7 Spiritual Meanings of nose piercing (Is nose piercing spiritual or fashion?)

I had an interesting conversation with one of my classmates in theology school who approached me with a question regarding nose piercing. He wanted my opinion on whether nose piercings had a spiritual meaning.

Since it was not taught in class, I spent a few days researching by reading different books and articles addressing the question to get all the necessary information.

A few years later, I used the information gathered in theology school in my online Christian forum. In our weekly online Christian forum discussion, a group member was planning on getting a nose piercing, but first, she wanted to know whether they have spiritual meanings.

I shared with the group all I had gathered from the research I had done in theology school. So, what is the spiritual meaning of nose piercing?

Although the scripture does not mention the spiritual meaning of nose piercings, some cultures have different interpretations. Some people believe nose piercings attract good fortune and wealth. Other cultures associate nose piercing with menstruation and childbirth pain relief. Some are of the idea that it helps the wearer find true love. Also, some link nose piercing with divinity, intuition, and protection from negative and evil spirits.

I invite you to join me in the article below as we look at the spiritual meanings of nose piercing. Learn the different types of nose piercings and their meaning in males and females.

Also, find out the perceptions of nose piercings in various cultures. Read on to find out more.

Is nose piercing fashion or spiritual?

Nose piercing is a practice that has been in existence since pre-civilization. Nose piercing has been linked to fashion and spiritual meanings through different generations.

According to fashion enthusiasts, nose piercings complement a person’s general outlook. One may choose to wear nose rings to spice up an outfit.

Some people think that those who get nose piercings are bold and confident with fashion.

Despite nose piercing having a strong fashion influence, many people also link it with spiritual meanings. Some believe that nose piercings spiritually mean courage, fertility, or good fortune.

The nose ring has been present for a long time and is also in the scripture in different verses. For instance, in Genesis 24:22 & 47, the scripture mentions nose rings which were gifts that showed status and wealth.

What does it mean when you pierce your nose?

Spiritual Meanings of nose piercing 
What does it mean when you pierce your nose? Image source: Pixabay

There are several meanings for a nose piercing. Most people get their noses pierced to enhance their beauty, match their fashion style or complement their appearance.

Nose piercing has a rich history and has traversed different generations till this new age. Some cultures use nose piercings to create an identity for certain groups of people.

For instance, the Indian culture uses nose piercings as an identity for married women.

Also, they believe that nose piercings link with the female reproductive system regarding fertility and sexual health. Culturally, nose piercings could also symbolize prestige, status, and wealth.

Cultures aside, nose piercings also have spiritual meanings. For instance, some believe nose piercings are a spiritual sign of good luck, prosperity, and protection from evil.

7 Spiritual meanings of piercing the left side of the nose

Protection from evil forces

Most believe a left-side nose piercing protects the wearer from evil forces. The evil forces include malicious spiritual attacks sent to destroy the wearer; apart from that, it prevents bad luck and negativity.

People believe the bloodshed while piercing the left side of the nose will keep away bad energy in the air.

Balanced hormones

Some people believe the left-side nose piercing relates to knowledge of hormonal functions. It comes from the deeper sense of self-awareness that one has after getting the piercing.

Some believe this piercing evokes a sense of self-care and physical and mental understanding.

Spiritual growth

People believe the body’s left side connects with intuition, love, and emotion, symbolizing awakening and spiritual growth.

Some cultures believe getting the left side of the nose pierced will help one release negative emotions, connect with the inner self, and deep search for answers.

Relief from pain during menstruation and childbirth

In various cultures, African and Hindu, they believe piercing on the left side of the nose will relieve the wearer of pain during childbirth and menstruation. They believe the nerves on the left nostril connect with the female reproductive system.

They believe this piercing relieves the wearer from pain, such as toothaches and headaches. They believe the physical relief and mental calmness that follows after getting pierced is noticeable.

