Can psychopaths go to Heaven? (what does God say about psychopaths?)

As a theologian, I take an interest in people with personality disorders and sometimes think about their final destination. I was especially intrigued by psychopaths after discovering the evil they cause to others and wondered whether they could go to Heaven. I decided to conduct more research on this and therefore spent a lot of time reading the Bible. I even visited local churches and talked to different spiritual leaders about it. Last weekend as I was teaching a college theology class about what God says about evildoers, one of my students asked me whether psychopaths have a chance of going to Heaven. Another was curious to find out whether psychopaths fear going to hell and if they care about Heaven. Having done comprehensive research on this topic, I had all the correct answers at my fingertips. So, can psychopaths go to Heaven?

A psychopath is an example of an unrighteous person who cannot inherit the kingdom of Heaven (1st Corinthians 6:9-10) without repenting. People with this disorder perform selfish acts on their victims with no conscience. However, since God can restore even the most corrupt heart, a psychopath can go to Heaven if they accept Jesus into their lives and change their ways.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we look at what God says about psychopaths. Keep reading to find out whether psychopaths go to Heaven, what the Bible says about psychopaths, whether such a person can be saved, and much more!

What does the Bible say about a person who is a psychopath?

what does God say about psychopaths?
What does the Bible say about a person who is a psychopath? Image source: Pixabay

Though the Bible does not mention the term psychopath, it describes the characteristics of such people. Paul talked about religious psychopaths as hypocritical liars whose consciences have been seared with a hot iron (1st Timothy 4:2). In this passage, he cautions church leaders about such individuals.

Paul also describes religious psychopaths as people who claim to know God, but their actions are not aligned with Him. In Titus 1:15-16, he says that such people are unfit for good work. Jesus also talks about psychopaths in Mark 7:20-23. He says that psychopathic tendencies are the spiritual and moral effects of a human’s fall into sin. Paul also shares the same message in Romans 8:5-8 since he said that a psychopathic heart produces the worst attributes of a sinful man’s nature.

Will God accept psychopaths into Heaven?

Though psychopaths commit evil against others, the Bible reminds us that God is a merciful God (Exodus 34:6). Therefore, psychopaths are not excluded from his unconditional love. According to Ephesians 4:24, God is capable of restoring even the most corrupt hearts, including psychopaths, and accepting them in Heaven.

Titus 2:11-14 also tells us that the grace of God brings salvation to all people. Therefore, even a psychopath can enter Heaven if they believe in Jesus. We even see Jesus being friends with notorious sinners in passages like Luke 7:34. Conversely, if a psychopath does not confess their sins, God does not accept them into Heaven. The Bible also says that such an individual is unrighteous and will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

Can psychopaths be saved?

Though medical experts reveal that there is no cure for psychopathy, the Bible tells us God offers redemption to all humanity. Therefore, psychopaths can receive salvation. Additionally, 1st Timothy 2:4 tells us that God wants everyone to receive salvation and fully know the truth. This includes psychopaths.

Since God does not predestine some people to the eternal loss of their souls, even psychopaths are redeemable. God created every human, including psychopaths, and gave them free will. One can either choose to come closer to God or eject him. A psychopath who has a change of heart and chooses to get closer to God can be saved.

Do psychopaths ever fear going to hell for eternity?

Can psychopaths go to Heaven?
Do psychopaths ever fear going to hell for eternity? Image source: Pixabay

No. Most Christians believe psychopaths do not fear going to hell for the rest of their lives since a lack of remorse characterizes this personality disorder. Some psychopaths do not always experience fear or think about the consequences of their actions.

Some psychopaths do not believe in the existence of an afterlife or a place called hell where they will be judged for their actions. Rather than focusing on matters to do with spirituality or religion, most psychopaths are obsessed with topics to do with food, sex, and crime.

How can psychopaths ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

The only way a psychopath can enter the Kingdom of Heaven is if they are washed and sanctified in the name of the Lord and the Spirit of God (1st Corinthians 6:11). This means that for a psychopath to enter Heaven, they must place their faith in the Lord and accept him as their Lord and Savior.

They must believe that Jesus died for their sins and accept him in their hearts. They must also be ready to change their ways and live a life that pleases God. Though a psychopath that follows this route is a former sinner, God can accept him as his child after salvation (Romans 8:16).

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