Spiritual meanings of a burning dove (Meaning and Symbolism)

As a Theologian, I gradually developed an interest in understanding other people’s spiritual perspectives and meanings. I was particularly intrigued by the spiritual meanings of a burning dove last year when I was helping one lady convert to Christianity.

She had been a pagan all her life, and as I took her through teachings, she mentioned their beliefs concerning a burning dove. She told me that she knew she was being awakened and called to high spirituality when she saw a burning dove near her window.

I had never heard of such, but it was too interesting to ignore. I decided to research online and ask people randomly about their beliefs on the same, and it was successful.

So last month, a lady in our online diverse beliefs forum said she had been dormant spiritually, and finally, the spirits had sent her a sign to awaken her, the burning dove.

There were so many inquiries, and since I had conducted in-depth research, I helped her elaborate on her beliefs. So, what is the spiritual meaning of burning a dove?

Although the Bible does not mention the spiritual meaning of a burning dove, many associate it with spiritual insight, sensitivity, and awakening. Others believe it means that there would be transformation and rebirth. At the same time, others consider it a bad omen that could bring conflict and chaos.

Join me in this article as I write about the symbolism and spiritual meaning of a burning dove. I will also discuss the different religious meanings of a burning dove. In addition, I will discuss whether a burning dove is a sign of bad luck or not. Read on to find out more.

What is the symbolic meaning of the burning dove?

Spiritual meanings of a burning dove 
What is the symbolic meaning of the burning dove? Image source: Pixabay


A burning dove could symbolize transformation in a person’s life, which might be spiritual in most cases. The flames on the burning dove may symbolize the purification process that a person has to undergo during spiritual transformation.

This symbolism often resonates when a person has been going through difficult spiritual moments because the purification might be taking place during those times.

Hope and peace

A burning dove could be a symbol of hope sent to a person by the spirits. This is often the case when a person’s life is in chaos, so a dove that represents peace burns to represent hope and peace.

People who believe in this compare it to the fire during the Pentecost; the Holy Spirit came as the fire, which was hope for believers.

However, you should notice that the Bible does not mention anywhere about the Holy Spirit being symbolized by a burning dove. This symbolism stems from assumptions that form some people’s beliefs.

Inner Awakening

Some people suggest that the burning dove symbolizes the inner awakening that happens in a person. The awakening often starts as troublesome and may cause panic in a person and evoke many changes.

However, gradually the awakening might get better just as a burning dove illuminates better.

Chaos and destruction

A burning dove is believed to also symbolize the presence of chaos and destruction. This may often be the case, especially when there is war and conflict in the land.

Love and passion

Some people suggest that a burning dove symbolizes passionate love because the description of passionate love is often said to be hot or fire.

It may symbolize the current state of the romantic relationship that a person is part of. For instance, there may already be deep passion and love, or the relationship is heading in that direction. It could also be platonic love in rare cases.

Focus on oneself

The burning dove could symbolize self-love and focus on working on oneself. It may be a reminder for a person to prioritize themselves because they might have been neglecting themselves for quite some time.

The burning nature is said to symbolize the work that a person needs to do as they work on themselves. Also, it is suggested that it symbolizes a specific aspect of a person’s life that has been ignored for too long.

New connection or rebirth

A burning dove could also symbolize rebirth that leads to a new connection. A dove itself often symbolizes newness, while the fire may symbolize the process of change.

Therefore there might be an immense change in someone and consequently change their relationship. Often it may be symbolic for people trying to pursue romantic relationships, but it also applies to platonic love.


Some people believe that a burning dove symbolizes the state of being burned out. Sometimes people overwork, which drains all their energy, leading them to burnout. A burning dove may be a sign that a person needs to rest.

12 spiritual meanings of burning dove

Spiritual meanings of a burning dove 
Spiritual meanings of burning dove. Image source: Pixabay


A burning dove could mean that a person is struggling with worry and anxiety, mostly due to family problems or other internal problems.

In cases when the dove flies while burning, some people speculate that it is a spiritual encouragement to continue with the fight no matter how hard it gets. The dove might be proving that challenges that cause worry may not be as big to scare someone that much.


Some people suggest that a burning dove means that a person is lonely and longs to be in the company of other loving people.

In most cases, a person may be living in regret over the past or undergoing grief for losing a loved one. The bird is often said to be a reflection of the soul’s adversities caused by the physical loneliness of the individual.

Living in denial

Another possible spiritual meaning of a burning dove is that the person who spots it is living in denial. This means that a person may have some spiritual knowledge, yet they do not want to follow it.

The burning dove is thought to be connecting the person to their high self and help them pursue the spiritual truth without denying its impact.

It could mean that the universe wants attention

If a person spots a burning dove, it could mean that the universe is trying to communicate that the person should pay attention.

This is often the case when the individual has been down spiritually and cannot get or understand any spiritual messages. So the universe may send an intriguing sign like the burning dive to captivate the person and activate their spirituality, then communicate the messages to them.

Presence of Angels

A burning dove may denote the presence of angels. Often, this meaning could make sense to people who perceive angels as beings made of fire and wings.

Many believe that the wings of the dove represent the wings of Angels, while the burning equals the holy fire in them. According to people who hold these beliefs, the burning dove carries an Angelic message or has come to answer their prayers.

A soul in trouble

A burning dove could have a spiritual meaning that a person’s soul is troubled because naturally, doves represent peace, so when they burn, the peace is burning too.

However, people imply that it is the universe sending a message to a person to tell them to calm down and find peace.

