Will dinosaurs be in Heaven? (What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?)

As a theologian interested in studying God’s creation, I have found myself fascinated by what the Bible says about some extinct animals. I got a special interest in what the Bible says about animals like dinosaurs and their final destination after death. I studied the Bible extensively, visited different Bible scholars for enlightenment, and even booked appointments with the local clergy to get as much insight as possible. Recently, as I was teaching my college theology students about ancient life in the Bible, one student got curious about dinosaurs and asked whether they would be seen in Heaven. As usual, this unusual question elicited a heated debate among the students. Theories on dinosaurs’ final destination, mostly fuelled by movies and documentaries, flew around. having done intensive research on this topic, I had all the answers. So, will dinosaurs be in Heaven?

The Bible does not give explicit information on whether there will be dinosaurs in Heaven. However, in Isaiah 11:6-9, we learn that there will be animals in the millennial Kingdom. Also, Genesis 1:24-25 records that during the creation, God made all living creatures, including all kinds of beasts that have ever existed on Earth. Though it is impossible to definitively say whether dinosaurs will be in Heaven, these two verses show that it is possible for dinosaurs to be in Heaven because they are part of God’s creation.

Join me in this article, where I will delve into Dinosaurs in the Bible. We will learn what the Bible says about dinosaurs, what happened to them, other extinct animals, and more, so read until the end.

What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?

Most people tend to believe that the Bible mentions dinosaurs, but it does not use the name dinosaurs. They believe the Bible uses the Hebrew word tanniyn, translated into different names in the various Bible version, like a serpent or a sea monster. In the King James Version, it is recored as a “dragon” and appears to be a giant reptile. Psalm 74:13 says that God broke the head of the dragon in the water after he separated the sea with His strength. Also, in Isaiah 27:1, the Bible teaches that God has the power to defeat all creatures, including dragons. Therefore, the Bible says that God can defeat the dinosaurs even if they are giant creatures.

What really happened to dinosaurs, according to the Bible?

What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?
What really happened to dinosaurs? Image source: Pixabay

The Bible does not record exactly what happened to the dinosaurs. However, some people believe dinosaurs’ extinction did not take place long ago because later in the Bible, there are descriptions of creatures that could be referring to dinosaurs, such as dragons in Psalm 74:13. The Bible says in Romans 5:12 that death entered Earth after man sinned. It affected all creatures, including animals and plants, as recorded in Romans 8:22. This means dinosaurs started to die after the fall of man.

What is the mystery of dinosaurs according to the Bible?

There are a few mysteries of dinosaurs in the Bible. One is; God must have created dinosaurs on the sixth day, the same day He created man. Genesis 1:24 says that God said to the Earth to bring forth living creatures after His kind, including beasts, and they appeared. This was on the sixth day, the same day God created man. Therefore, the second mystery is; people must have lived together on Earth with dinosaurs.

The third mystery of dinosaurs in the Bible is; they were originally herbivores. Genesis 1:30 says that God said he had given every creature on Earth, including the beasts, every green plant to feed on. Therefore, dinosaurs also fed on green plants that God provided for them as food.

Are there other extinct animals in Heaven?

Will dinosaurs be in Heaven?
Are there other extinct animals in Heaven? Image source: Pixabay

The Bible does not directly mention any extinct animals in Heaven. However, there are other extinct animals in the Bible. One animal is the behemoth, mentioned in Job 40:19, as an example of God’s hard work. It is said to be a giant, plant-eating animal that lives in the water. The Bible says in Job 40:17-18 that its tail is like a cedar tree, its limbs are like rods of iron, and its bones like tubes of bronze. Another extinct animal in the Bible is the leviathan, mentioned six times in the Bible. Job 41 and Psalm 104:26 describes the creature as a fierce, large sea creature. In Job 41, the creature is said to be unstoppable and cannot be killed by any weapon on Earth. Though we are unsure whether these animals will be in Heaven, we can use the general information in Isaiah 11:6-9, where we learn there will be animals in the millennial Kingdom.

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