Did Jesus exist? (biblical evidence of Jesus existence)

Did Jesus exist?

Not everyone believes in the existence of a superhuman controlling power. The topic did Jesus exist is worth discussing given the different views people have about it. What many people want to understand is, did Jesus exist? Substantial evidence shows that Jesus did exist. The most detailed record that shows the life of Jesus comes … Read more

Did Jesus speak Hebrew (what languages did Jesus speak)?

Did Jesus speak Hebrew

For any person to conclude the language that Jesus used to speak, one must know which languages were spoken largely in Israel during Jesus’s time. In ancient Israel, Hebrew was the most famous language. However, in 586 B.C. Israelites were enslaved in Babylon, which caused them to assimilate into the Babylonian language, the Aramaic language, … Read more

Did Jesus go to hell (did Jesus descend to hell)?

Did Jesus go to hell

Many have found the eighth line in the Apostles’ Creed, which states “he descended into hell,” quite controversial. Some hold that since it is not explicitly stated in the Bible, the statement cannot be held at the same level of authority. Others believe it is accurate, as supported by numerous Bible verses and accounts of … Read more