What Do Bananas Mean in The Bible (Meaning and Symbolism of Bananas)?

Every Sunday, as a minister at my local church, I conduct Christian symbolism classes. They are great ways of teaching my congregation how everyday items have spiritual meaning in not only Christianity but other faiths. When one of my students suggested I cover bananas in my next session, I knew it would be an interesting class. Not only would researching the topic be fascinating, but I have experienced bananas’ spiritual powers. For a while, I had numerous banana-related dreams until I finally found out what they meant. The rabbit hole went deep. But the Bible gave me a lot of insight on the matter. So, what does a banana symbolize in the Bible?

In Bible verses such as Titus 3:14 and Mark 4:20, a banana is believed to symbolize joy and hope. It can also be a sign of prosperity after hard work as well as growth and maturity. In some cultures, a banana can be a figure of fertility.

Since many Christians do not understand the symbolism behind bananas, I thought it would be a great subject to write on. This article will give you all the information on the significance of bananas in the Bible, their symbolic meanings, and even dream interpretations about them. This piece has terrific references and Biblical quotes to help you better understand the topic. We shall also look at the importance of bananas in other cultures. May you enjoy and learn from this article.

What Is the Significance of Bananas In The Bible?

What Do Bananas Mean in The Bible
Significance of bananas in the Bible. Image source: Pixabay

Carolina Teresa, a well-known symbolism expert, propounds that the banana is biblically used to represent joy and hope. As we face life’s adversities, God sends signs of hope and joy to ease our sense of abandonment and depression. Such words of encouragement are in the Bible. On several occasions, the Bible speaks of bearing fruit after sowing and cultivating. It is a metaphor for good things to come. This “fruit” can be taken as a banana.

The Church of Jesus Christ also acknowledges the same. They observe the banana as a sweet fruit that does not come from an attractive source – the banana tree. In the same way, from hardship, good things will materialize, so the banana is seen as a symbol of hope during a struggle. They use 1 Nephi 8:11-12 to support this. It says, “And it came to pass that I did go forth and partake of the fruit thereof; and I beheld that it was most sweet, above all that I ever before tasted. Yea, and I beheld that the fruit thereof was white, to exceed all the whiteness that I had ever seen. And as I partook of the fruit thereof, it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy; wherefore, I began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for I knew that it was desirable above all other fruit.”

Are Bananas Mentioned in The Bible?

No. Biblical scholars have pointed out that the word ‘banana’ is not explicitly mentioned in Scripture. All evidence of reference to bananas in the Bible comes from interpretations and historical correlations. The word does not appear in the original Bible translations.

Where Are Bananas Mentioned in The Bible?

Although the Bible does not directly mention bananas, there are some texts and verses that have been construed to refer to them. It is also common for scriptures in the Bible that have the word ‘fruit’ to include bananas in their meaning. Here are some examples of Bible verses that are perceived as indirect passages about bananas:

  • Proverbs 28:10 –This proverb is likened to banana peels because just as banana peels can make a person slip and fall if they are in the way, so can an evil path. The Scripture is dissuading us from following wickedness because it is simply a disaster plot. It will never lead to good yields.
  • Psalm 37:14-15 – This is the only Bible verse that mentions bananas but only in the Message Interpretation (MSG) version. The verse originally says “swords” instead of “banana peels.” These verses refer to how evil people will self-destruct as a result of their actions. As Christians, we should not be envious of bad people whose lives seem to be doing well. We should instead stick to God’s plan, which will ultimately work out. The wicked will die by their swords/banana peels as a result of their actions.
  • Matthew 12:33 – Contextually, Jesus was rebuking the Pharisees in this verse for associating His powers with Satan. Jesus was condemning them by the quality of their “fruit.” They had no poor faith, which was a sign of a bad “tree.” This verse is a message to believers that they need to work hard to cultivate their faith. That is the only way one can bear good fruit (such as bananas).
  • Titus 3:14 – After telling Titus that the church should assist Zenas and Apollos on their mission trip, Paul adds a plea: that believers should be diligent in their pursuits. Here, Christians are warned that if they do not action the steps necessary to meet their needs, they will not bear fruit like bananas. They can be spiritual or physical needs.
  • Mark 4:20 –This is the parable of the sower. In this Scripture, God speaks of how a believer that meditates on His word (sows on good soil) will bear an abundance of good fruit like bananas.

