Will backsliders go to heaven? (what does God say about backsliders?)

As a theologian, I am usually encouraged by the great people of God in the Bible and how they lived a faithful life until their death. A few months ago, I became interested in reading more about the backsliders in the Bible. I was especially intrigued to learn that a few of them actually turned to God and repented. However, I wanted to know if backsliders who do not repent go to heaven. I then decided to conduct immense research using different Christian materials. I also visited different clergies from different Christian denominations to get their view on backsliding and what the Bible says about it. Last week, a member of my Christian online forum wanted to know if he would go to heaven, as he had backslid and wanted to repent. From my immense research and visit, I had the perfect answer to the question. So, will backsliders go to heaven?”

Bible scholars from Got Question organization suggest that backsliders will go to heaven if they only repent their sins, as Christians are always forgiven no matter how many times they fall short. Bible scholars from the Compelling Truth organization also suggest that backsliders do not lose their salvation, meaning they are still saved and belong to God. They support their statement using John 10:28-29 where Jesus reveals that he gave those saved eternal life and they shall never perish.

So, join me until the end as I explore more about this topic. I will discuss what it means to backslide, if a backsliding Christian is saved, and bible verses about backsliding, among other interesting topics.

What does it mean to backslide?

Will backsliders go to heaven? 
What does it mean to backslide? Image source: Pixabay

In Christianity, backsliding is used to describe the act of a Christian falling back from the ways of God or getting distant from Christ. To backslide is to go back to your old ways when you were yet to be a believer in Jesus. To backslide may also mean to deteriorate spiritually. Examples of backsliding in a Christian may include stopping going to church or abandoning the ministry a person had been called to do. Bible scholars from the world challenge organization also suggest that backsliding is walking away from the favour of God.

Is a backsliding Christian still saved?

Scholars suggest that this question is a debatable question. However, they have leaned on a few scriptures in the Bible that reveal a backslider may still be a saved Christian. The Bible states in 1 John 1:8 that as believers, we would be deceiving ourselves if we claim we are without sin, meaning that even though a backslider may have sinned against God, they are still saved. 2 Corinthians 5:17 also reveals that whoever is in Jesus Christ is a new creation, as the old has gone and has been replaced with the new. From the scripture above, religious scholars conclude that a person remains saved as long as they had previously received Jesus.

What are some Bible verses about backsliding?

Hebrews 6:4-6 reveals that it is impossible for backsliders to be brought back to repentance, as their actions have crucified Jesus again and subjected him to public humiliation.

Proverbs 14:14 also reveals that the backslider will be paid back for his own ways, while a good person will be rewarded for his ways.

Jeremiah 8:5 also records God questioning why the people of Israel had turned away in perpetual backsliding and had refused to return to him.

James 5:19-20 also conveys a message to a backslider (a person who has wandered from the truth, the word of God). The scripture reveals that anyone who brings a backslider back to God will save his soul from death, and his actions will cover multitudes of his sins.

If a backslider were to die before repenting, would they go to hell?

Thomas Tyler, a bible scholar, suggests that a backslider will go to hell in the event that they die before repenting, as they would have died in sin. As stated earlier, a backslider is someone who was saved but has chosen to do something that does not glorify God. The scholars, however, suggest that a backslider will not go to hell if they die after repenting their sins, as God would have already cleansed them from any unrighteousness, as suggested in 1 John 1:9. The scripture tells us that all we have to do is confess our sins and God will forgive us.

What is the punishment for backsliders in the Bible?

Will backsliders go to heaven?
What is the punishment for backsliders in the Bible? Image source: Pixabay

We are not certain about the punishment God will give to the backsliders, as the Bible does not reveal that. However, God reveals in Jeremiah 2:19 that the backsliders will be rebuked so that they can know how evil and bitter it is for them to forsake him. Since we know backsliding is a sin, we can suggest that backsliders will be given whatever punishment that will fit them in hell, as they will not be able to go to heaven. Hebrews 10:29 also reveals that backsliders may receive severe punishment because they turned away from the blood of Jesus that had already cleansed them.

How can one find their way to salvation after backsliding?

A backslider can find their way to salvation after backsliding by acknowledging their sins and repenting. Acts 3:19 calls unto all sinners to repent and turn to God so their sins can be wiped out. Another way a backslider can find salvation is by confessing their sins, as stated in 1 John 1:9, and believing in Jesus as their saviour, as recorded in Acts 16:31. Even though a backslider would have rebelled against God; he is merciful and forgiving, as stated in Daniel 9:9.

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