What Is 7th Heaven? (What Happens In 7th Heaven?)

As a theology professor, I developed a keen interest in many foundational Christian doctrines. I was particularly intrigued by the concept of 7th Heaven. Therefore, for my research, I visited main Christian denominations and spent time learning from priests, pastors, and other religious leaders in Christian, Islam, and Buddhist groups to learn about the 7th Heaven. Last semester, my college theology students asked me about the 7th Heaven since most of them were aware of the three heavens and wanted me to explain what it was and why the 7th Heaven existed. Most were thinking about the old TV series 7th Heaven. Based on the scripture teachings and my research, I could answer this question comprehensively. So, what is 7th Heaven?

According to Jewish teachings, specifically the Jewish Rabbinic literature in The Talmudic Tractate Chagigah 12b, there are seven heavens, and the seventh Heaven is the Araboth, which is the place of judgment, justice, and righteousness. The 7th Heaven is believed to contain all the many treasures of life, blessings, peace, and souls of righteous people, as well as the souls and spirits of all the people yet to be born. The 7th Heaven is also believed to store the dew from which the dead will be raised.

In this post, I’ll share more insights into the 7th Heaven, where it is, if it’s mentioned in the Bible, and what happens in the 7th Heaven. Keep reading!

Is the idea of 7th Heaven biblical?

No. The Bible doesn’t mention a 7th heaven anywhere, and it’s not incorporated in any of the bible versions. The only idea of multiple heavens mentioned in the Bible is the three heavens. 7th Heaven is taught in Judaism and Hinduism but is more prevalent in Jewish teachings, where the believers are also taught about the Seraphin and Ophanim. Notably, Jewish traditions also mention the throne of glory, ministering angels, and living creatures crowned by the great king – these are also absent in the Bible.

What happens in 7th Heaven?

What Happens In 7th Heaven?
What happens in 7th Heaven? Image source: Pixabay

The seventh Heaven, that is, the last of the heavenly realms according to the Jewish teachings, is a celestial place where righteousness, justice, and judgment reside. Here, blessings are given to the believers, who also enjoy the many treasures of life, peace, and the souls of all righteous people.

A 7th heaven is also a place where the spirits of the people yet to be born reside, while the dew stored in the 7th Heaven is used to raise the dead back to life.

Overall, many people believe that the 7th Heaven represents a place of bliss and happiness.

What religions believe in 7 levels of Heaven?

Jews, Buddhists, and Muslims believe in the existence of the seventh Heaven. The Buddhists believe that the 7 levels of Heaven represent a space between the atmosphere and the spirits of the heavens that exist in the Zodiac. They also believe that the seven heavens are related to specific gods and celestial bodies such as the moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, the Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter.

On the other hand, the Jews believe that while the 7th Heaven is associated with celestial bodies, it’s also a place where angels, demons, people, Seraphim, Ophanim, Nephinim, a mix of people, and natural phenomena coexist. 

Islam also teaches about the 7th Heaven as taught in Judaism. Still, they also combine the story of Zoroastrianism and talk about the journey through which Prophet Mohammad traveled through the seven heavens. They also believe that the Zoroastrian priest Arta Viraf also made this trip to Heaven (through the seven heavens).

How many heavens are there, according to the Bible?

What Is 7th Heaven?
How many heavens are there, according to the Bible? Image source: Pixabay

The Bible mentions three heavens. Even though the word heaven is used multiple times in the Bible, the first, second, and third heavens are the only ones mentioned in the Bible. The first Heaven is mentioned in Psalm 19:1, and it points to the sky above, where the clouds and birds are, as a heavenly space through which God proclaims the many works of His hands. The part of the sky where the rains come from – James 5:17-18.

The second Heaven mentioned in the Bible exists after the atmosphere, where the stars and the rest of the galaxy are, as mentioned in Psalm 8:3. Then there’s the third Heaven which is considered God’s dwelling place, and that it exists in the spiritual realm. The third Heaven is referred to in 2 Corinthians 12:4 and Isaiah 6:1, where it’s said that the lord lives up high in the heavens and that he sits on a throne in a palace filled with multiple rooms that will ultimately be home for believers during the second coming of Jesus Christ. 

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