Emotional stability

Some people believe that getting the nose’s left side pierced attracts peace in one’s life, especially when one is going through emotional turmoil. People believe the piercing will sweep away all the emotional instability and bring harmony and balance into one’s life.

Sign of self-love and inner beauty

Some believe the left-side nose piercing brings the wearer closer to realizing their true self. It reminds the person of her true inner beauty.

Also, since the left-side nose piercing brings harmony and balance to one’s life, they believe it helps one appreciate inner peace and own spirit.

Enhanced intuition

Based on ancient beliefs, left-side nose piercing helps enhance the wearer’s psychic abilities. In this way, it guides them in their life.

The person becomes guided in their life choices, boosting their confidence. People believe it helps people understand their consciousness, inner strength, and mental clarity.

The person allows energy to flow within their body and other aspects of their lives.

Fertility and productivity

Some cultures believe that piercing on the left side of the nostril increases the chances of the wearer getting pregnant. Also, they are of the idea that it brings one closer to their fertility and nature.

Some suggest it shields the wearer from evil forces against the female reproductive system.

7 Spiritual meanings of piercing the right side of the nose

Analytical thinking & intuition

People suggest piercing on the right side to bring a connection with one’s higher self and the universe. In this way, it helps one channel powerful energies, enhancing better decision-making.

People believe that with this piercing, you can access parts of the brain that are analytical and connected to higher realms. You understand the universe in a bigger picture.

Boost self-esteem

Piercing on the right side of the nose can also be a form of self-esteem boost and self-expression. Nose piercings are unique body modifications that are likely to catch the attention of passers-by.

People argue that it gives the individual more confidence if worn on the right side. It may alter how one thinks and may influence how they perceive their abilities.

Also, it reminds them of their value to the world. People believe it signifies that a person is in control of their life.

Good fortune

Most people believe the right side brings good fortune and consider it a positive sign. Also, it will attract prosperity in one’s life as people imply the blood released from this piercing will release positive vibrations, bringing good fortune into one’s life.

Improved strength and willpower

For a long time, people have believed that a piercing on the right side of the nose links with spiritual power. Those who wear nose rings on the right side admit it gives them extra strength and willpower to face challenges.

Find true love

Some cultures associate piercing on the right side of the nose with finding true love. People believe that piercing on the right side opens pathways and brings out good energy throughout the body.

It helps one make new connections with higher forces that link one to a new lover. It will help the person connect with someone specifically picked for them, their soul mate.

Inflow of wealth

People think piercing on the right side of the nose attracts a flow of wealth. Since it attracts good fortune, it may come as a flow of wealth.

The blood released when one gets the piercing attracts good fortune, drawing wealth into one’s life. This type of piercing reminds one to have a positive mindset that can attract an abundance of wealth.

Deeper trust in God

Some people believe that a piercing on the right side of the nose symbolizes deeper trust in God and His teachings .

This way, it reminds the person of their connection with God and shows their dedication to faith-related teachings. Also, people believe with this piercing will feel more in touch with religion.

Courage and divinity

People suggest that getting a piercing on the right side of the nose symbolizes courage to take risks. In this way, one has the vision to self-empower.

Another suggested meaning is divinity; it connects people with their spiritual nature. People believe that it brings guidance and good luck from the divine life.

For instance, Hindu culture associates the right-side nose piercing with spiritual nature.

What does it mean when someone pierces both sides of their nose

Piercings on both sides of the nose mean different things. Piercing on both sides suggests a form of self-expression. It could be a beauty enhancer or a fashion statement.

People who pierce on both sides are believed to exude uniqueness and stand out from the rest.

Since a double piercing on both sides of the nose is unique to a single piercing, it suggests that the person is bold. The person showcases individualism, which implies the person is pursuing freedom.

Some believe that people who pierce on both sides are risk-takers. It shows that the person is unafraid to step out of the ordinary. Certain groups pierce both sides of the nose.

Therefore, both nose-side piercings can be a group identity. Others suggest piercing on both sides of the nose symbolizes freedom. It could mean the person is freeing herself from what is ordinary.

