Biblical meaning of hearing knocks (spiritual meanings of hearing many knocks many times)

Last weekend during my Sunday afternoon nap, I heard several taps on my door. I reluctantly left the comfort of my bed to check who it was, but nobody was there.

The following week, I told one of my co-workers about it, and she gave me her two cents. Based on her culture, my dream meant that a departed loved one was trying to communicate with me.

After doing some research, I realized many other cultures have unique meanings attached to hearing knocks. As a devout Christian with a background in theology, I could not get on board with such beliefs.

That’s why I broached the subject with some seasoned ministers in several local churches. I learned about the biblical meaning of hearing or dreaming about door knocks.

The following weekend during our weekly Bible study session, one of the members thought she heard a knock. The lady was stunned because she heard the knocking.

She wanted to know what it means when you hear imaginary knocks and no one is there. Having had my due diligence on the topic, I was ready to explain to her the spiritual meaning of hearing knocks.

The Bible talks about door-knocking in several contexts. According to Scripture, door knocking symbolizes a Christian’s relationship with Jesus. Christians believe that hearing continuous knocking could be God’s way of calling people to salvation. Apart from that, the Bible contains several other interpretations of hearing knocks on your door. Spiritually inclined people with alternative beliefs also give various meanings to hearing knocks. Some of them take persistent knocking as a warning, while others say it symbolizes imminent blessing.

Join me as we explore both Christian and secular notions about hearing knocks. We will discuss the spiritual meaning of knocks. We will also determine if the number of knocks you hear is relevant.

What does it mean spiritually when you hear knocking?

There are numerous spiritual interpretations of hearing knocks on your door. These spiritual meanings are heavily dependent on your personal views and current circumstances.

For most people, hearing a knock serves as a reminder to be mindful of one’s actions. Knocks are said to be spiritual warnings against looming danger. Hearing a knock is thought to be the universe’s way of conveying an important message.

The number of knocks you hear is alleged to have unique meanings as well. It is suggested that the frequency and intensity of the knocks have a major impact on their ultimate interpretation.

Hearing a knock is also believed to be a symbol of love, commitment, and balance. It is also suggested that the sound of knocking denotes consistency and a new level of wholeness in one’s life.

For Christians, knocking has deep spiritual meaning. Christians trust that knocks are opportunities to improve their relationship with Christ. This is evidenced in the book of Revelations 3:20. According to this Scripture, Jesus is knocking on our spiritual doors.

It suggests that you have to make the effort to draw near Jesus and allow Him to change your life for the better. As you will learn later in this article, there are several other spiritual meanings of hearing knocks according to Christian doctrine.

Spiritual meaning of hearing knocking on the door

Biblical meaning of hearing knocks 
Spiritual meaning of hearing knocking on the door. Image source: Pixabay

New friendships

Some people associate hearing knocks with new friendships. According to them, hearing a knock means you are about to interact with new people.

A common notion implies that hearing a knock means new people will come to enrich your life. It is said that many knocks suggest many new connections.

Additionally, people take loud knocks as signs that powerful people will enter your life to propel you to the next level. In other cases, knocks on your door are thought of as signs that you are about to meet your soulmate.

Message from the spiritual world

In some cultures, hearing a knock is alleged to be a sign that someone from the world beyond is trying to communicate with you. By that logic, a deceased loved one or a higher entity could be attempting to pass along an important message to you.

In any case, these people advise everyone to pay close attention to the events in their lives. This will help them decode the supposed messages coming from the spiritual world.

Death of a loved one

Some people suggest that hearing knocks at your door is a sign that you recently lost a loved one. While this is troubling news, several people have reported having this experience. These people say that they heard an imaginary knock on their door, but nobody was there.

A few moments or days later, they received the terrible news about the demise of their loved ones.

Ability to avoid negativity

It is posited that knocks at your door indicate that you can shun negativity in your life. This is because you are free to open or decline when someone knocks at your door.

Going by this line of thought, the door represents the barrier between yourself and incoming negativity.

4 Biblical meanings of hearing knocking and no one there

Spiritual meanings of hearing many knocks many times
Biblical meanings of hearing knocking and no one there. Image source: Pixabay

A call to salvation

In John 10:9, Jesus reminds believers that He is at the door waiting for whoever wants to let Him in. The same idea appears in Revelation 3:20.

This Scripture talks about Christ urging Christians to respond to His call and welcome him into their lives. On a spiritual level, these scriptures are calls to salvation.

Opening the door to Jesus means exchanging a sinful life for a pious one.

Your attention is required

The Bible uses door knocks to draw people’s attention to a certain issue. It suggests that continuous knocking is God’s way of getting you to pay attention and take immediate action.

In Acts 12:16, the apostle Peter was facing death. During this period, the pioneers of the early church were facing persecution from the Roman authorities and the old-school Jews. While Peter was in prison, God sent an angel to set him free just before his public execution.

Upon his release, Peter rushed straight to Mary’s house to meet his companions, who were praying for him. A young servant named Rhod recognized Peter’s voice and said she heard Peter’s voice.

Most of them were sceptical and therefore delayed opening the door. The Bible tells us that Peter continued to knock until they finally opened the door. His incessant knocking is what caught their attention.

A symbol of affection

In Song of Solomon 5:2, door knocking is a sign of love and affection. In these sensual scriptures, the lover knocks on his beloved’s door.

