How to bless an object with Holy Water (How to use Holy Water)

The world is full of evil. As a Minister who began my Christian journey in the Catholic Church, I believe holy water can be very powerful. Many of my catholic friends have used it to protect their loved ones against evil. While this concept is not new, many Christians have yet to learn how to bless an object with holy water.

Christians can use several procedures to bless different objects with holy water. These processes involve saying certain prayers which affirm the blessing. Depending on the object, one can either sprinkle a little Holy Water or pour it generously onto the item. Some people even prefer to wash their hands with holy water as a sign of protection and blessing. If the item in question can be ruined by water, you can bless it by wetting your finger and slightly touching it with holy water. This is best for objects such as books.

In this article, I urge you to tag along as we study the power of holy water. Here, you will learn the answers to important questions, including how to make and use holy water, how to bless yourself with it, and who, apart from a priest, is qualified to bless holy water. Keep reading to learn the answers to these and many more questions about the use of holy water.

Where can you get holy water?

The best place to get authentic holy water is in the church. Some Catholic Churches have a whole room dedicated to the storage of holy water. A long time ago, holy water was so valued that the fonts would have to be locked to prevent people from stealing the water for ulterior motives. Nowadays, catholic churches have smaller containers known as stoups, where they keep Holy water for people to bless themselves as they enter the church. If you want to take some holy water home with you, carrying a container to church would be wise. Most fonts have faucets that believers can use to fill their bottles for free. If you cannot locate a font, a priest might point you in the right direction. If you prefer to bring your own, you can have the priest say a blessing over it. Although you can buy holy water online or in regular stores these days, it is always advisable to get your holy water from a church. That way, you are guaranteed that a priest blessed it.

Can you make holy water at home?

Yes, you can make holy water at home. It is important to point out that the catholic church insists that a priest must bless the water for it to be considered holy. Still, there is a way to make and bless holy water for yourself, following Catholic doctrine.

The first step involves finding and consecrating the purest type of salt you can get. You are then required to pour it into a bowl and bless it to make it holy. To make the salt sacred, you may recite a Roman ritual found in the Catholic Book of Blessings. The prayer is used to exorcise the salt and give it power (through Jesus Christ) to repel any unclean spirits lurking about. It is worth noting that you can find the specific prayer online or purchase this entire Book of Blessings from a Catholic bookshop.

Second, you need to get some clean water, preferably from a natural source. If you are truly dedicated to making holy water the right way, you can visit a stream or a river to fetch some natural water. Remember to filter the water to eliminate contaminants. Whenever possible, avoid using tap water due to the numerous chemicals that are added to it. However, if there are no other alternatives, bottled water or tap water can work just fine. You only need to ensure that the water is clean to avoid triggering illnesses in case someone ingests the holy water.

After you have secured some natural (or otherwise) clean water, pour it into a big bowl. This is the part where you perform an exorcism ritual on the water. The catholic church has a Roman prayer for that purpose. This prayer directly addresses water as a living thing created by God. The prayer gives power to the water through the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. You must utter the words with great conviction since you are empowering the water to chase away evil and destroy the works of the enemy.

After both ingredients have been purified and exorcised, it’s time to mix them. You must add the salt into the water while making the sign of the cross. During this part, you must also recite a prayer that is meant to bind the water and salt in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. When all this is done, you must say a final prayer to bless the holy water. Just a reminder, you can find the ideal prayer in the Book of Blessings.

How to bless an object with holy water

How to bless an object with Holy Water
How to bless an object with holy water. Image source: Pinterest

Holy water is a powerful sacramental in the Catholic Church. They view it as a sign of spiritual cleansing and a reminder of the sacrament of baptism. According to the Catholic faith, holy water is a powerful repellant of evil. During the crucifixion of Jesus, water came out of his side. Christians, especially Catholics, see holy water as a representation of the water that gushed out of Jesus’ ribs. This is why they keep fonts full of holy water at the church entrances.

That being said, anyone can bless nearly anything with holy water. The process is uncomplicated. The only condition is that one must have faith that it will work. All types of blessings in Christianity require faith to be activated.

Armed with faith, you may sprinkle the holy water over your belongings, such as jewelry, clothes, cars, or furniture. There is no limit to the number of things you can bless using holy water. It is also advisable to bless your entire house, which includes the walls and the floor. If you have a nice kitchen garden, pouring some holy water into it may cause it to yield more produce than ever.

Remember to pray as you bring your items into contact with the holy water. If you cannot think of one, reciting certain scriptures can be a powerful substitute for prayer. A great example is Isaiah 32:18, which affirms that God’s people are entitled to have safe homes to enjoy peaceful moments with their loved ones.

