Is jealousy a sin? (What does the Bible say?)

Is jealousy a sin?

Since I was raised in a family of pastors, I was taught different virtues and vices by my fatherand grandfather, who are both pastors. One of the vices that they warned me against growingup was jealousy. I later learned that most people assume those jealous of others have acharacter flaw as they envy something they … Read more

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Protestant vs. Lutheran: Do they have different beliefs?

Protestant vs. Lutheran

Protestantism and Lutheranism are two sects of Christianity that emerged after the Protestantism Reformation. What people seek to understand in the Lutheran vs. Protestant debate is whether they have different beliefs. Protestantism and Lutheranism have shared beliefs, values, and practices. However, the two also differ in several ways. One of the major differences between Protestantism … Read more

How does the Bible describe Jesus’ appearance (what did Jesus look like according to the Bible)?

How does the Bible describe Jesus’ appearance

Over centuries, there have been many discussions concerning Jesus’ appearance. Over the years, there has been a standard description of his appearance: tall, with long brown hair, blue eyes, and a slim figure. The roles played as Jesus in movies give him an attractive appearance. Recently, there have been reports challenging this perception. Therefore, we … Read more