Did Hezekiah Go To Heaven (Where Is Hezekiah Now)?

One Bible story that fascinates me is that of Hezekiah; it’s a story of inspiration and has been my leading light whenever my faith has faltered. He is known for his great deeds and that he never gave up on God, but did Hezekiah go to heaven?

Although the Bible doesn’t explicitly state whether Hezekiah went to heaven or not, believers believe that he went to heaven. The reason for this is that Hezekiah was one of God’s most faithful servants, and as was the case then, individuals, prophets, and kings that believed and fully trusted in God went to heaven, or rather, paradise. 

But there is a lot more that I’m discovering about King Hezekiah, despite studying the Bible for years, and I’ll share all about Hezekiah and where he is now in this article. I will answer questions like, does the Bible say that Hezekiah went to heaven? Did Hezekiah turn his back on God? Among other questions, so keep reading.

Does the Bible say that Hezekiah went to heaven?

No, the Bible doesn’t specify whether Hezekiah went to heaven. However, the Bible suggests that Hezekiah was one of the most righteous kings who fully trusted God. And as was the case in the Old Testament, believers who had faith in God are believed to have enjoyed eternal life because they got to go to paradise.

It’s suggested in 2 Kings 20:1-6 that there was a time when Hezekiah became seriously ill, and when this happened, Prophet Isaiah prophesized that Hezekiah would die. Knowing this, Hezekiah vehemently prayed to God and asked for healing. It’s implied that God heard and granted Him his request and gave Hezekiah an additional 15 years. With this information, it’s opined that Hezekiah was one of God’s most faithful servants who, thanks to his close relationship with the Lord, went to heaven after his death.

Did Hezekiah turn his back on God?

Did Hezekiah Go To Heaven?
Turning your back on God. Image source: Pixabay

According to the story in the Bible, Hezekiah didn’t turn his back on God, despite the immorality and the hardships he faced while serving as the king of Israel. Instead, Hezekiah remained faithful to God all his life, so his rule and life prospered. King Hezekiah was always obedient to God, and because of his genuine love and unwavering belief in God, he was awarded a long life. 

However, Hezekiah made one big mistake. While he didn’t turn his back on God, he was a bit proud, and he went on to show off his nation’s ornaments, treasures, and all of Jerusalem’s riches to the Babylonian ambassadors. Prophet Isaiah scolded and warned him about this, especially his pride, and informed him that he’d lose everything, even his descendants. He fell sick after this, but because of his obedience and faith in God, he wasn’t forsaken by God.

Note that for his forgiveness and healing, it’s suggested that Hezekiah turned and faced the wall in prayer. But he didn’t turn his back on God. 2 Kings 20:2-6

What happened to Hezekiah when he died?

The Old Testament doesn’t specify this, but like other believers in the Old Testament, it is suggested that he went to paradise after his death. In paradise, it’s suggested that he was able to get rest, comfort, peace, and eternal life. Even though he lived before Christ’s time, Hezekiah and the other believers from his time are believed to have gone to paradise – Hebrews 6:1 and Ecclesiastes 3.

Since Hezekiah was a righteous man, did he go to heaven when he died?

Where Is Hezekiah Now?
Hezekiah in the bible. Image source: Pinterest

According to the Old Testament beliefs and teachings, all individuals who believed in God and lived righteously went to heaven. Since Hezekiah was one of the most righteous men and kings who ruled Judah’s Southern Kingdom, it’s believed that Hezekiah went to heaven or paradise, as was the case in the Old Testament.

Hezekiah put God first in all that he did, and so God prospered him as suggested in 2 Kings 18:6-7. This also suggests that when he died, he went to heaven.

Do bible scholars believe Hezekiah went to heaven?

Scholars believe that Hezekiah went to heaven (paradise). This is believed to be the case because Hezekiah believed in the Old Testament teachings of the afterlife and that people who maintained a positive relationship with God went to sit with God in heaven. 

Scholars believe this is the case and back this claim with the scripture as suggested in Isaiah 38:18. It’s believed that this scripture’s mention of Sheol represents heaven or the place where people went after death. Sheol is deemed the dwelling place of spirits, where the dead met and sat with each other in comfort and rest, with no regard for rank or wealth held when they lived. It’s comparable to suggestions of heaven or where souls go in the afterlife. This is where Hezekiah is believed to have gone. 

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