One can also apply holy water on sacred items such as rosaries and prayer books. You may purchase these items outside the church premises. In case you carry holy water, you can use it to bless your religious objects.

Can you bless people with holy water if you are not a priest?

Yes, you can. Blessing others with holy water does not require one to be an ordained priest. As long as you have verbal consent, you can bless your friends with holy water. For instance, you may carry your holy water as you visit a sick friend in the hospital. If the person does not have any aversion to such rituals, you can sprinkle some holy water on them as you say a prayer for healing.

One can also bless family members with holy water. A nice and subtle way would be to touch the holy water and make the sign of the cross over your children. This can be a nice way to tuck them in every night, assuring them of God’s protection and love.

Can you bless yourself with holy water?

How to use Holy Water
Can you bless yourself with holy water? Image source: Unsplash

Yes, blessing yourself is the best part of having access to holy water. What we say to and about ourselves is incredibly important. No one apart from God knows what you need. So, you do not have to wait until Sunday mass to bless yourself. As mentioned earlier, one can have a priest bless their bottle of water. That way, you can take the water everywhere and bless yourself as often as you need.

Some people like the full experience. Installing a holy water font near your front door is not a bad idea if you prefer to emulate the one found at the church. It will allow you to say a quick blessing over yourself as you enter and leave your home.

Can you drink holy water?

Yes, but you do not have to drink it to obtain your blessing. Drinking holy water can expose you to bacterial infections, especially if it had been stored in a font for a long time. Still, if you want to drink it, you must ensure that the water is clean enough for consumption.

How to get rid of holy water

Keep in mind that this is sacred water. As such, pouring it into the sink will not suffice. You must dispose of the holy water directly into the ground. In the Catholic church, there is a sacrarium where holy water is emptied directly into the ground. If you happen to have potted plants around your home, that would also be a perfect place to discard expired holy water.

Using the same holy water for a prolonged period can put your life and that of your loved ones at risk. A study done towards the end of the 19th century found that holy water fonts were likely to trigger infections due to the level of hygiene. In light of that, it would be best to dispose of the water after using it for some time.

Can anyone use holy water even if they are not Catholic?

How to bless an object with Holy Water 
Can anyone use holy water even if they are not Catholic? Image source: Pixabay

Yes, using holy water is mainly a matter of faith. A member of the protestant or non-denominational church may find holy water useful in various instances.

Several other denominations include holy water when performing their religious ceremonies. The Lutheran church, for instance, uses holy water in baptism. In the Methodist church, there is a baptismal liturgy that is meant to purify the water and make it holy. Eastern churches have also use holy water to exorcise evil spirits.

The Eastern Orthodox church holds a yearly event named the Great Blessing of Waters at Theophany. When the celebrations are over, the priest visits congregants’ homes and neighbourhoods to sprinkle holy water on them.

People belonging to other faiths outside of Christianity may use holy water. In the Hindu faith, it is considered crucial to one’s faith. They believe that holy water purifies the soul. What’s more, holy water is heavily featured in the Buddhist religion. The Islamic faith believes in the use of holy water as well. They draw the water from a stream in Mecca. Muslims refer to this water as “Zamzam.”

Other uses of Holy Water every catholic should know

Holy water is a multipurpose sacrament in the catholic church. Apart from baptism and liturgy, there are numerous other ways that holy water can be useful.

Catholics can use holy water to bless their businesses or workspaces. There are different types of people and energies we interact with at work. It is nearly impossible to know whose intentions are pure. Carrying some holy water can help you protect your source of income and work environment.

Pets can be valued companions in times of trouble or loneliness. Every Catholic should know that they can bless their trusted companions with holy water. It also protects them from negative energies and attacks.

Newly married catholic couples would be pleased to know that they can also bless their rings with holy water. The enemy constantly attacks marriage to ruin the family unit. Married individuals have to do what they can to fight back. Dipping the wedding rings in holy water and saying a prayer over them is a powerful gesture. It invites God into your marriage and asks Him to strengthen it.

All Catholics know that holy water is used to bless the congregants during mass. But many are not aware that holy water acts as a cleansing agent for our sins. According to Catholic beliefs, making the sign of the cross after dipping your finger in holy water is indicative of a repentant heart. It’s important to say a prayer seeking God’s forgiveness as you apply the holy water.

The world is filled with temptations, and Christians may use holy water to fight against it. Applying holy water to yourself is a powerful way to equip your spirit with the courage to resist all sorts of temptations from the devil.

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