Do witches go to heaven? (What does the Bible say about witchcraft?)

As a devoted Christian, I love learning more about the Christianity religion and the people the Bible says will go to heaven. A few years back in theology school, I was reading about witchcraft and wanted to know if witches go to heaven. I decided to visit the clergy in the local churches, who explained to me more about this topic and what the Bible says about it. The Catholic priest also gave me different materials to aid in my extensive research on witches and what happens to them when they die. Last week, one of my college theology students inquired about the same question, if witches go to heaven. This question stemmed from our previous discussion on Exodus 22:18. Having done extensive research on the topic, I had the answer at my fingertips. So, do witches go to heaven?

According to Galatians 5:19-21, Witches do not go to heaven, as they will not inherit the kingdom of God because of how they lived while on earth. God warned the Israelites against engaging in witchcraft, as recorded in Deuteronomy 18:10. King Saul also died because he was unfaithful to God and decided to consult a medium in 1 Chronicles 10:13, who practices witchcraft. When one engages in witchcraft, they seek a high spirit that is not the Holy Spirit God gave us. Witchcraft uses satanic powers and not God’s.

So, join me until the end as I explore more about this topic. I will discuss in depth what the Bible says about witchcraft, what happens to witches in hell, and if a witch can be saved and go to heaven, among other interesting topics.

What does the Bible say about witchcraft?

The Bible condemns any witchcraft through Exodus 22:18, as God warned his people against allowing witches to live. The Bible is clear that those who practice witchcraft will not inherit the king of God, as witchcraft is considered the act of flesh, making it a sin, as stated in Galatians 5:19-25. During the time of Moses, anyone who was found practicing witchcraft was to be put to death by stoning, as recorded in Leviticus 20:27. The Bible also warns against seeking after spiritists or mediums who practice witchcraft, as one can be defiled by them as seen in Leviticus 19:31. The Bible also states in Revelations 21:8 that the final place for those practicing magic arts which is linked to witchcraft is hell, where they will be put into the fiery lake of burning sulfur.

The Bible also states in 2 Chronicles 33:6 that witchcraft angers the lord. In this scripture, we see how King Manasseh of Judah practiced evil, including taking part in witchcraft, which annoyed God. This led to God leading the King of Assyria and his army against King Manasseh. They took him to Babylon, put a hook in his nose, and bound him with shackles. King Manasseh realized his sins and prayed to God, who forgave him. This act also implies that God forgives witches or those who practice witchcraft if they turn to him and repent their sins.

Could I practice witchcraft and still get to heaven?

What does the Bible say about witchcraft?
Could I practice witchcraft and still get to heaven? Image source: Pixabay

As already stated, God regards witchcraft as an act of flesh in Galatians 5:19-20. Any person that practices witchcraft is doing wrong, and the Bible is clear that no wrongdoer will inherit the kingdom of God, as recorded in 1 Corinthians 6:9. In Leviticus 18, God speaks to the Israelites through Moses and mentions things that the Israelites are not to engage in. Among the things they are warned against is sacrificing their children, which is human sacrifice, a practice of witchcraft. God considered these things detestable, meaning He was not pleased with them.

Is it possible to practice witchcraft without going to hell?

It is impossible to practice witchcraft without going to hell, as the scriptures suggest in Revelations 21:8, that whoever practices witchcraft will be subjected to the lake of burning sulfur. While he is merciful, God does not spare those that practice evil on earth and will judge them accordingly on the Day of Judgment. One can see the kingdom of God by being born again, as recorded in John 3:3. Being born again means that one is righteous and does not do anything wrong. Practicing witchcraft is a sin, making the person a wrongdoer who cannot inherit heaven, as stated in 1 Corinthians 6:9.

What happens to witches in hell?

Do witches go to heaven?
What happens to witches in hell? Image source: Pixabay

The Bible states that witches will be consigned to a fiery lake full of burning sulfur. Theologians depict hell as a big circled hole full of fire. Sulfur is among the most dangerous acids to exist and can cause severe damage when poured on one’s body. Adding fire to sulfur will be more torture, as one will experience double the pain. Now imagine being thrown into a deep pit full of fiery sulfur. Is that a good feeling? No. Witches will be subjected to intense pain and suffering because of their sins. There are no celebrations in hell, so whatever else that will be subjected to the witches in hell will be nothing but more suffering.

Can a witch be saved and go to heaven?

Everyone, including witches, can be saved and go to heaven, as they only need to believe in the Lord Jesus and be saved, as recorded in Acts 16:31. The book of Acts 4:12 states that salvation is not found anywhere except in Jesus Christ. The scripture further states that there is no other name under Heaven that we can use to be saved. For witches to guarantee their place in heaven, they must confess with their mouths that Jesus is Lord and that they believe in their hearts that God raised him from the dead, as stated in Romans 10:9.

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