Meaning of nose piercing in different cultures

Spiritual Meanings of nose piercing 
Meaning of nose piercing in different cultures. Image source: Pixabay

a. Christianity

Nose piercing can be traced in the Bible, where there are occasions when the scripture mentions it. In Genesis 24:12-22 the scripture narrates the story of when Abraham was searching for a wife for his son; he sent his servant with gifts to give to the chosen woman.

Among the gifts was a gold nose ring. In this regard, nose rings implied wealth or something valuable during that era.

Currently, some Christians may have a different view of nose piercings. They believe nose piercing is sinful since they interpret the scripture to have teachings against the mutilation of the body.

b. Hindu

Nose piercings hold a significant role in Indian culture. You will notice Indian women wearing noticeable nose rings. There are also small stud nose earrings that Indian women wear.

Like other cultures, young and old Indian females wear nose rings as fashion accessories.

The Hindu culture also identifies married Indian women using nose rings. On the wedding day, the bride wears a nose ring which they call a ‘nath’ or nose stud.

If the husband of an Indian woman dies, she can remove the nose ring. Once a girl reaches sixteen, the marriageable age, they get a nose piercing.

Also, their culture holds nose piercing in high regard as they see it as a way of honoring and paying respect to the Goddess of marriage, Goddess Parvati.

They wear this, hoping the couple will be blessed with good luck and prosperity.

According to Ayurveda, India’s ancient medical system, nose piercings link with the female reproductive system. Women pierce the left nostril as they believe that the nerves from the left nostril link with the reproductive system.

They believe the positioning of the nose ring helps ease childbirth—also, they believe it lessens pain during monthly periods.

c. Islam

It is not clear what position Islam takes on nose piercing. Some find no fault with nose piercing as they think the Quran does not refute nose piercings.

There are Muslims who may pierce for beauty purposes. On the other hand, some Islamic scholars hold a different opinion as they believe that a nose piercing goes against their culture.

Also, whenever one has a dream about a nose ring, they interpret it to mean something. They believe that it reflects a personal perception of a person’s life.

Different types of nose piercing

Nostril piercing

It is the most popular, traditional go-to piercing among all nose piercings. The professional piercer uses a piercing gun or the standard needle of 18 to 20 gauge.

It takes approximately two to four months for one to get healed completely. There are various types of nose rings that you can wear on a nostril piercing which includes nose studs, nose rings, nose screws, and nose hoops.

Septum piercing

Others refer to septum piercing as bull piercing. It is one of the most famous types of nose piercings. The piercing goes through your septum, which divides both nostrils at the lower part of the nose.

There are a variety of nose rings that are fit for septum piercing. They include bead circular barbells, seamless hoops, horseshoe rings, captive rings, and segment rings.

They use a standard gauge hollow piercing needle to carry out this piercing. It takes one to three months to heal from this type of piercing.

Austin Bar piercing

One of the unique types of piercing is the auction bar piercing. The piercing goes through the tip of the nose and runs horizontally in the nose tissue.

It differs from the nasallang piercing since it does not go through the septum or nasal activities. For this reason, it takes a short time for one to heal, one to three months.

The recommended nose ring is a straight barbell.

Rhino piercing

It is a different type of piercing as it goes vertically through the tip of the nose, between the nostrils, and above the septum. You can spot the rhino piercing at the top of the nose.

The piercer uses a piercing needle to make this rhino piercing. The recommended nose ring for this piercing is a curved barbell.

It takes a long period for one to heal from this piercing, approximately six to nine months.

Bridge piercing

It is a type of piercing that goes horizontally through the bridge of the nose, which sits right between the eyes. You may think it is very painful, but the pain is bearable since the piercing only goes through the skin, not the cartilage. The professional piercer uses a standard hollow piercing needle, and it takes approximately two-three months to heal.

You should have a professional do this, especially if you wear glasses. When the bridge piercing is placed wrongly, you may have issues while wearing the glasses.

