Spiritual Meanings of fruit flies (meaning and symbolism)

As a theology professor, I have learned to appreciate God’s blessings manifested through His creations. Encountering insects daily in their natural habitats has been a marvelous experience.

Recently, I took an interest in learning more about fruit flies after reading a spiritual book that explained their symbolism and meanings. I researched extensively using various cultural and spiritual books to understand their beliefs.

Last week, a member of my online forum wanted to find out if fruit flies had any spiritual meanings, as he had been seeing them lately.

Having done further research, I had the answer to the question. So, what are the spiritual meanings of fruit flies?

Although the Bible does not give fruit flies a spiritual meaning, some people have implied that fruit flies might bear a spiritual message of transformation. They believe that these insects could be present in one’s house to deliver a message that they could be about to transform. Others believe the insects could be providing a message that there is a lot of negative energy around them.

Join me to the end as I discuss the spiritual meanings of fruit flies. I will look at the symbolism of these insects and their superstitious meanings in other cultures. Furthermore, I will also discuss whether they are a good or bad omen, among other topics on fruit flies.

What is the symbolic meaning of fruit flies?

Spiritual Meanings of fruit flies 
What is the symbolic meaning of fruit flies? Image source: Pixabay

Different cultures have associated fruit flies with other symbolisms. They believe that the fruit flies represent a particular aspect of their lives. Here are some symbolisms of the insect.


As an insect, the fruit flies undergo transformation or metamorphosis. The fly starts as an egg, then moves to the larvae stage, to the pupa stage, and finally becomes an adult.

Due to this, people from certain cultures tend to believe that the fruit flies symbolize the art of transformation. They further believe that coming across them might be a symbol that their lives are encountering change.

Divine message from the universe

Some people believe in the divinity of these insects. They have suggested that the insects may be delivering particular messages to them, messages from the spiritual world.

They assume the insects to be symbols of diviners from the spiritual world. Therefore, they tend to take the presence of these insects seriously as they try to decipher the message they think they could deliver.


Some suggest that fruit flies are symbols of survival. They have explained that this symbolism might emanate from the insect’s feeding behavior even on waste.

As the fruit flies encircle spoilt fruits for a meal, they believe they symbolize survival; they do not choose something specific to take other than what is present.

These are three symbolic meanings that some people have associated fruit flies with. They might not be limited to these since different cultures have other symbols for fruit flies.

Spiritual meanings of encountering fruit flies

Spiritually, people have translated encountering fruit flies positively or negatively depending on their beliefs. These are individuals’ positive and negative spiritual meanings for experiencing these insects.


You need to cleanse your body

Since fruit flies sometimes thrive in stale environments, encountering them could convey that they need to tidy up according to some cultures.

They think that the fruit flies could be encircling them due to the smell produced by their bodies. They, therefore, take this as a message that they have neglected their hygiene and the need to tidy themselves up.

An upcoming illness

Due to their love for filthy environments, some people have suggested that the presence of fruit flies means an illness could be on the way. To them, dirty environments spell illnesses.

They, therefore, take this as a spiritual message implying that a disease could attack them if they do not focus on themselves.

An upcoming financial issue

Some have encountered these insects circling about something unique and have considered this an upcoming financial issue.

They believe that circling and feeding on things like fruits indicates that their finances could face a plunge and be wasted in some unnecessary dealings. They, therefore, take this as a significant message to start analyzing how they are utilizing their funds.


A visit from the universe

To some, these insects are sacred and might come with a message from the spiritual world. They believe that encountering these insects could be a sign that a good or evil message could be coming their way.

They believe that these insects might be coming to give them a message of hope or even to warn them of the impending dangers. They, therefore, take that chance to analyze themselves as they try to decipher the message coming from the universe.

Spiritual awakening

Some people regard these insects as unique and therefore do not take them for granted once they encounter them. They believe these insects’ presence could denote a spiritual awakening around them.

Once experienced, they start checking their spirituality to try and understand whatever awakening these fruit flies could be trying to communicate to them.

Need for patience as something good comes

Several individuals associate the metamorphosis process of the fruit flies with patience. They, therefore, spiritually insinuate that encountering fruit flies communicates a message of patience to them.

To them, these insects denote a process that needs to be trusted before something great emerges. Once they encounter these insects and yearn for something, they believe it is a message to relax while remaining hopeful that it will finally mature.

Meanings and Interpretation of Seeing Gnats or Fruit Flies in a Dream

Spiritual Meanings of fruit flies 
Meanings and Interpretation of Seeing Gnats or Fruit Flies in a Dream. Image source: Pixabay

Different cultures have interpreted the gnat’s or fruit flies’ dreams differently according to their beliefs. The following are some of the denotations of seeing them in a dream.

