Did Hagar go to heaven? (what happened to Hagar?)

As a devout Christian, I believe that when we rush God’s promises, we end up with Ishmael instead of Isaac. I am intrigued by Hagar’s story because she is the underdog in her story. Hagar was forced to sleep with her master and chased away after having her child. After digging deeper, I learnt that she wasn’t as innocent as I thought. It turns out that Hagar became spiteful towards Sarah when she found out she was pregnant. I spoke to several bible scholars to find out why God still showed mercy to Hagar. This story taught me that God’s promises are not detered by our shortcomings. Last Friday during Bible study, a friend wanted to know if Hagar went to heaven. Having analyzed her story with the help of knowledgeable theologians, I was able to give my two cents on the topic. So, did Hagar go to heaven?

The Bible does not talk about Hagar’s death or her afterlife. It only explains Hagar’s circumstances while living with Abraham and Sarah. Despite her Egyptian roots, Hagar began worshipping the God of Israel. Theology scholars propose that she cried out to God in the desert and He answered. Going by that, it is not too far-fetched to think Hagar went to heaven.

In this article, we will understand Hagar’s story as Abraham’s troubled concubine. We will discuss what happened to Hagar and her son. Join me as we try to figure out if Hagar went to heaven or not.

What happens to Hagar in the Bible?

Hagar was a bondwoman or slave woman belonging to Sarah, Abraham’s wife. The Egyptian girl Hagar finds herself in a love triangle between Abraham and Sarah. This couple had stayed many years without a child. At their age, it is biologically impossible for Sarah to conceive. However, the omnipotent God assured Abraham that he would be the father of many nations. In Genesis 15:4, God promises Abraham an heir from his loins. Though Abraham kept the faith and believed that God’s word would come to pass, Sarah became impatient. The story of Hagar begins in Genesis 16. Sarah planned to let Abraham sleep with Hagar so she could start a family through the slave girl.

Back then, a mistress could claim ownership of the children of their slave girls in such circumstances. After some hesitation, Abraham agreed to have intercourse with Hagar and soon after conceived. Hagar began to look down on Sarah. Sarah complained to Abraham about Hagar’s spitefulness. Abraham permitted Sarah to respond to Hagar’s contempt however she wanted. In Genesis 16: 6, the Bible tells us that Sraha was so mean to Hagar that she ran away.

Scripture reveals that Hagar met God’s angel near a spring in the wilderness. Hagar told the angel that she was trying to escape her cruel mistress. The angel told Hagar to return to Abraham’s household and submit to Sarah’s authority. Hagar went back and gave birth to a son named Ishmael. At this time Abraham was 86 years and still trusting God for a son with his wife Sarah. Later, God kept his promise and Sarah conceived and gave birth to Isacc. One day, Sarah caught Ishamel mocking Isaac and she ordered Abraham to kick Hagar and Ishamel out of their home. These events are documented in Genesis 21:9-20.

With a heavy heart, Abraham gave Hagar a skin of water and some bread, and he sent them away. Again, the angel of the Lord caught up with Hagar and Ishmael in the desert of Beersheba. By that time Hagar had run out of water and she put her son under some thickets and started crying. God heard her cry and sent an angel to show her a well of clean drinking water. After this incident God vowed to be with Ishmael as he grew up in the desert of Paran, becoming a skilled archer.

What was God’s promise to Hagar?

what happened to Hagar?
What was God’s promise to Hagar? Image source: Pinterest

The first time Hagar had an encounter with God, she was pregnant and desperately wandering in the desert. In Genesis 16:9, the angel of the Lord urged Hagar to go back and continue serving Sarah. This is the first time that God make a promise to Hagar. According to scripture, the angel of the Lord promised Hagar that she would be the mother of many descendants through her child. The angel assured Hagar that she would give birth to a son whose name would be Ishmael. Hagar rejoiced and gave God the name El Roi, which means the “one who sees me”. In Genesis 21, God makes another promise to make Ishmael a great nation despite the circumstances of his parentage.

How did Hagar die?

After leaving Abraham’s homestead, Hagar continued to raise her son in the desert of Paran. The Bible says that Ishmael would be a fierce fighter who would be against everyone. According to Genesis 21:20, Hagar found Ishamael an Egyptian wife. The Bible is not clear about Hagar’s final moments. The last mention is in Genesis 25:12. While it was not clear when Hagar died, we can be sure that she was alive long enough to see her son grow up and get married.

Does the Bible mention that Hagar went to heaven?

The Bible is not explicit about Hagar in the afterlife. However, looking at Hagar’s life and her encounter with God, we can make educated guesses. Hagar’s reaction to the angel in the desert tells us that she believed in the God of Abraham. Despite her reservations, she obeyed and went back to live with an oppressive mistress. Still, the Bible does not specifically say that Hagar went to heaven.

What do religious scholars believe was Hagar’s final destination?

Did Hagar go to heaven?
Hagar’s final destination. Image source: Pinterest

The fact that God took the time to meet Hagar at her point of need means that He cared about her wellbeing. John 3:16 state that whoever believes in God will have eternal life. Based on this, theology scholars propose that it is safe to assume that Hagar went to heaven. This is because she was obedient to the God of Abraham. What’s more, Hagar lived to see the promises of God coming true in Ishmael’s life. Her close relationship with God is illustrated when she names Him El Eroi. These factors explain why theology scholars argue that Hagar is in heaven.

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