What Does a Butterfly Symbolize In the Bible (Biblical Meaning and Significance of Butterflies)?

Last week, as I was preparing Bible study notes for the youths, I decided to be a little practical. I was going to preach about change and transformation, and the one thing that came to mind was the Butterfly. A butterfly is a symbolic creature because of its metamorphoses, and it was helpful in my teachings. I had to gather all the relevant information about the symbolism of butterflies, and it was a real eye-opener. So, what does a butterfly symbolize in the Bible?

Although butterflies are not directly mentioned in the scripture, they could be used to explain the change and transformation that the Bible talks about. In the book of 1st Corinthians 5:17, it is implied that we become new creatures when we accept Christ. This could be symbolized by how the caterpillar becomes a new creature, the Butterfly.

Join me as I write about the biblical meaning and symbolism of butterflies. I will also write about the prophetic meaning of butterflies and their meanings in different cultures. Read on to find out more.

What is the biblical meaning of butterflies?

Butterflies could mean that you are a new creation when you accept Christ

Also, butterflies could symbolize the new creature that you become after receiving Christ in life. In the same way, a butterfly gains a new body as it emerges from the caterpillar; we also receive a new heart when we receive and accept Christ. In the book of Ezekiel 36:26, the Bible implies that God will give us new hearts and Spirits when we follow Him. It also suggests that when we accept Him, he will make our hearts beautiful, and we won’t remain with stone hearts.

Butterflies could also mean hope

The Butterfly could be a means of hope based on how it comes out of a dead caterpillar. As Christians, we are also human beings who would naturally grow older and weaker and get closer to our death. However, the Bible encourages us by giving hope that as much as we are dying on the outward, we are being born again in the inside into a beautiful thing. 2nd Corinthians 4:16-17 implies that we become renewed in Christ even though we grow old and lose our youthfulness and eventually die. This could be symbolized by a butterfly that comes out of a dead caterpillar.

10 biblical symbolisms of butterflies

What Does a Butterfly Symbolize In the Bible 
Biblical symbolisms of butterflies. Image source: Pinterest

Butterflies could symbolize spiritual transformation

A butterfly could symbolize the transformation of Christians’ spirituality. It could be a reminder that for us to transform spiritually, we need to know more about the word of God. So we should focus on how beautiful the word of God makes our hearts and keep pursuing it to transform spiritually.

When we read the word of God in the book of Romans 12:2, we can understand that the Bible implies that our spiritual transformation is necessary for us to enjoy the will of God in our lives. It encourages us to let go of the patterns of this world so that we can transform. This could be compared to the way the Butterfly leaves its old stages and enjoys its perfect beauty.

They could also symbolize our eternal change of bodies

Butterflies could symbolize the way we would transform as we receive the gift of eternal life after judgment. One time we would have to leave our flesh earthy bodies and get new heavenly bodies. A butterfly could symbolize this change in the manner that it leaves its cocoon and goes on to become beautiful and fly away, just like we would be beautiful in our heavenly bodies. The Bible in the book of 1st Corinthians 15:40 implies that we will have new heavenly bodies that are so different from our earthly bodies, which echoes the symbolism of the Butterfly.

Also, butterflies could symbolize the importance of letting go of the past

The life cycle of butterflies could symbolize the need to let go of the past as Christians. Butterflies would have never existed if the caterpillars had held on to the idea of being a worm all their lives. They would not be so beautiful; in fact, they would still be caterpillars if they refused to let go and move on. In this similar manner, as Christians, the Bible urges us to let go of the past because it blocks our blessings, according to Isaiah 43:18-19.

They could symbolize patience

Butterflies could symbolize patience because they thrive well in places where flowers are blooming. In the environment where a butterfly thrives, there must have been a lot of patience because a flower takes time to form and to form its nectar. Also, a butterfly takes time to get into the flower patiently and get the nectar. Similarly, if a butterfly is constantly attracted to your presence, it implies that you are carrying one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, patience.

They could symbolize endurance

Also, butterflies could symbolize endurance based on the pain they undergo to become beautiful butterflies. Butterflies must endure the pain of shedding from the caterpillar, which takes quite some time. In the same ways, the Bible urges us Christians to endure pain and temptations implying that it is the only way we can overcome temptations.