Christians see this knocking as a yearning for affection from the people we love. Based on this, hearing a knock could be a reminder to spend more time with your spouse.

Opportunities for blessings

According to the Bible, knocking on your door is a sign that you can ask God to fill your life with good things. In Matthew 7:7-8, Jesus encourages believers to make their desires known to God.

It implies that when we knock, God is there to open the doors we need to move to the next level in our lives. Knocking could be a representation of prayer.

Prayer gives Christians access to blessings and answers to life’s tough questions.

Does the number of knocks matter?

Hearing knocking 2 times

The number 2 is said to represent a twin flame or a connection between two souls. Many people believe that two knocks on your door mean you are about to meet your soul mate.

The number 2 is also thought of as an emblem of marriage and monogamy. It is suggested that double knocks on your door are a sign that your relationships will reach a new level of stability and harmony.

Hearing knocking 3 times

In many cultures, the number 3 is viewed as a representation of a wholesome person. According to Christian doctrine, a human being is made up of soul, spirit, and body.

In light of that, some people suggest that three knocks mean you are ready to align your spirit, soul, and body. This process is said to involve a lot of soul-searching and self-awareness.

It is posited that hearing three knocks means you’re making the right decisions about the trajectory of your life.

Hearing knocking 4 times

The number 4 is thought to signify stability ad consistency. A square is the most stable shape, and it has four sides. Hearing four knocks is therefore perceived as a symbol of impending stability in your life.

People who subscribe to this notion suggest that one must actively try to find a balance in their life. Consequently, hearing four knocks could be a cue to create a routine that suits your daily activities.

Hearing knocking 5 times

Nature is made up of 5 elements which include Air, space, water, earth, and fire. Many cultures consider the number 5 a symbol of the intergalactic movement of the universe.

Hearing 5 knocks on your door is said to indicate a cosmic shift in your life. Some people see it as a cue that drastic change is coming. These changes could be good or bad.

However, it is possible to take charge of your life and not be swayed by circumstances.

Meaning of hearing knocking in your sleep

If you ever heard the sound of knocking in your sleep, you are not the only one. Many people have this experience, and they assign different meanings to it. Some people say that a knock in your sleep is a sign of new opportunities.

These people posit that hearing knocks in your dreams is the universe’s way to prepare you for good news. Others purport that knocking in your dream indicates a need for immediate action.

Whether it’s big steps or little steps, knocking on your dreams is said to be an emblem of progress.

Several cultures suggest that door-knocking in your dreams could be a good omen. To them, it indicates that someone is actively trying to become a part of your life.

This could be in a romantic or platonic way. On that note, many people trust that hearing knocks in your dreams signifies the beginning of a new season in your life.

Some consider dreams about knocking as symbols of spiritual awareness and growth. According to these ideologies, hearing a knock in your dreams means you should be keener about your spiritual well-being.

Another popular belief about hearing knocks in your sleep involves self-awareness. Some people see such dreams as opportunities for self-evaluation. This may be applicable in situations where a person has gone off track.

There are certain times when people dream about hearing a knock on the door, and it wakes them up from a deep sleep. Experts in the mystic arts consider this a warning.

They strongly advise people to think about something important they may have forgotten to do. Some examples include forgetting to switch off the oven or leaving the door unlocked at night.

Meaning of dreaming about knocking different scenarios’ interpretations

Biblical meaning of hearing knocks 
Meaning of dreaming about knocking. Image source: Pixabay

Dreaming that there is a knock at the door

Many people believe that we dream of door knocks when something exciting is about to happen. These dreams are viewed as announcements.

Sometimes, hearing a door knock in your dreams could be a warning. Again, these dreams are considered spiritual tools to get your attention.

Dreaming of a loud door-knock

A very loud knock on your door is considered a warning against impending danger. Dreaming about this can be unsettling. Some cultures propose that dreams about loud knocks are meant to push you into taking action.

Dreaming about yourself ringing a doorbell

Sadly, some people suggest that seeing yourself ringing a doorbell in your dreams is a sign that you will give unreciprocated love. people who follow this train of thought see this dream as a sign of impending heartbreak.

Dreaming of someone knocking on the door

In some cultures, someone knocking on your door is a sign that new opportunities are coming your way. It is also said to imply that someone is trying to convey an important message to you.

Others say that dreaming of someone knocking on the door is an indication of imminent challenges. Experts in the mystical arts suggest paying attention to your emotions after such dreams.

Dreaming about door-banging

It is postulated that dreaming of someone banging on your door is a sign of intrusion. It could be someone trying to invade your personal space.

On a deeper level, others see a door-banging dream as an indicator of repressed feelings trying to manifest. In any case, self-reflection may give you a better understanding of such a dream.

Dreaming about knocking on a wooden door

Many people suggest that dreaming about knocking on a wooden door is a good omen. It is said to symbolize success in your goals. Some people view this dream as a reason to keep pursuing their dreams.

Dreaming about knocking on a glass door

For some, this is not a welcome dream. It is speculated to mean incoming challenges and tests in different areas of your life. Spiritually inclined people take this dream as a sign to start preparing mentally for hard times.

Seeing someone at your door in a dream

Several cultures say that dreaming about someone standing at your door signifies uncertainty. It could be an indication that you are reluctant to make a certain life-changing decision.

Having this dream is considered a sign of the dangers of inactivity.

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