Pentecostal vs. Evangelical: Do they have different beliefs?

Pentecostal vs. Evangelical

Pentecostalism and Evangelicalism are Christian movements that share much in common because they are part of the Protestant movement started in 1517 by Martin Luther. However, scholars are trying to establish whether the two have different beliefs in the famous Evangelical vs. Pentecostal debate. Pentecostal and Evangelicalism have different beliefs. The significant difference between the … Read more

Do non-denominational churches do Baptism (why do non-denominational churches baptize)?

Do non-denominational churches do Baptism

Non-denominational churches are popularized in the millennial era and embraced by many. Many people might consider turning to non-denominational churches and want to know their traditions and beliefs first. So, do non-denominational churches do baptisms? Yes, non-denominational churches do baptisms to obey the scripture in Matthew 28:19-20. Also, it is a way of seeking discipleship … Read more

What Bible translations do the Baptists use (which bible version is widely accepted)?

What Bible translations do the Baptists use

Baptists are a group of Christian denominations and churches that believe in the principle of “believer’s baptism,” Only individuals who have personally professed faith in Jesus Christ should be baptized. They typically practice baptism by full immersion, as they believe this method resembles how the early church baptized new believers. This article will answer the … Read more