Do Mennonites Get Vaccinated? (Mennonite Reactions to Vaccination)

I have studied many Christian churches and denominations. One group particularly fascinated me – the Mennonites. To get a deeper understanding of this church, I undertook a 3-month homestay research program, where I got to live with a Mennonite community. That experience gave me all the robust knowledge I now use to teach my own Religious Studies classes. In our last session, we discussed Mennonites and vaccines. Most of my students assumed they cannot get vaccines due to the church’s aversion to technology. Well, thanks to my first-hand involvement with them, I could easily squash this assumption. So, do Mennonites get vaccinated?

Yes, many Mennonites do get vaccines. Depending on the community, vaccines can be permitted if they are essential or of great importance. While some Mennonites are completely against them, for pandemics like COVID-19, vaccines were encouraged.

In this article, I cover everything you want to know concerning Mennonites, vaccines, and modern medicine. Using helpful resources, I look at Mennonites’ views on these advancements and whether or not they infringe on their beliefs.

Mennonite Reactions to Vaccination?

In general, Mennonites, are highly opposed to vaccination, but in special instances, such as pandemics, they are permissible. Vaccination is a contentious topic in this community, but according to reports from the Toronto Star, many Mennonites are not for child immunization and vaccines. However, during dire instances like the COVID-19 pandemic, several Mennonite conference leaders came out to encourage followers to either get the vaccine or use personal discernment to make an appropriate choice.

How Do Mennonites View Modern Medicine?

Mennonite Reactions to Vaccination
Mennonites View Modern Medicine. Image source: Pinterest

Traditionally, Mennonites use folk medicines and homeopathic cures but embrace modern medicine during emergencies or serious circumstances. This viewpoint may vary from one Mennonite community to another, but many find it better to steer clear of modern technology unless the situation is ominous and requires advanced assistance. They instead prefer to employ home remedies and self-medicate with traditional cures. According to Mennonite culture and tradition, preserving one’s body is important, so the use of modern devices and medicines can be allowed during life-and-death situations.

Do Mennonites Go to The Doctor?

Yes, it is believed Mennonites can go to the doctor to seek medical treatment. With the staunch belief that their bodies are the temples of the Lord, Mennonites value healthcare. If push comes to shove and their traditional remedies do not help them, Mennonites go to hospitals. In fact, many modern Mennonites have gone on to be successful doctors, nurses, and medical researchers.

Do Mennonites Have Medical Insurance?

Do Mennonites Get Vaccinated?
Do Mennonites Have Medical Insurance? Image source: Pinterest

It is understood Mennonites, like other similar Anabaptist denominations, reject contemporary medical insurance. Instead of typical healthcare insurance like Medicare and Medicaid, the community opts for cash payment. According to the Mennonite religious beliefs, it is the community’s duty to provide and care for one another when one of them falls ill. Insurance is seen as “charity”, which they don’t want. As a result, the Mennonite community pushes for lower healthcare costs in hospitals since they pay for their bills in full.

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