Baptist vs. Presbyterian: Do they have different beliefs?

Baptist vs. Presbyterian

Christianity is an exciting religion with many sects and belief systems practiced among different denominations, and among these are the Presbyterians and the Baptists. Both are products of The Reformation and have similar fundamental beliefs. Still, they also have a few significant differences, so it is worth it to take some time to explore Presbyterian … Read more

What Color Is God? (Does God Have an Ethnic Background)

What Color Is God?

The possible ethnicity of God has always been a contentious matter for Christians worldwide. But with good reason. Psychologists’ studies show that the ethnicity of religious figures subconsciously makes people associate good leadership with that particular color. Every race would like to claim God as their own, and therefore a lot of confusion has come … Read more

Did Nicodemus follow Jesus (Gospel according to John)?

Did Nicodemus follow Jesus

When the topic of being born again arises among Christians, the name Nicodemus is usually mentioned. He comes up in the Bible as the man who asked Jesus Christ what he meant by being born again since it seemed like an impossible phenomenon. After he had received a satisfactory answer from Jesus Christ, the Bible … Read more