Did Isaiah go to heaven? (the ascension of Isaiah?)

As a devout Christian and Bible scholar, I take an interest in exploring the final destination of prophets in the Bible. I was especially intrigued by Isaiah after reading about his vision of the Lord and how he was commissioned to restore the nation of Judah. This made me wonder whether Isaiah went to heaven, so I conducted more research. I visited various churches, talked to different spiritual leaders, and read different historical books to learn more about this topic. Last Tuesday, in an online forum I moderate, we talked about the Ascension of Isaiah when one of the members asked whether Isaiah went to heaven. Another wanted to know how Isaiah died. Having done comprehensive research on this topic, I had all the correct answers at my fingertips. So, did Isaiah go to heaven?

When Isaiah had a vision of the Lord (Isaiah 6:1), he saw God seated on his throne in a temple. Some theologians suggest that the temple may not have been in heaven, although the Bible does not clarify this. On the other hand, according to the text known as the ascension of Isaiah, Isaiah reached the seventh heaven. However, note that the early church did not accept the Ascension of Isaiah as an inspired Scripture. Therefore, it is not in the Bible. When it comes to the final destination of Isaiah, most Biblical scholars imply that Isaiah probably went to heaven since they believe that he was a martyr.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we look at the story of Isaiah. Keep reading to find out what Isaiah’s vision was when he saw God, whether he went to heaven during his vision, how he died, and much more!

What was Isaiah’s vision when he saw God?

According to Isaiah 6, Isaiah had a vision that enabled him to see God seated on this throne. The Lord was high and exalted, and the train of his robe had filled the temple. Isaiah also describes seeing seraphim that had 6 wings each. In his vision, each angel had two wings covering their feet, two wings covering their faces, and another two wings for flying.

The seraphim praised the Lord and called him holy. They said that the entire Earth was full of God’s glory. The angels called God holy because he was sinless, pure, and righteous.

When the seraphim praised God, their sound led to shaking the thresholds and doorposts, and smoke filled the entire temple.

When Isaiah saw God, he was moved and felt guilty since he felt unclean and said that he also lived among people with unclean lips. But one of the angels touched him with live coal on his lips and told him that his guilt had been taken away.

Did Isaiah go to heaven during his vision?

the ascension of Isaiah?
Did Isaiah go to heaven during his vision? Image source: Pinterest

Theologians have different views on where Isaiah went in his vision since the Bible does not directly state where he went. Some Bible scholars speculate that Isaiah did not go to heaven during his vision since Isaiah 6:1 describes him seeing God in a temple. They argue that the temple was probably in an undisclosed location somewhere on Earth.

Others imply that since there were angelic beings in his vision, he was probably in heaven in the Lord’s dwelling. On the other hand, according to the ascension of Isaiah, he reached the seventh heaven. However, the early church did not accept the ascension of Isaiah as an inspired

scripture. Therefore this is not recorded in the Bible.

Why did God take Isaiah into His throne room?

Isaiah had the vision when Uzziah died. During Uzziah’s reign, there were economic and political successes. Though people in Judah flourished, the rich exploited the poor through injustice and extortion. Many wealthy people diverted people from worshiping the Lord. God took him into the room to call him to his prophetic ministry. He was commissioning him to help restore the nation.

God also took Isaiah into the room so that he would proclaim that God reigns supreme over his creation. The angels that Isaiah saw in his vision said that the Earth was filled with God’s glory. Some Christians also suggest that God took Isaiah into the room to proclaim that judgment and salvation encompass all nations. In his vision, God gave Isaiah a difficult assignment. He was to tell people that they would be destroyed due to their disobedience.

Other Bible scholars also imply that God took Isaiah into the room to give him a small glimpse of his glory. They suggest that this was to help him gain a deep understanding of the holiness and majesty of his sender.

How did Isaiah die?

Though the Bible does not specify how Isaiah died, Hebrews 11:37 gives a clue of this. Isaiah is believed to be one of the martyrs that were probably sawed in half. Theologians imply that Isaiah lived until the reign of Manasseh. During that time, Manasseh ordered some martyrs to be stoned while others were sawed in half.

According to Jewish-Christian tradition, Isaiah was tied inside a sack and placed inside the hollow of a tree truck. He was then sawed into two. This story is based on the non-canonical book known as the Ascension of Isaiah.

Does the Bible say what happened to Isaiah after he died?

No. The Bible does not tell us what happened to Isaiah after he died. It also does not document how Isaiah died. Christians believe that Isaiah prophesied under the reign of four kings of Judea, including Hezekiah, Ahaz, Jotham, and Uzziah (Isaiah 1:1)

The Bible clearly says that Isaiah prophesied to a nation that turned a deaf ear to the Lord (Isaiah 6:9). The nation offered meaningless sacrifices in God’s temple rather than serving him with humility. Some theologians suggest that even after Isaiah’s death, they still did not repent.

Will we see Isaiah in heaven?

Did Isaiah go to heaven?
Will we see Isaiah in heaven? Image source: Pixabay

Though the Bible does not tell us that Isaiah went to heaven when he died, some theologians suggest that we are likely to see him in heaven. This is because Isaiah is believed to have died as a martyr and had a good relationship with God. Getting a glimpse of God humbled him and made him confess that he had unclean lips. It probably changed the way he lived. The Bible tells us that to go to heaven, one must believe in Jesus and repent (Acts 3:19). Isaiah is likely to have followed this.

What do bible scholars believe about Isaiah’s eternal destination?

Most Bible scholars are not sure of Isaiah’s final destination because it is not mentioned in the Bible. However, some speculate that he probably went to heaven since he is believed to have served as God’s diplomat for over 50 years. God called him to tell the people of Judah that they needed to change and turn away from their sins. They argue that being a messenger of God may have compelled him to also repent.

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