The Rice Purity Test

Click on every item you have done. MPS stands for Member of the Preferred Sex

Your Rice Purity Score is:

The score varies from 0 and 100. 75 – 100 is the good rice purity test score, 60-75 is the average score, and 0 is the bad score. explanation of score is as follows:

Score Meaning
100 to 98 It means you are as pure as gold. Few numbers of people fall into this category.
97 to 94 It means are relatively pure. Perhaps you have loved or clasped hands with someone.
93 to 77 It means you are averagely pure. You have probably committed to loved or have moved down so more.
76 to 45 It means your innocence is degraded. You have had several occurrences of bad addiction stuff, and/or troubles with the law.
44 to 9 It means your purity is very impaired. You have perhaps consumed bad addiction stuff, lived in jail, and/or experienced physical bonding in public.
8 to 0 It means you are as violent as they enter. You have committed pretty wild acts, including paying for – or being spent for.

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