Can Animals Talk in Heaven? (Will Animals Talk in the New Earth?)

When I attended Sunday school at a young age, our teacher told us our lives in Heaven would be blissful. From then onwards, I imagined many possibilities, including talking animals. Years later, when I attended Theology College, my wild imagination got the best of me, and I decided to conduct further research about whether animals could talk in Heaven. I interviewed college professors and the local clergy for their opinion as part of my research. The findings helped me form informed conclusions. Recently, in my theology class at the local community college, some of my students heatedly discussed whether or not animals will be able to talk in Heaven. This discussion was triggered by one student who had recently watched a movie about life in Heaven. Armed with the previous research results from college, I settled the argument with a detailed answer. So, can animals talk in Heaven?

Some verses in the Bible suggest that animals will be able to talk in Heaven. In Revelation 5:13, John says that he heard all creatures on Earth and Heaven sing and praise the One who sat on the Throne (God) and the Lamb (Jesus). Since Isaiah 65:25 tells us there will be animals in Heaven, it is right to say that animals are among the singing and praising creatures in John’s vision. Because singing is a way of speech, it is safe to say that animals in Heaven will talk.

I invite you to join me as I discuss whether animals will talk in Heaven if we will understand animals in Heaven, whether animals communicate today, and more. Keep reading for more information.

Is there a possibility that animals will talk on the new earth?

Can Animals Talk in Heaven? 
Is there a possibility that animals will talk on the new earth? Image source: Pixabay

The Bible indicates that animals can talk, although it was either God or Satan talking through them. In Genesis 3:1-4, the serpent could talk with Eve. Although scholars believe it was the devil speaking through the woman, the serpent talked, nevertheless.

In Numbers 22:28-30, the Bible says that the Lord opened the donkey’s mouth, and it could talk to Balaam.

We learn that animals can talk from these verses and others, like Revelation 8:13. Since we know that animals will be on the new earth, it would be safe to assume that God will make the animals talk to communicate with the people. Doing so will enable people and animals to live harmoniously alongside each other.

Will we be able to understand animals in Heaven?

It is mentioned in Isaiah 11:6-9 that the animals will be in harmony with each other and with people. Since all of God’s creation will be at peace with each other, that implies that we will be able to understand each other. For perfect peace and harmony between people and animals to exist, they should all be able to understand each other.

Can some animals communicate with humans today?

Studies have shown that although animals may be unable to talk with humans, they can communicate. Most humans have taught animals, especially pets, simple commands and signs that the animals can use to communicate with humans. A dog will bark to tell a human something or a cat will rub against a human trying to say something. Although this may not be verbal communication, it nevertheless shows some animals can communicate with humans.

What animal is closest to having a language?

Will Animals Talk in the New Earth?
What animal is closest to having a language? Image source: Pixabay

Bats are the closest to having a language. Studies have shown that bats use different sounds to call each other, with each sound forming a syllable. The syllables can be used alone or combined to form a cluster of syllables closely resembling the human language. Since human language is derived from syllables, it shows that bats communicate in a near-similar manner to humans.

Which is the most intelligent animal after humans?

The question of which animal is the most intelligent after humans depends on the kind of intelligence studies conducted. Some show it is the chimpanzees, while others show it is the dolphins. The proponents of chimpanzees claim they have the closest thing to a human brain. But apart from chimpanzees’ close human DNA resemblance, thorough studies have shown that dolphins are the second most intelligent species after humans.

That conclusion was reached after learning that dolphins can learn, mimic, and adapt to the prevailing circumstances, and they can cleverly use tools to gain an advantage. Dolphins can also recognize themselves in a mirror, proving their intelligence over that of other animals.

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