Can Mennonites date non-Mennonites? (Can an outsider perform a courtship with a Mennonite person?)

As a theologian and longtime Christian, I have always been interested in learning about different religions’ dating beliefs and practices. Among the various religions, the Mennonite’s beliefs in dating intrigued me and prompted me to conduct research. I visited a Mennonite community in Pennsylvania, where I interacted with some members who gave me first-hand information. Last week, I guided a conversation on my online Christian forum where we discussed Mennonites’ beliefs about dating. Given that I had researched the Mennonites, the members benefitted from vast information. So, can Mennonites date non-Mennonites?

In the past, the Mennonite community was strict about courtship. They could not date outsiders. Over time, the community split into various subgroups, which vary in beliefs, including courtship. The Modern Mennonites may allow a Mennonite to date an outsider. In contrast, Older conservative Mennonites proscribe Mennonites from dating outside their community.

I invite you to join me in the article below as we delve into the Mennonite courtship beliefs and practices. I have discussed whether Mennonites can court outsiders. Learn about some of the courtship rules in a Mennonite community. Since Amish and Mennonites are Anabaptists, one may believe that they intermarry, read on to find out about that and much more.

What are the dating rules in the Mennonite community?

Can Mennonites date non-Mennonites?
Dating rules in the Mennonite community. Image source: Pixabay

The Mennonite community has had different dating rules over the years. Historically, the elders or preachers were involved in choosing a partner and making marriage proposals. They would ensure that it was ‘marriage in the Lord.’ However, over time, Mennonites have become receptive to other traditions, such as allowing community members to select their partners.

It is essential to remember that the Mennonite community has several subgroups with different dating rules they abide by. Some groups are conservative, whereas others comply with the modern way of life. Both believe that dating should conform to the teachings of the Bible.

Can an outsider perform a courtship with a Mennonite person?

Historically, the Mennonite community was particular about Mennonites dating within the community. Currently, modern and conservative Mennonites differ in beliefs and practices. Therefore, courtship between an outsider and a Mennonite depends on the subgroup. It is fair to imply that the Mennonite community courts a person within the community. However, if an outsider has long-term plans such as marriage, they can follow the necessary steps to convert into a Mennonite.

Do Amish and Mennonites intermarry?

Amish and Mennonites do not intermarry. The main reason is that the Amish adhere to their dating and marriage rules, which state that they can only date or marry within the community. Amish do not allow their members to marry outsiders, which includes Mennonites.

To marry an Amish, one must be baptized as a member of the Amish community. It explains why they do not intermarry with Mennonites.

Can I date a Mennonite lady if I join the church?

Can an outsider perform a courtship with a Mennonite person?
Can I date a Mennonite lady if I join the church? Image source: Freepik

It depends on the Mennonite subgroup’s dating rules. Some Mennonite groups are conservative, while others are modern and may allow one to date a Mennonite lady after joining the church. While that is possible, others may require one to convert into a Mennonite through baptism.

Therefore, it is best to consult with the elders and preachers of that specific Mennonite group before proceeding further with your intentions. Also, joining the church solely for this reason may seem off. Rather the decision should be well thought out and intentional.

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