5 Symbolic Meanings of Bananas in The Bible

Meaning and Symbolism of Bananas
Symbolic meanings of bananas in the Bible. Image source: Pixabay

Even though this common fruit is not mentioned in the conventional versions of the Holy Book, some symbolic meanings have been deduced about it. Bananas are significant to Christians around the world. According to Sam Ellis, founder of Catholics & Bible, here are some of its symbolic meanings:


In the Message Interpretation Bible, Psalm 37:14-15 speaks of the wickedness of people in this world and what God has in store for them. This Scripture gives hope to the righteous that justice will prevail even if it looks like bad people are winning. In this world, we may be tempted because evil people seem to have the best life, but God promises that His way is the right way and that their way will only cause self-inflicted wounds. Other versions of the Bible replace banana peel with a sword. Still, ultimately, the banana is considered by many to be a symbol of the self-destructive nature of evil people.


According to the Bible, a person who reads and meditates over God’s word is like a watered tree that will bear good fruit when the time is right. Although the specific fruit has not been named, all fruits, including bananas, symbolize prosperity. Such abundance and prosperity are holy and pleasing to God. Proverbs 8:1-20 also recognizes the fruit as a symbol of wisdom, riches, and wealth. These can mean both earthly and heavenly prosperity.


The Bible clearly states that we shall all reap what we sow. According to one’s actions or inactions, we will face consequences. Psalm 128:2 is proof of this. The labor one puts in will not be fruitless or in vain. If you stay on the path of righteousness, you shall reap a good harvest. All fruit, including bananas, can be a symbol of hard work and its outcome. The work put in during the growing season shall manifest, and the amount of fruit harvested will be equivalent to it. If one does not plant, there will be no fruit, but if well planted and taken care of, the product will be great. Proverbs 1:31 also reiterates the same.

A Mature Path

Alternatively, in Christianity, bananas can also symbolize one’s level of maturity. Using dream interpretation, many associate raw bananas in dreams with being a sign of immaturity. This can be in family life, career-wise, or even in one’s walk of faith. Raw bananas illustrate a need to grow and level up without fear and anxiety about the future.

Bad Company

Many Christians also believe that bananas, especially rotten ones, can be a sign of bad company. If you dream of rotten bananas, this could be an indication that your inner circle needs to be checked. Some of the people around could be leading you down the wrong path. It’s a wake-up call to reevaluate everyone and ensure that they radiate only positive energy in your life.

Spiritual Meanings of Bananas

What Do Bananas Mean in The Bible
Spiritual meanings of bananas. Image source: Pixabay

Spiritualists hold the opinion that bananas can carry significant meaning and can also relay messages. Regular people may not be able to decipher them, but according to Erin Davis from Angelical Balance, here are some of the potential spiritual meanings of bananas:

Be Content

One of the spiritual meanings tagged to bananas is that it is a symbol of contentment. It is easy to envy our neighbors’ achievements and possessions, but it is believed that the banana comes to protect us from falling into pressure and jealousy. It reminds us to be content with what we have and appreciate the beauty of our small successes.

Good Things Are on The Way

According to spirituality experts, bananas can be a positive sign that something good is about to happen. If you constantly dream about ripe bananas, it is a message that amazing things will soon come into your life. It is a symbol of optimism and faith in what is to come.

Work Hard

Banana fruits can also be a symbol of the “planting season.” Metaphorically, it shows that seeds are sown for the future. These seeds are future gains. To get them, you need to put in the work of “watering” them. This is putting in the genuine labor needed to cultivate good earnings.


After the planting period, bananas can be a sign of good harvest and yield. According to spiritualism, bananas are an indication that soon your efforts will bear fruits and the rewards are around the corner. This is especially true if you have been working hard for these gains. On the flip side, if the work was not done or not done well, the results may not be desirable.

Good Health

Bananas can also show the state of our physical health and diet. Ripe bananas signify good health and fitness. Dreaming about them can show that you are health-conscious and take care of your physical well-being. It can also be a sign that you need to improve your diet and fitness habits. Maybe you’re slacking on your body goals and need to get back on track. If you are sick, dreams about banana juice may also be a sign that you will have a speedy recovery.


Many consider bananas to be a sign of fertility. It is widely believed that women who have a lot of dreams about bananas will have more children than those that don’t. Others think that such dreams could be a sign that you are expectant. Even if you are not pregnant, it can be a hopeful sign that children will come in the future.


Unripe bananas symbolize immaturity. They are a sign that there is time for growth and that time is needed. Patience should be exercised so that things can come to fruition. Bananas can be encouraging and act as a reminder to be patient for the future’s blessings.

What Do Bananas Mean in Different Cultures?

Christians are not the only group of people that hold the banana fruit in some sort of reverence. Other cultures and religions also place symbolic importance on them. For more insight, keep reading below.

