Can nuns go to the gym (Do nuns exercise)?

In theology school, in a certain class, our teacher introduced us to an interesting topic about nuns. We learned about their ways of life from one religious order to another. During the discussion, our teacher raised an intriguing question about whether nuns exercise. Since none of us could answer, our teacher gave us an assignment to research the topic. I visited a nearby convent and had a sit down with nuns who gave me first-hand information. Recently, in my online Christian forum, we conversed about nuns and their daily routine. One of us asked whether exercising is part of their routine and whether they go to the gym, which prompted further discussion. I guided the discussion since I researched the topic in theology school. So, Can nuns go to the gym?

Nuns can go to the gym since it is a form of exercise. Some convents have vast resources, which may include a gym. Other convents may have exercise rooms with workout equipment. Nuns also engage in exercises outside the gym, such as running, swimming, and walking.

Please join me in the article below as we discuss whether nuns exercise. I have highlighted the exercises and techniques that nuns engage in to keep fit. It may interest you to discover how nuns dress at the gym. Read on to find out about these and more.

What do nuns do to keep fit?

Do nuns exercise?
What do nuns do to keep fit? Image source: Pixabay

Most nuns engage in activities such as workout, which help them keep fit. They may engage in physical activities such as running, swimming, or walking. Some convents have gardens and lawns which nuns can maintain and is a way of maintaining fitness. Some convents have gyms where nuns work out. Apart from these activities, a nun may adopt a healthy diet that compliments physical exercise. Remember keeping fit remains a personal choice.

Do convents have a gym?

Some convents have gyms, while others lack this facility. Some have exercise rooms with equipment such as treadmills, stair steps, and bikes. In this way, they allocate a specific room in the convent for exercise. Keeping fit and healthy is a concern for everyone, including nuns. For this reason, some convents have incorporated gyms in their setup.

What other types of exercises do nuns take part in?

Apart from going to the gym, nuns take part in other forms of exercise. Some convents have vast resources, including swimming pools which nuns can swim in as a form of exercise. Most nuns engage in lots of walking throughout the day since some are teachers. Also, some do morning runs. Some nuns participate in marathons, some to raise money for charity. For instance, the famous Chicago’s running nun who runs in marathons to feed the hungry.

What do nuns wear to the gym?

Can nuns go to the gym?
What do nuns wear to the gym? Image source: Pixabay

Since nuns normally wear reserved clothing, we may assume they maintain the same image while in the gym. Being comfortable is important while exercising, including the type of dressing one chooses. Therefore, we can imply that nuns wear comfortable fits while going to the gym. Also, they dress with respect to the guidelines of the specific religious order.

Can nuns go on runs outside the convent?

Although it is not common, nuns can run outside the convent. If the convent does not provide a room where nuns can exercise, they can run outside to maintain fitness. Also, some nuns participate in marathons which is an activity done outside a convent. The only reason that would limit a nun from doing this is if the guidelines of that specific religious order dictate otherwise.

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