Straight and curved barbells are the best nose rings for this type of piercing.

Double piercing

This type of piercing involves two different kinds of piercings on the nose. It may take up to two to four months for one to heal from a double piercing.

The best type of nose ring for this piercing is a stud or hoop. The piercings are not very painful, and it may take a short time for the double piercings to heal.

Both piercings can be on one nostril or one on each side.

Septril piercing

It is one of the unique-looking nose piercings. The professional piercer uses a standard piercing needle to make this piercing. It involves the combination of a rhino and septum piercing.

The septril piercing uses the stretched septum since the piercing goes from the top of the nose to the stretched septum. The best nose rings which complement the septril piercing are curved barbells, nose bones, tiny studs, tunnels, or plugs.

The amount of time taken for recovery is undefined since it depends on the stretched septum. It is a painful piercing, given the nature of how it is done.

A professional piercer should be the one to carry out the piercing.

Nasallang piercing

It is familiar to both men and women. You may mistake it for the Austin bar piercing, but in this case, the nose piercing enters one nostril and exits the other through the inner septum.

A gauge sterile piercing needle is the best for this piercing, and a professional should do this, given the nature of the piercing.

It takes approximately three to nine months to heal, and the advised nose ring is a straight barbell.

High Nostril piercing

It slightly differs from the simple nostril piercing. The needle goes through the nose arch, which sits higher than the normal nostril piercing.

Since this part of the nose is thicker than the others, you will likely experience pain, discomfort, and swelling in some scenarios. Therefore, comprehensive aftercare following the high nostril piercing is needed to prevent infections.

Multiple nose piercing

It involves a triple nostril piercing which involves multiple piercings on one nostril—for instance, two piercings on the right nostril and one on the left.

Since there are multiple piercings, recovery will take approximately two to four months. The preferred type of nose ring for this piercing is a stud.

What does nose piercing mean in males?

Nose piercing is more common among females, but some men also wear nose piercing. Most men who pierce their noses give the impression of being bold and unique.

In that, they showcase their uniqueness from other men and stand out. Most men who wear nose rings are artistic and have an intriguing sense of fashion.

Most men who have piercings are likely to be risk-takers. They are not afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone. Some cultures have nose piercings for males to show their status.

Also, homosexuals have nose piercings as a form of identification to symbolize their sexual orientation.

What does nose piercing mean in females?

Is nose piercing spiritual or fashion?
What does nose piercing mean in females? Image source: Pixabay

Currently, many females have nose piercings across the globe. Different cultures embrace it as a form of beauty enhancement. Females use nose piercing as a fashion statement piece to complement their style.

In other cultures, they embrace nose piercing, relating it to pain relief during childbirth and menstruation. Others believe that it connects with fertility. , when a female chooses to get a nose piercing, it increases the chances of getting pregnant.

Some cultures use nose rings to identify married women from the rest. In Hindu culture, nose piercing plays a big role in their culture. When an Indian lady gets married, they wear a nose ring shaped like a loop.

Other cultures associate wearing a nose ring on the right side as a form of identification of their sexual orientation as being gay.

Should I choose the right side or the left side to pierce?

As discussed, people believe the right and left sides of nose piercing have different spiritual and cultural meanings. Before you get a nose piercing, it is best to understand the meaning of the piercings on either side.

Analyze whether the meanings agree with your beliefs. If you do not have any deep reasons for getting a piercing, a simple nostril piercing is a good choice.

If you are a woman seeking relief from menstruation pain and childbirth, the left side of the nose would be a good pick. People associate the left side with protection from evil forces and bad luck.

Also, some believe that the left-side piercing ensures emotional stability.

On the other hand, the right-side nose piercing attracts a flow of wealth and good fortune, which can be attractive.

If you are searching for a partner piercing the right side of the nose may help you locate your destined soul mate.

Also, if you wish to boost your self-esteem, piercing the right side of the nose may help you achieve this.

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