Is Yoga a sin? (What does the Bible say about Yoga?)

Is Yoga a sin?

Thanks to the growing influence of Yoga and many people taking up the practice, many have questions and concerns about it – particularly regarding its connection to Hinduism and whether it is right to practice the poses and do meditation routines. The available information is also confusing for many Christians to wade through, leading to … Read more

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Is vanity a sin? (What does the Bible say about vanity?)

Is vanity a sin?

The term “vanity” frequently appears throughout the Bible and is not painted in good light. It is a unique word used to drive different messages depending on the context. When the bible talks of vanity, it refers to excessive pride or worthlessness. So, what does the Bible say about vanity? Is vanity a sin? Most … Read more

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Is pride a sin (what does the Bible say about pride)?

Is pride a sin

Looking at a dictionary definition, you will be deceived into believing that pride is a good thing or at least is not a bad thing. It is described as deep pleasure or satisfaction with one’s achievement. That does not seem bad at all. So, is pride a sin? Michael Eric Dyson-a writer- and Catholic Church … Read more

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Is tattooing a sin (what does the Bible say about tattoos)?

Is tattooing a sin

A popular belief among Christians suggests that tattooing one’s body is a sin. However, biblical researchers have disputed this claim after conducting in-depth research into the issue by looking at the nativity events that took place when the book of Leviticus was written. For this reason, many Christians have been left wondering, is tattoo a … Read more

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