God Vs. Jesus Christ: How are they different?

God Vs. Jesus Christ

Last weekend, as a minister, I led a Bible discussion where we talked about God and Jesus. Some members needed clarification about their relationship, specifically whether they were similar. Most members wanted to know if Jesus and God were equal, based on some teachings they heard where it was said that God and Jesus were … Read more

Evangelist Vs. Pastor: How are they different?

Evangelist Vs. Pastor

As a Pastor, people in the church who want to serve the ministry often ask me if they should become a pastor or an evangelist. The questions have become so frequent that I regularly hold bible sessions to provide insight to those interested in serving God but unsure which line to pursue. I title the … Read more

Pentecostal vs. Apostolic: What is the main difference?

Pentecostal vs. Apostolic

As a pastor and a college professor, I hold weekly youth and adult theological classes. During our last weekly youth class, we discussed the origin of multiple denominations, and one of the students wanted to know whether there is a difference between Pentecostal and Apostolic. Based on experience, I have noted that understanding the difference … Read more

Minister Vs. Pastor: How are they different?

Minister Vs. Pastor

I have been serving as a minister for over 15 years, and I take great pride in it. In my line of duty, my friends and congregants call me minister and pastor interchangeably. They, like most Christians, have no idea that a pastor and a minister are two different titles; that’s why I recently started … Read more

Lord vs. God: Are they the same?

Lord vs. God

The other day, a ten-year-old boy in my congregation walked to me and asked if he could begin his prayer as “Dear Lord” or “Dear God.” He wanted to know if there was a difference between the two terms or if they could be used interchangeably. I was impressed by the little boy’s closeness with … Read more

Pharisees vs. Sadducees: How are they different?

Pharisees vs. Sadducees

As a born-again Christian, most of the Biblical teachings and lessons I know of were taught by Jesus in the New Testament. However, not everyone believed that all of Jesus’ teachings were correct. In many instances, we see Jesus being constantly confronted and opposed, especially by the Pharisees and Sadducees. The rejection of Jesus’ teachings … Read more

Catholics Vs. Orthodox: How are they different?

Catholics Vs. Orthodox

As a ministry member for at least 15 years, I have been trying to understand how Christianity came to have several denominations. It has proven fascinating that all denominations profess to believe in Jesus Christ but have unique doctrines. In our recent Bible study session, we focused on two individual denominations. We specifically were interested … Read more