Did Thomas go to heaven? (What happened to Doubting Thomas in the Bible?)

As a Christian, matters concerning who is in heaven really get my attention. There was a time that we were talking about facts regarding Thomas’s fate in our online forum, and very few people, including myself, had solid facts about the topic. Being a Theologian, I took it upon myself to research the possibility of him being in heaven and his life after Christ’s resurrection. I delved deep into the Bible and extra Bible historical books and I also managed to consult with Theologians from India. I learned a lot about the life, death, and possible fate of Thomas, and I had to go back to my online forum and restart the topic. Some members requested a detailed article about Thomas being in heaven, and so I decided to write it. So, did Thomas go to heaven?

It is suggested that Thomas went to heaven like the rest of the Apostles. Thomas is also believed to be a saint, and the fate of Saints is to be with Christ in heaven.

Join me as I write about what happened to Doubting Thomas in the Bible. I will also write about Thomas being in heaven or hell. Read on to find out more.

What happened to Doubting Thomas in the Bible?

The Bible only mentions that Thomas was amongst the disciples, and he doubted Christ’s resurrection. The Bible states that Thomas did not believe in Jesus’ resurrection and wanted to touch the wounds before he believed. Nothing else is mentioned explicitly about him. However, after the day of Pentecost, it is believed that all the Apostles, including Thomas, did as Jesus Christ commanded and went to spread the gospel in other countries.

From the idea that the Apostles went on to spread the gospel to other countries, there are conclusions that Thomas might have spread the gospel up to India. It is suggested that he first traveled to Syria and Iraq and later on went to the Northern and southern parts of India to preach the gospel. It is also suggested that he went up to China and Malacca, preached the gospel, and came back to India. In India, he started churches starting from Kerala and advanced to build 6 more large churches that exist to date. However, you should note that the Bible does not tell us this; it is based on Syrian Church traditions.

How did Thomas the Apostle die?

What happened to Doubting Thomas in the Bible?
How did Thomas the Apostle die? Image source: Pixabay

There are different accounts of how Thomas died, but the most reliable one was his death in India. It is believed that Thomas died by decapitation. There were four spears of soldiers that were used to end his life. It is suggested that he was killed for spreading the Gospel in India because most people found it too radical. Others believe that he was killed for using riches for charity instead of building a palace. It is believed that many historical art depictions of Thomas with a spear are drawn from the idea that he was killed. Therefore it is believed that Thomas died as a Martyr.

Did Thomas believe in Jesus before he died?

Yes, Thomas believed in Jesus Christ before he died. Even though Thomas doubted the resurrection of Christ, it is indicated that Jesus asked Him to touch His scars and commanded him to believe. Thomas then demonstrates his faith by saying, “My Lord, my God,” after touching Christ as written in John 20:25-28. Earlier in the passage, Thomas had just come up with a criterion that would make him believe that Christ is risen; to touch his scars first, but it’s not touching Christ that made him believe; it’s Christ’s command that changed his mind. Later on, after Christ ascended and the day of Pentecost came, Thomas, alongside other disciples, continued with their faith in Jesus and preached the gospel.

Does the Bible mention that Thomas went to heaven or hell?

The Bible does not mention whether Thomas went to heaven or hell. However, it is believed that Thomas is in Heaven because He is also believed to be a saint. He is called the Patron Saint of India for sharing the message of Christ to Indians. In addition, it is believed that all Apostles are in heaven. Since he was an Apostle, it is safe to conclude that He might be in heaven.

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