweh is from the Hebrew word “I am” and means that God is self-existent and self-sufficient. This is the name that God gave Moses when he (Moses) asked what his name was at the burning bush. According to Joshua Mark, a Historian, the name means the one who makes all that has been made.

The name also means that “God absolutely is .”John Piper, a religious scholar, notes that the name has several meanings. For instance, it means that God never had a beginning, nor does He have an end. Also, it means that God is the absolute reality, He is utterly independent, everything depends on him, and he is independent and constant.

Most of the definitions suggest that the name means that God is supreme and the creator. It is the meaning that cuts across the entire Bible as he is depicted as powerful and the origin of every existence.

When was Yahweh first mentioned in the Bible?

what does the Bible say about Yahweh?
When was Yahweh first mentioned in the Bible? Image source: Pixabay

The name Yahweh was first mentioned in the Bible in the book of Genesis 2:4. In this verse, the Bible records the story of creation. In English translations, specifically in the New Living Translation, the Bible mentions the term “Lord God .”In the original Hebrew text, the word used for LORD in the verse is Yahweh.

In this first usage of the word Yahweh, it establishes that he is the God and the creator of the universe. It states that he made the heavens and the earth.

Some scholars say that the first mention of the name Yahweh was in Exodus 3:13-15. This is true in the context that it was the first time when Moses heard the name. However, it is not the first time that it occurs in the Bible.

Why is God called “Yahweh” in the Bible?

God is called Yahweh in the Bible because he always exists. As mentioned earlier, one of the meanings of the name is self-existence. Due to God’s self-existence nature, the name is used. It means that God has always been existing. He has no beginning.

God is also called Yahweh because he is a covenant-keeping God of Israel. When God gives Moses the name, it is at a time when He is sending him on a mission to rescue the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. The reason he is rescuing them is because He made a covenant with Abraham that he will rescue them after 400 years. Therefore, the name is mentioned when God is keeping his covenant, and hence, he is a covenant-keeping God.

Bible verses about Yahweh

what does the Bible say about Yahweh?
Bible verses about Yahweh. Image source: Pixabay

Many bible verses mention Yahweh, and here are some of the few verses. First is Psalm 46:1, which speaks of Yahweh as a refuge, help, and strength in times of trouble.

Isaiah 40:28 talks about Yahweh as the creator of the earth, a powerful God who does not grow weary and cannot be understood.

In Jeremiah 10:10, Yahweh is described as a true God, an everlasting King, and one who is powerful and controls the universe.

Amos 5:8 mentions Yahweh and describes Him as the maker of Pleiades and Orion, a powerful being that brings light in the morning and can turn night into day and the one who causes the seas to pour into the earth. It speaks of his mighty ability.

Matthew 22:37, in this verse, Jesus explains the greatest commandment. Which states that one should love the Lord God with all the heart. So the term Lord God is Yahweh in the original Hebrew text.

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