Spiritual sensitivity and awakening

Some spiritual people suggest that a burning dove carries a message from the spirits to a person that they need to be awakened and sensitive about their spirituality.

It is believed to be the most effective sign that awakens people spiritually. Many who believe this engage in a lot of spiritual exercises after encountering the burning dove.

Friendship Conflict

Some people believe that when they spot a burning dove in the afternoon, they will experience a conflict with their friends. The burning fire explains the possible anger that may lead to conflict.

Therefore many take it as a sign to them to start practicing forgiveness before the misunderstanding.

The end of confusion

A burning dove is also suggested to have a spiritual meaning of clarity because fire means to illuminate, and spiritually, it may mean to clarify. The fire is believed to burn confusion and grant a person direction.

When a person is stuck, they often ask the spirits to send a burning dove their way so they can know what to do. In ancient kingdoms, kings and spiritual leaders may have used the burning dove to gauge their power in making good decisions.

Protection by the Spirits

Also, the burning dove might be a sign of spiritual protection. Fire is said to be sending away evil from a person. Therefore, some people often meditate upon the protection power of the burning dove once they spot it.

Motivation, inspiration, and strength

The burning dove could also mean that a person needs to prepare for whatever is coming their way. It is believed to have spiritual messages of inspiration and motivation that make a person strong enough for what may come.

Letting go

Most people who are into energy protection believe that a burning dove means that a person needs to let go of what causes them pain in their heart. The negative emotions of anger and hatred may cause burning in someone’s heart, which is signified by the burning dove.

Their peace, symbolized by a dove, could be burning down. Therefore the universe may send a message through the burning dove for them to let go.

The religious meaning of the burning dove

Different religions hold different beliefs about a burning dove, as some people speculate; Christianity may also hold beliefs regarding a burning dove. The proponents who propose the Christian-based beliefs about burning doves split the phrase into two: burning and dove.

According to the Bible, the dove came down to Jesus after He was baptized to symbolize the Holy Spirit. Also, the fire was used as a symbol of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.

Therefore they suggest that a burning dove symbolizes the presence of the Holy Spirit. However, there are no direct mentions in the Bible that connect a burning dove to the Holy Spirit.

Also, another speculated symbolism is that the burning dove represents the purification process of believers. Proponents propose that the Holy Spirit purifies believers by burning away evil, and the process is suggested to be symbolized by a burning dove. Again, it is not mentioned in the Bible!

Also, in Islam, the burning dove is respected by many Muslims. According to their religion, the dove was kind to their prophet Mohammed, and it often symbolizes peace and kindness.

The burning dove could also be associated with the meanings of the dove: pure, kind, and peaceful. However, the burning nature may be less significant.

What does it mean when you dream about burning a dove?

Many believe that dreaming about a burning dove causes spiritual insight in a person. The dream may make the person’s mind receive divine signals around them.

Many speculate that it means that a person is about to become sharper than they have ever been. The person may be so drawn to the spiritual world and might start comprehending occurrences that other people cannot understand spiritually.

In essence, it is said to be a sign of the inner eye being opened and a person receiving spiritual ability.

Should you be worried when you dream about a burning dove?

If you have the perspective that I have mentioned above about the dream, then there may be no need to worry. Feelings of worry may arise due to the fire in the dream; however, if you believe the dream sends a message of spiritual insight, then consider claiming it rather than worrying.

Also, if you are a Christian, you should not worry because God is in control of everything.

Does burning a dove represent death?

Spiritual meanings of a burning dove 
Does burning a dove represent death? Image source: Pixabay

A burning dove may not represent death as many may think, but it often represents rebirth and renewal. The fire that burns the dove is often thought to cause death.

However, it is not literal death; it is the death of an old self. It could represent a person letting go of their old habits and finding new habits that grant them an appropriate personality.

The dove may not simply die after being burnt because many believe that a phoenix is born after the burning. Many suggest that the phoenix represents a reborn being or personality.

Another reborn aspect is the spiritual aspect of the person. It may represent the burning of toxic spirituality and the reborn of new healthy spirituality.

Does the burning dove represent sacrifice?

Many suggest that a burning dove represents sacrifice because it is being burnt in a manner that sacrifices used to be done. Some people compare the scenario with cases in the Old Testament where believers offered burnt sacrifices to God.

However, the kind of sacrifice that comes as a message from the Spirit world through the burning dove is not a literal burnt offering. Often, it may mean that a person has to start practicing selflessness and sacrifice their time, possessions, and skills to serve others willingly.

Also, it could be a message that a person needs to sacrifice a lot or their higher calling. A burning dove is often taken as a reminder to the person that they need to pay the price to be successful because it is worth it.

Therefore the person may have to continue sacrificing more time and resources to become successful.

Is the burning dove really a sign of bad luck?

This depends ultimately on what a person believes because some beliefs make the burning dove come off as bad luck while others make it come off as good luck.

The communities that believe that a burning dove carries a spiritual meaning of conflict, chaos, and troubles in the soul are most likely to view it as a bad omen.

However, most beliefs about the burning dove make it a sign of good luck. First of all, it is believed to be a sign of the presence of Angelic beings that protect a person. Second, it may signal upcoming transformation, and most importantly, it is associated with spiritual awakening.

However, whether a burning dove is a bad omen or good luck, as a believer, you should not be worried because these are just things if the world. Your understanding of the universe should be inspired by the Bible, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

In addition, no matter how hard you try, you may not know or understand all things because it’s only God that knows everything.

Therefore trying to figure out life through worldly signs would only confuse you and jeopardize your faith. Always ask God for guidance because His understanding is the only infinite understanding, according to Psalms 147:5.

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