They could also symbolize God’s love

Butterflies could also symbolize the love of God toward His creation. The way God loves butterflies and makes sure it feeds and fly is so symbolic of the idea that if He dresses lilies with beauty and splendor, how much can He do for creatures that He made in His own image? God’s love has been emphasized so many times in the Bible, and that’s why He tells us to rely on Him and have faith in Him.

Butterflies could also symbolize Christ’s resurrection

Butterflies could also symbolize the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It had to die so that it could get reborn into a beautiful insect. It is believed that you can remind yourself of the way Christ died for our sins and made our lives better and more beautiful after the resurrection every time you see a butterfly.

They could be telling you of the goodness of God

Butterflies could also symbolize the way it could take time to experience the goodness of God. Just like it takes time to suck and finally get to the nectar of the flower, so could we Christians take time to see the goodness of the Lord and his sufficient grace.

They could symbolize prosperity

Butterflies could also symbolize prosperity because they are always drawn to flowers that are a symbol of fertility. This could mean that if a butterfly is drawn to you, it could be that you are going to be prosperous and bloom like flowers. It could be stemming from the beauty of your heart, and God could be sending you a sign of beautiful butterflies because beauty attracts beauty.

They could symbolize forgiveness

The tenderness of butterflies could be symbolic of how Christ wants our hearts to be. The Bible implies that Christ wants our hearts to be tender enough that we can forgive even our worst enemies. In this manner, we could let go of the pain and bitterness in our hearts that were caused by them and worsened by our unforgiving nature. The Butterfly could symbolize the beauty of having a tender heart that forgives. It could imply that if we forgive, our hearts become beautiful and peaceful.

Bible Verses About Butterflies

Romans 12:2 implies that we as Christians need to transform and stop conforming to the things of this world. A butterfly could be used to elaborate this scripture because it goes through a transformation and has to leave its older self behind.

2nd Corinthians 5:17 implies that when we accept Christ, we are new people. In the same way, the Butterfly accepts transformation and becomes a new beautiful creature.

Romans 5:8 implies that we were forgiven by the death and resurrection of Christ. This could be compared to the way a caterpillar dies and resurrects as a butterfly which comes with positive messages.

What is the prophetic meaning of butterflies?

The prophetic meaning of a butterfly could be connected to your future that needs self-transformation. This implies that you are supposed to go through a process that is necessary for your future to occur as it should. The Butterfly does take time to be transformed, and it comes from something so different, the caterpillar. This implies that the future you would be very different from the current you only if you are ready to allow Christ to transform you.

What do Butterflies mean in different cultures?

Biblical Meaning and Significance of Butterflies
Butterflies meaning in different cultures. Image source: Pinterest

Japanese Culture

In Japan, it is believed that the Butterfly is a respected creature because it is connected to marriage. It is believed that when young unmarried women constantly encounter butterflies, it could be that they are almost getting married. This is often compared to the change that a butterfly has to undergo before becoming a butterfly. It implies that women might undergo a change that changes their status in society—marriage.

Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, butterflies are associated with happiness and joy. The colors of the Butterfly are believed to be a symbol of something beautiful in their lives that would bring happiness to them. Also, they believe that butterflies are a symbol of good luck for whoever spots them. It could be a symbol of success in business, career, or marriage. Also, when two butterflies that have the same colors are seen flying together, it is believed that they are a symbol of love.

Mexican culture

In Mexican culture, butterflies are respected in the same way people could respect their ancestors and dead loved ones. They could symbolize the presence of relatives and ancestors of Mexicans who passed on in Northern America. Most Mexican cultures believe that butterflies are spirits of their ancestors and loved ones coming back to their ancestral land. They associate all butterflies with the ones that are believed to have migrated from North America to Mexico. Also, they hold ceremonies to remember the dead, who are represented by the butterflies.

African Culture

In Africa, there are so many tribes that have different associations with butterflies, but the most common symbolic meaning is that it is taken to mean change and transformation. Most tribes consider the transformation to be connected with puberty. However, some other tribes believe that it could signal climate change.

Native American Culture

Many tribes that are Native Americans believe that butterflies are a symbol of change, positivity, and comfort. They believe that a butterfly could be a messenger from the ancestors to bring change to them or to comfort them. However, the black Butterfly is believed to be symbolizing sickness.

