Purgatory vs. Hell: What is the main difference?

Purgatory vs. Hell

As a long-time Christian, I have always been interested in what other Christians believe. The perfect opportunity to interact with interdenominational Christians came in theology school. This was where I learned about Purgatory and its difference from hell in-depth. Initially, I had basic knowledge, but the more I learned about this doctrine, the more intrigued … Read more

What is Purgatory like? (What does Purgatory feel like?)

What is Purgatory like?

As a theologian, I have this unending thirst for information, which has led me to research various doctrines in Christianity. When we went on missions back in theology school, we would have an opportunity to interact with Catholics since the local Catholic Church organized most mission events. We would have interactive sessions and as expected, … Read more

How to avoid purgatory? (Ways to avoid purgatory)

How to avoid purgatory?

In theology school, our lecturer emphasized being holistic and learning all Christian doctrines. In this particular semester, our lessons revolved around doctrines unique to specific churches. One lesson he covered comprehensively was on Purgatory. Since the belief is centered on the Catholic church, he invited the local Catechist to shed light on this doctrine. It … Read more

Can souls in purgatory pray for us? (Can you pray for souls in purgatory + how to pray for souls in Purgatory?)

Can souls in purgatory pray for us?

As a Christian and theologian, I am always interested in understanding other denominations. I recently developed an interest in understanding the Catholic concept of Purgatory. I wanted to know if souls in Purgatory can pray for believers on Earth. I delved into research by consulting Catholic priests, Catholic theologians and reading the Catholic Bible. Finally, … Read more