Do you need money in Heaven? (is there a currency in Heaven?)

I have always been interested in knowing what life would be like in Heaven regarding things like wealth and money. I remember the day I heard of the idea of Heaven having a currency; our theology professor ended the lesson by telling us the next lesson would cover the currency of Heaven. The idea of heavenly currency got me curious, and I conducted research by consulting other theologians and the local clergy and reading the Bible until I finally understood the concept. Last week, our online church group was lit by a lively debate when a church member asked if we would need money in Heaven. Most people gave the correct answer with good reasons. However, some were not well informed about what the Bible says. From my extensive research, I was well-versed in the topic and gave a detailed answer. So, do you need money in Heaven?

No, you do not need money in Heaven. The only currency that you need in Heaven is called faith. Only through faith can you make it to Heaven and live with the family of God.

So, join me in this article as I write about whether Heaven has a currency. I will also write about whether the Bible says the rich will not go to Heaven. Read on to find out more.

Does Heaven have a currency?

Some Christian Theologians believe that Heaven has a currency and that currency is faith. You might make it to Heaven if you have the currency that takes you there. In the book of Hebrews 11:6, it is written that for anyone to get to God, they must have faith in Him and that He exists. Then God will reward each of the people who believe in Him. You are getting rewarded for your faith, and the reward is the kingdom of God, Heaven.

God might reward His people who use the currency He has given them—faith. In Matthew 25, Jesus tells a parable of three Servants who received different talents from their Master. The Master left them, and only two of them used their talents and multiplied them. The other one buried it and did not multiply. When the Master came, they were judged on what they had achieved, and the one ungrateful was thrown out for not using what he was given. These talents in the parable represent the faith God has given Christians. He expects Christians to use the faith to trust, obey, prosper, hear his word then follow. He could then come to reward those who have used the currency well.

What does the Bible say about wealth in Heaven?

is there a currency in Heaven?
What does the Bible say about wealth in Heaven? Image source: Pixabay

The Bible says Heaven is the safest place to store your wealth as a believer. According to Romans 8:18, the wealth you are storing in Heaven is the glory of God that will be far, much greater than the persecution, pain, and troubles that Believers go through. Matthew 6:19-21 urges believers to store their treasures in Heaven because there are no moths, rust, or thieves who can destroy them. The treasures in the verse are said to mean wealth in Heaven, which is not material wealth, but God’s glory that believers will experience in Heaven. The wealth in Heaven could be made through the sacrifices that believers make for Christ’s sake. It could also be achieved through having faith and trust in Jesus.

What Does It Mean to Invest In Heaven?

To invest in Heaven could mean dedicating enough time, money, talent, and other resources to actions and things that glorify God. In that manner, believers will be storing their riches in Heaven, which is considered the longest form of investment. Some ways you can invest in Heaven are donating to the poor, donating to God’s work and workers, giving out with so much generosity, and avoiding fanfare.

Does the Bible say the rich won’t enter Heaven?

Do you need money in Heaven? 
Does the Bible say the rich won’t enter Heaven? Image source: Pixabay

Some believers suggest that the Bible does not say the rich won’t enter Heaven. However, the Bible still warns believers that riches can make them miss out on Heaven because they will most likely prioritize riches and ignore God. Also, riches can make the owners too proud and lead them into sin.

According to 1 Timothy 6:10, money causes all evil. This means that what the riches push you as a believer to do prevents you from entering Heaven—not the riches. If you are a very wealthy believer and have faith in God, leading a life that pleases God, you can go to Heaven. The bottom line is that your financial status does not affect your probability of going to Heaven, but your faith and trust in Jesus.

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