What are the Spiritual Meanings of Butterflies?

What Does a Butterfly Symbolize In the Bible 
Spiritual Meanings of Butterflies. Image source: Pixabay

It could mean that you need to be still

Butterflies could spiritually mean that your soul could be in need of calmness. It can mean that in cases when you feel so pressurized and cannot think clearly.

It could mean transformation

It could mean that your spiritual growth depends on you working on yourself. The way a butterfly works on itself, from a simple caterpillar to transform into a beautiful flying creature, could be compared to the way you need to work on yourself. Focusing on your transformation could help you become beautiful spiritually.

It could also mean that your loved one who died is present

Butterflies could spiritually mean that the spirit of the dead is around you. This person could have died recently or long ago, but the presence of the Butterfly that signals their spiritual presence is often taken to mean that they are trying to comfort you.

What does it mean when butterflies visit your home?

When a butterfly visits your home, it could mean that your guardian angel is with you and is watching over you. It is often believed that the spirit world could send a butterfly to your home to remind you that you are not alone. Therefore, most spiritual people believe that when a butterfly visits you, it could help in healing from depression and stress.

Also, some people believe that when a butterfly visits you, it could be a sign that good things are coming your way. Therefore it is suggested that you should open your heart to the Butterfly so that you experience good luck.

What does it mean when a butterfly lands on you?

What Does a Butterfly Symbolize In the Bible 
What does it mean when a butterfly lands on you? Image source: Pixabay

For the best interpretation, it will be better if you pay attention to the color of the Butterfly that has landed on you.

White Butterfly

When a white butterfly lands on you, it could mean anything related to your peace of mind. It could be that you are experiencing hardships that are taking a toll on your mind. A white butterfly could land on you to remind you that you need to put your peace of mind first before everything. It could also be a reminder that your peace of mind is thriving.

Black Butterfly

When a black butterfly lands on you, it could mean that you are spiritually protected from the enemy. It could also mean that the end of your season has come; it could be a season of mourning, fasting, etc.

Red Butterfly

When a red butterfly lands on you, it could mean that you need to refocus and have more passion for what you are doing. It could be that you are constantly getting distracted from your course, so it shows up as a spiritual aid.

Green Butterfly

A green butterfly could land on you to mean that you could be about to experience growth. It could imply that all your hard work can give good results that could lead to notable growth.

Yellow Butterfly

It could mean that you need to focus on the beauty of life even when it looks too bad.

What does it mean to see butterflies in your dreams?

When you see a butterfly in your dreams, it could mean that you are about to experience a huge change in your life. It could be a change that is connected to your social status, career, or even personal growth. In most cases, the type of change that is signaled in dreams by butterflies is often a change that would impact your life significantly.

It could also mean that you are finally willing to let go of the pain, bitterness, and sadness that puts you down. The Butterfly could be informing you in the dream that the spirit world is aware of your brave move to let go of the past. It could be telling you that you should go on and let go of the pain so that you transform into something new. However, it could also mean that it is time to let go of possession that is putting you behind.

Butterfly as a spirit guide animal

If butterflies are your spirit animals, it could mean that you are always evolving spiritually. They are associated with so many powers as spiritual guides, including;


People who have the Butterfly as their spirit animal are believed to be full of vibrancy. Anywhere they are, they are believed to be guided to radiate positivity. It is believed that they have power like the Butterfly to make people delight and be happy.


It is believed that butterflies, as spirit animals, have the power to influence hope and increase aspiration in people that can guide them in their lives. It is believed that if you have the sacred power of the butterfly spirit, you can see the light in the darkness and not give up.


It is believed that if you possess the spirit of the Butterfly, you can be guided to always make moves without worrying about the outcome. It is suggested that you would not live in fear of the unknown and readily welcome blessings that are directed to you.

Are butterflies a symbol of good luck?

In most cultures, butterflies are taken as a symbol of good luck. It is because butterflies are often considered good omen animals that carry positivity. Therefore they could represent good luck in terms of healing, positivity, finances, and other aspects that could require the good luck charm.

Also, in a culture like Chinese culture, butterflies are believed to create good luck in businesses. This could imply that they bring financial luck and luck in their career.

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