Did Ezekiel Go To Heaven? (What Happened To Ezekiel After He Died?)

As a theology student, I developed an interest in different Christian Doctrines and teachings. I was particularly fascinated by the Old Testament prophets and Elijah’s life (and death). So, during my research, I spoke to tens of priests, pastors, church leaders, and theologians to gain a deeper understanding of Ezekiel’s life, his death, and whether he went to heaven. In my theology class a couple of weeks back, my students asked me to explain if Ezekiel went to heaven. Most couldn’t understand how his death happened and wanted to know the specifics. Based on the scriptures and my research, I could answer their questions comprehensively. So, did Ezekiel go to heaven?

While it’s written in the Talmud that Ezekiel died in 397 BCE, it’s unclear whether Ezekiel went to heaven. The Talmud, however, notes that Prophet Ezekiel was cut up in two using a handsaw by King Manasseh, known for his rule of terror and paganism. 

In this post, I’ll share more insights into the life of Ezekiel and what happened to him after his death. Read on!

What were Ezekiel’s visions of heaven?

What Happened To Ezekiel After He Died?
What were Ezekiel’s visions of heaven? Image source: Pinterest

Heaven opens up to Ezekiel

One of the visions that Ezekiel received was of the heavens above opening up for him. According to Ezekiel 1:1-3, Ezekiel was one of the captives held by River Chabar, and during the 13th year, on the 5th day of the 4th month, Ezekiel saw the heavens opening up. He also saw the vision of God. The hand of the lord was also upon him. 

In this vision, Ezekiel not only saw God’s vision, but he also said that the Words of God came down on him to mean that God spoke to him directly. He also saw the hand of God on him and that the visions came only to him. It is worth noting that besides Ezekiel, other men of God who saw the heavens open for them were Isaiah, Elisha, Daniel, John, Paul, and Stephen. 

Storms From the North 

According to Ezekiel 1:4, the prophet also saw a storm coming to him from the north in the form of a stormy wind and a great cloud of fire that had a rare brightness.

The Cherubim

Ezekiel 1:5-11 records a vision that Ezekiel also received. In it, Ezekiel noted that he saw four living creatures in the likeness of man and that one of these creatures had 4 faces, each with 4 wings, straight feet, soles of feet like those of a calf, and that these creatures also sparkled just like the burning brass. These creatures are regarded as the cherubim, believed to be the guardians of the Garen of Eden.

What did Ezekiel see when the heavens opened?

When the heavens opened, Ezekiel saw a whirlwind coming out of the north of the sky. He also saw a huge cloud and fire, and these visions were followed by the vision of the cherubim, which looked like 4 different living creatures that looked like man, save for the presence of wings, calf-like feet, and the fact that these beings all sparkled like burning brass. These beasts also had faces, and their wings were joined together – one of the faces was that of a man, the other the face of a lion, and on the two other sides, the faces of an ox and an eagle, respectively. The creature’s wings were stretched out and up, facing heaven.

Did Ezekiel go into heaven in his vision?

No, Ezekiel didn’t go to heaven after he received the visions. He saw the cherubim and a bright cloud whose appearance he likened to the glory of God, but there is no mention of Ezekiel ascending into heaven after these visions. It’s worth noting that after the visions, Ezekiel heard a loud voice from the heavens (the voice of God), which called him a Prophet who would serve God. 

How did Ezekiel die in the Bible?

What Happened To Ezekiel After He Died?
How did Ezekiel die in the Bible? Image source: Pixabay

It’s written that Ezekiel died under the reign of King Manasseh, the evil pagan king who killed the priest by sawing him into two. However, others note that Ezekiel was killed by a king of the Jews who slew him in the Chaldean’s land and that he was killed because he rebuked their gods. There is no account of Ezekiel’s death in the Bible, and the specifics of his death seem to be missing. 

Where did Ezekiel die in the Bible?

It’s believed that the body of the prophet Ezekiel was buried in Arphaxar’s grave in Babylonia. Arphaxar was the son of Shem, who was Noah’s son. However, these details are not recorded in the Bible.

Does the Bible say what happened to Ezekiel after he died?

No, the Bible doesn’t provide details of what happened to the prophet Ezekiel after he was killed. Jewish sacred writings note that Ezekiel died in 397 BCE and was buried in Babylonia. The Bible is vague on the details of the prophet Ezekiel’s death and life after the visions.

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