How Big Is Heaven? (What Does The Bible Say?)

As a staunch Christian raised in a Christian family, I have developed an intense interest in some of the mysteries in the Christian faith, especially those regarding the afterlife. The Bible mentions the existence of a place called Heaven, which is where believers will spend their eternity. However, definite aspects of Heaven, such as its exact size, are not so vivid. In my final semester at theology school, I decided to research the details the scriptures provide regarding Heaven. I delved deep into studying the scriptures and consulted the clergy from 15 local churches. At the end of my research, I was satisfied that I knew everything regarding Heaven. During an Eschatology lesson last semester, one of the theology students asked whether anyone had an idea of the size of Heaven. We had previously covered the streets of Heaven and its general appearance. Having researched the topic extensively, I had reliable answers to this question. So, how big is Heaven?

The Bible implies that Heaven is an indefinitely large place whose exact dimensions have not been given as per human measurement standards.

I invite you to read on as I expose some of the available details about Heaven, such as its size, the number of people it can accommodate, and many other details as revealed to John.

How Many People Can Fit Into Heaven?

The scriptures imply that the number of people who can fit in Heaven is vast beyond what anyone can count and quantify.

In his vision in the book of Revelation 7:9, John saw a huge crowd that could not be numbered standing before the throne. The multitude consisted of an innumerable number of people from every nation, tribe, people, and language.

In John 14:2, Jesus also mentions that in his Father’s house, there are many rooms. This was to prove that as many as would want to go to Heaven would be sufficiently accommodated there.

We can, therefore, conclude that the number of people who can fit in Heaven is infinitely large by human capacity.

How Many Miles Long Is Heaven?

How Big Is Heaven?
How Many Miles Long Is Heaven? Image source: Pixabay

The Bible gives several contexts for the term “heaven.” In terms of Heaven being the place where God dwells. It explains that it is an infinitely large place that can accommodate an innumerable number of people(Revelation 7:9). No exact dimensions have been attached to Heaven.

In another scenario, however, in Revelation 21:16, the New Jerusalem, which is portrayed as a constituent of Heaven, has definite dimensions attached to it.

The Greek word for the measurement unit “Furlong” is stadia, which represents 0.12 miles. Twelve thousand furlongs translate to approximately one thousand four hundred and thirty-three miles. The New Jerusalem, which is presented as a city in the new Heaven, is, therefore, about 1433 miles long.

Does The Bible Give Any Linear Measurements Of Heaven?

Throughout the scriptures, many details about Heaven are displayed as things beyond what the human mind can conceive, including the actual size and dimensions. In the instances where Heaven is shown as God’s dwelling place, it is depicted as a very large place whose physical dimensions cannot be figured by the human mind.

The only unique scenario where dimensions are mentioned in the context of Heaven is in the vision of John in Revelation 21:16. In this account, a city called the New Jerusalem, which springs from the larger Heaven, is measured by the angel, and its dimensions are given. The New Jerusalem is presented as laid on a square whose length, width, and height are about 1433 miles.

Does John Describe How Big Heaven Is In the Book of Revelation?

How Big Is Heaven?
How big is Heaven? Image source: Pixabay

Yes, John describes, or at least refers to, the size of Heaven in his visions. In the first instance, as recorded in Revelation 7:9, Heaven is depicted as a large place whose size cannot be figured out.

In this vision, a place that can hold an innumerable number of people seems like a very large place. In the other vision in Revelation 21:16, the New Jerusalem, a place attached to Heaven, is given specific dimensions. It, however, does not represent the whole of Heaven as John saw it descending out of the new Heaven.

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