Need for change

Some people have translated fruit flies in their dreams to mean that they need to undergo some change. According to this group, they believe they might have been doing things wrongly in their lives, thus needing to take that U-turn.

They also think that fruit flies in their dreams could be telling them to shed off the emotional weight they could be harboring and weighing them down.

Therefore, whenever they experience the dream about fruit flies, they do check-ups on themselves to see what needs to change about their lives or general lifestyles.

Negative energy around

To some, a dream about fruit flies creates lots of negative energy surrounding them. To them, this negative energy could arise from close friends, family, or even workmates and could hinder their personal growth.

They translate the fruit flies to mean that whatever they are doing is being underappreciated. Therefore, when these people dream about fruit flies, they observe the people close to them to spot those who could be working against them.


Some individuals translate a dream about fruit flies, meaning they could have been quite wasteful with their resources.

These resources could be financial, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc. once they dream of fruit flies, they try to monitor the different aspects of their lives to note how wasteful they might have been.

They could be wasting money and their feelings on people who do not reciprocate, among other forms of wastefulness.

Fruit Flies Superstitions in Different Cultures

Spiritual Meanings of fruit flies 
Fruit Flies Superstitions in Different Cultures. Image source: Pixabay

In ancient Greek mythology, fruit flies were used as weapons to attack enemies. In one instance, they had been sent to attack a horse rider who was fortunate enough to escape this ordeal. They were believed to be efficient in such attacks.

Some Native American traditions superstitiously believe that these fruit flies are mentors. They regard them as spirit animals that could be sent with particular spiritual messages.

They, therefore, valued them as their mentors and guides toward living a healthy spiritual life.

In ancient Egypt, these flies were superstitiously associated with destruction. Members of the ancient Egyptian cultures believed that these fruit flies were a sign of destruction and, therefore, a bad omen to them.

Meaning of Fruit Flies In Your House

Although some people associate the presence of fruit flies in their houses with spirituality, some have come out to claim it might be a matter of hygiene. Fruit flies are generally attracted to stale environments where they thrive.

Finding fruit flies in your house might imply that you have spoilt or exposed fruits in your home. This smell is considered one of the critical things attracting these flies.

As a fruit lover, you should check whether spoilt or cut ad exposed fruits are in your house. Fruit peels are also thought to be another attraction for these flies.

Disposing of them after eating the fruits has been suggested as one of the remedies for fruit flies. Cut vegetables are also suggested to be why fruit flies could have visited you.

The smell emanating from them is thought to be a reason why the insects might be flooding your house. Juice, especially when freshly blended, has also been linked with the appearance of these flies by some people.

Therefore, they suggest that once you blend some juice, you should keep the storage container locked.

To some, molds have been blamed for attracting flies. According to them, the stale smell of mold in bedding, clothes, and seats might be why the fruit flies are in your house.

They, therefore, advise people to check whether they are harboring molds in the house, suggesting that it may be the reason for the fruit flies in their homes.

Some people have also suggested Gardens with moist soils to be attraction grounds for these fruit flies. The flies are believed to adore the moist grounds, a reason why they could be finding their way to the house.

The spiritual group has also suggested that the presence of fruit flies might be spiritual. Therefore, they tend to focus on the spiritual messages these insects could deliver.

Should I be worried if gnats keep following me?

Gnats following you might be a reason to worry. Some have claimed that gnats are usually attracted to the scent of your body. This smell might suggest that your body is not well-cleaned and might be a reason to worry.

These insects might also be following you due to the scent of your clothing. Some individuals have noted being followed by these insects due to the stale, moldy smell on their clothing.

They have suggested that one ensures their clothes are well washed and dried before wearing them.

What do Gnats Mean in Witchcraft?

Some people believe in witchcraft and that animals, including gnats, might be sent for this purpose. They implied that the insects could be used to deliver witchcraft spells by witches.

Since they are small, they are believed to get to your house through any opening. They, therefore, insinuate that these insects might be used in witchcraft as messengers and deliverers of the spell.

Are fruit flies a good or bad omen?

Fruit flies bearing either good or bad omen might depend on a people’s culture rather than the answer being specific universally. In some cultures, fruit flies signify good omen, growth, and transformation.

In some, the flies are a sign of a bad omen, a symbol of destruction, and to others, witchcraft.

Therefore, we might need to discern whether these insects are a good or bad omen. However, as a Christian, it is believed that all the animals God made were for the earth’s good.

Everything He created was good; therefore, no animal has a bad omen.

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