Banana Symbolism in Hindu Culture

In Hindu culture, bananas are known to be signs of fertility and feminine grace. Bananas are considered the reincarnation of the goddess, Parvati, the symbol of the loving wife, and Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty. For disheartened couples that are hopeful for a child, these fruits are taken as a good sign because of their bright yellow color. In India, women desiring a male child worship the banana tree during the month of Kārtika.

Banana Symbolism in Islam

Interestingly, bananas are seen to be the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate in Islamic theology. The fruit can, therefore, serve as a caution to believers to stay away from any harmful temptation. Additionally, Islam considers bananas to be one of the fruits of Paradise. This is according to Allah, who says in the Quran, “Amid thornless lote-trees, and banana-trees (with fruits), one above another, and extended shade, and water flowing constantly, and abundant fruit, neither intercepted nor forbidden.”

Banana Symbolism in Chinese Culture

In Chinese tradition, bananas are used as an offering to the lord Buddha. They are considered sacred and usually offered at the altar during Chinese New Year Celebrations. Bananas are used to wish for educational excellence at school or work during the new year.

What Does A Dream About Bananas Mean?

What Do Bananas Mean in The Bible
What does a dream about bananas mean? Image source: Pixabay

We have all had bizarre dreams throughout our lives. Some seem random, while others appear to carry hidden meanings. Dreams with bananas are fairly uncommon, so if you do happen to have one, it can feel strange. But did you know that these dreams could have symbolic messages behind them? The dream experts at Dream Christ have deciphered some of these possible meanings depending on the scenario. Check them out below:

Dream of Seeing A Banana

Seeing a banana, particularly a ripe one, in your dreams can indicate that your work life is going well. Your hard work and dedication are bearing fruits. It is a sign of career growth and a positive work environment.

Dream of Raw Bananas

Raw bananas in dreams can symbolize that you have not yet reached maturity in some facet of your life. It could be relationship-wise, career-wise, or even in your growth journey. Such dreams are believed to be signs that there are obstacles that need to be conquered to reach the right level of maturity. Unripe bananas may also show that work needs to be done to overcome the immature stage.

Dream of Eating Bananas

This is one of the best symbolic dreams involving bananas. It is considered a great sign that good things are coming soon and should be taken positively as a sign of hope. Just as indulging in banana fruit is an enjoyable experience, it is thought that you shall also enjoy something fruitful in the real world.

Dream of Seeing Lots of Bananas

Seeing a bunch of bananas in a dream is believed to be a sign that you are surrounded by good energy and vibes. The positivity may help you achieve benefits in different parts of your life. A bunch of bananas in a dream could be is a symbol of abundance, wealth, and riches.

Dream of Fried Banana

Dreaming of fried bananas is considered by many to be a sign that you must persevere and work hard to achieve the results that you want. Many believe that such dreams hold optimistic messages that all will not be in vain if patience, consistency, and diligence are maintained.

Dream of A Banana Tree

Banana trees are linked to fertility, according to many cultures and beliefs. As a result, seeing a banana tree in a dream indicates to them that the family tree is about to grow. Someone could either be expecting or will get pregnant soon.

Dream of Giving Someone A Banana

In this scenario, if you dream of giving someone a banana, it may be a sign that it is time to reevaluate your goals, interests, and dreams. Some of the priorities in your life may not be well-placed and need realignment. It could also be that the circle of people around you is negatively affecting your life.

Dream of Banana Juice

Banana juice might seem to be a very odd thing to dream about, but it is believed to mean that you intend to form an alliance with a friend and possibly venture into business together. It could also be a sign that there is some form of psychological pressure on your body that is creating biological needs. You must evaluate this situation to avoid danger.

Dream of Peeling A Banana

Peeling bananas in a dream is a good sign, according to some people’s beliefs. It may symbolize that you are shedding away your problems, or at least you will soon. It can be a dream of hope that assures you of a better life ahead.

Dream of Banana Peels

Banana peels can also hold some significance when they appear in dreams. They can be a warning that obstacles are about to come up in your growth journey. As you work towards your goals, you will encounter complications. Just as banana peels left on the way can make us slip, so can these challenges. It is a sign to be cautious and prepared.

Dream of Rotten Banana

A rotten banana in a dream could be a sign that someone in your life is just as bad. It is taken as a cautionary dream meant to alert the dreamer of a possible toxic person around them. This person may have ill intentions to mislead and destroy. It could be a sign to check your inner circle and distance yourself from such people.

Are Bananas A Symbol of Good Luck?

According to Carolina Teresa, bananas are a symbol of good luck. They are generally perceived as a sign that good things are around the corner. These fruits also bring good vibes and create a positive environment for fantastic things to happen. Just as bananas are sweet, so is their spiritual energy. If you dream of bananas, consider they could have a favorable message.

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