Can Nuns Go To The Movies (Can Nuns Watch TV)?

As a theology major, I was always heavily interested in the concept of nuns consuming secular media, particularly movies. It was an assumption that watching films was against their religious vocation, but to get the truth, I researched. Visiting several convents and discussing the matter with nuns helped me discover they can actually blow off steam by enjoying movies! Nuns don’t spend the whole day reading the Bible and praying. In fact, despite the vow to simplicity taken, movies aren’t completely off-limits. Now as a theology lecturer, I get a lot of interesting questions about various denominations and their doctrines. Coincidentally, last week, one of my students asked what nuns do in their free time. Another student wondered if they are allowed to watch movies or do fun stuff. Luckily, my first-hand knowledge of this topic led to an in-depth answer that satisfied everybody. So, can nuns go to the movies?

Depending on the order, nuns can watch movies like regular people, but ideally, they stick to religious ones with themes that align with their vocation. They may watch secular movies, but not vulgar, sexual, or blasphemous ones. Other nuns, however, choose not to watch any type of movies and TV altogether.

Take a walk with me as I explore the interesting subject of movies, TV, and nuns. In this article, I shall have an in-depth look at the topic and even gather information from real-life nuns. You will also get a chance to discover other leisure activities nuns engage in, so don’t miss out!

Can Nuns Watch TV?

Can Nuns Watch TV?
Can Nuns Watch TV? Image source: Pixabay

It is widely understood that nuns can watch TV, but some nuns choose not to. While many convents, like the Society of the Sisters of Bethany, have access to TVs and even have community entertainment rooms, others, like the Benedictine nuns and cloistered nuns, do not. This decision heavily relies on individual vocation, but by principle, nuns should not watch vulgar and immoral TV shows. They tend only to watch content that will help them in their religious journeys, such as canonizations.

Can Nuns Read Novels?

Depending on the Order of Catholic Nuns, some read novels, but others do not. While most literature nuns engage with might be from the religious genre, there is leeway to read other types of books, such as novels. Of course, as with all the content they consume, it is generally encouraged for nuns to steer clear of novels with sexual and explicit material that can lead them into sin and away from their vocation. They also avoid blasphemous books or those centered around other religions.

Can Nuns Play Sports?

Yes, many nuns engage in sports and even compete in it competitively! Several nuns are athletic and play sports such as football, cycling, open-water swimming, speed skating, and racquetball. Some sisters even go as far as taking part in extreme sports. As much as they are dedicated to their vows, nuns still play sports to keep fit and relax.

Do Nuns Have Personal Hobbies?

Can Nuns Go To The Movies?
Do Nuns Have Personal Hobbies? Image source: Pixabay

Yes, nuns have personal hobbies. Sister Julie from A Nun’s Life explains they enjoy fun, leisurely activities and hobbies, just like everyone else. While it is a common misconception that nuns are consumed with prayer, missionary work, and Bible reading, there is more to their lifestyle. They have personal interests and hobbies such as art and crafts, gardening, and other fun activities.

What Do Nuns Do In Their Personal Time?

According to Sister Therese Ann Rich, some of the activities nuns like to engage in during their free time are playing games on the computer, listening to music, taking walks, writing, doing needlework or stitching, painting, gardening vegetables, and flowers and enjoying nature in several other ways. She explains that many nuns love spending time outdoors or with family and friends.

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