Did Aaron go to heaven (what happened to Aaron after he died)?

Despite being the first high priest, Aaron’s final place remains a question of debate. When I was still a theology student, I always thought Aaron could not have been forgiven for making an idol. I even thought that he could not have ever made it to heaven. However, I was shocked to find out that he still served as a high priest, but what happened to him after he died? Did Aaron go to heaven?

Analyzing the lifestyle of Aaron as the first high priest, we can suggest that Aaron probably made it to heaven. Although he sinned against God by creating an idol, Aaron repented and turned to God. His role as a high priest automatically made him a repentant man.

In this article, I will delve into whether Aaron is in heaven or not. I will write about whether making the golden calf cost him his chance to heaven or if he was forgiven. Also, I will explore how being a high priest made Aaron go to heaven. Read on to find out more.

Does the Bible say that Aaron went to heaven?

The Bible does not clearly say whether Aaron went to heaven or not. However, judging from how the Bible portrays his lifestyle, we can conclude that Aaron might have gone to heaven. First, he was a high priest, meaning he always had to repent. Second, when he made terrible sins like building a calf and criticizing Moses would ask God to forgive him.

Did creating the golden calf prevent Aaron from going to heaven?

Did Aaron go to heaven - what happened to Aaron after he died?
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It is implied that God forgave Aaron for making the calf because he was already a high priest, and he also repented. This suggests that making the calf a sin was not a determinant of his final destination because, after all, he was already forgiven. Moreover, it is argued that his punishment was not going to hell. God punished Aaron by not allowing him to see the promised land and also by killing his two sons. Notably, Aaron died a repentant man, and he might have gone to heaven.

Did God punish Aaron for making the golden calf?

The Bible implies that God did not punish Aaron for making the golden calf. He did not punish him because He had given all the Israelites, including him, time to repent and choose Him. Exodus 32:26 says, “So he stood at the gate of the camp and shouted, “Everyone who is on the LORD’s side come over here!” So all the Levites gathered around him,” This verse implies that the sinners had a last chance, and among them was Aaron. However, not all of them gathered; only Levites did. Aaron was a Levite, and he was there to repent and ask for forgiveness, so he was not punished.

Did God forgive Aaron and take him to heaven?

The Bible implies that even though God was so angry at Aaron, He forgave him. When Aaron helped the Israelites make a golden calf, he sinned against God. When Moses came down from the mountain, he offered petty excuses and maintained that he himself did not worship the calf. However, God was already angry, but Moses asked God to forgive him. The fact that in Aaron’s life recorded in the Bible, this sin was among the worst of his sins, and he was forgiven suggests that when he died, he died a forgiven and repentant man and probably went to heaven.

Did Aaron go to heaven because he was a high priest?

Did Aaron go to heaven?
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It is also implied that being a high priest could also have been the reason for Aaron going to heaven. Looking at the functions of a high priest, they would automatically repent all the time. The high priest was in charge of offering sacrifices to God on behalf of the sinful Israelites. In the process, he would also offer sacrifices to repent for himself as an individual, according to Leviticus 4:3-21.

Also, as a high Priest, Aaron got a chance to get into the holiest place in their ground each year. There is no way he would get into such a place as a sinful and unrepentant sinner, implying that he would always repent. On the tenth day of the seventh month of the year, Aaron would conduct atonement for Israelites. First, he would have to repent, then lead the Israelites into repenting and sacrificing animals. Then he would go with the blood at the holy of holies places behind a veil.

Aaron had to be so pure because he would sprinkle blood on the mercy seat that is assumed to be God’s throne. In this manner, he got forgiveness from God for himself and for his people. No wonder his work as a high priest is compared to the ministry of Christ, to save people from their sins. Therefore this suggests that Aaron being a high priest helped him repent all the time, and it created a strong relationship between him and God. Then we can conclude that being a high priest could be one of the reasons that studies suggest that Aaron is in heaven.

Do bible scholars believe that Aaron went to heaven?

Scholars barely argue about Aaron going to heaven. However, they analyze his life as a high priest and how he was quick to repent. This implies that they believe by the time Aaron was dying, He was at peace with God; therefore, he might have made it to heaven. According to a scholar named Harold Wilmington, as a high priest, Aaron was required to perform the following major duties; pray for Israel, burn incense, supervise the tabernacle, and offer sacrifices to God on people’s behalf. This implies that Aaron had to confess his sins always and repent to God before leasing the people of Israel into prayer and atonement.

Also, the scholar points out that Aaron only had two major sins, according to the Bible. The first sin was when he helped the nagging Israelites create a golden calf to worship. Aaron was aware that it was a sin, but he gave into the demands of the Israelites and ended up giving Moses petty excuses. But this scholar argues that according to the Bible, Moses prayed on behalf of Aaron, and God forgave Aaron. Deuteronomy 9:19-20 says that “I was afraid of the LORD’s fierce anger because he was furious enough to destroy you, but once again the LORD listened to me. The LORD was also angry enough with Aaron to kill him, so I prayed for Aaron at the same time. This implies that God forgave Aaron, and the relationship between them continued sprouting.

Another major sin, as highlighted by the scholar, is that Aaron criticized his brother Moses. He and his sister criticized Moses’s leadership and also his wife, and God was angry with them: he punished Miriam with leprosy and also punished him. However, the scholar says that Aaron repented according to Numbers 12:11-13. It says, “he said to Moses, “Please, sir, do not make us suffer this punishment for our foolish sin. Don’t let her become like something born dead with half its flesh eaten away.” So Moses cried out to the LORD, “O God, heal her!” This is a confession of sin that Aaron made to his brother so that he could ask God not to punish them.

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