How God leads you to your spouse (Understanding God’s will)

I got married while still a young man in the ministry, where I have spent the last 15 years of my life. I gave my life to Jesus Christ as I joined the ministry. Just before I married my best friend, there were several signs that I had to consider before finally deciding that she was indeed my ideal spouse.

I had to pray and wait for God to show me that I had finally made the right choice. As a Christian who feels it could be time you got married, you could need clarification about how to select the perfect spouse for your journey.

You could be wondering about how God leads you to your spouse.

A God-fearing partner reciprocating your attraction for them could be a sign that God is leading you to your spouse. You might have shown interest in them, and they showed interest back and accepted your request to court them. Since the Bible teaches us that the fear of God is the beginning of knowledge, this could be a partner sent by God because they already know about Him. God would love us to know Him well and have people around us who also know Him.

I welcome you to join me in this article as we delve into the discussion about how God leads you to your spouse. We will also discuss several signs that could show that God has approved your relationship.

Furthermore, we will look at some signs that could show that God disapproves of your chosen spouse.

Read to the end to learn more about these topics and others.

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How to know if your spouse is sent by God

Finding that you would like to court a believer in Christ could show you that God sends your spouse. As a Christian, God loves it when you and your family fellowship. He loves it when we honour His name and credit Him as the only one and true God.

Therefore, He can only be appealed to when you get a spouse who believes in Him and honours His commandments. It is usually suggested that God cannot send you a non-believer for a spouse as He does not share His glory with anyone else and might not accept different gods being served by Him under the same roof.

A committed spouse could show that God has sent them. When Christians want to marry, they first need to understand that marriage is a union that should be acceptable in the eyes of God.

It involves joining two bodies and making them one, as in the book. Having a spouse committed to this union could therefore be a sign that God has sent them.

As your two bodies will be made one, you will only have to consider each other as the only partners in that relationship.

Having more partners could destroy your relationship and separate the one-body bond that is acceptable before the eyes of God.

A morally upright spouse could also show that they are God sent. God values morality and has shown His wrath in the Bible on people who support immorality. Sodom and Gomorrah were punished because of immorality to teach Christians about God’s stand on morality.

A moral partner might be appealing in the eyes of God to make Him send them to you. If you realize you have a morally upright partner, thank God, for that could show that they came directly from Him.

A partner showing a good level of maturity might also show that they are God sent. A mature partner knows God, and they honour Him in all their ways.

They are already mature in matters of salvation and will motivate you to embrace God too. A mature partner knows that every issue should be addressed when there is peace and calm.

If they realize that things are heating up, they postpone the conversation to a quieter time.

A mature partner will also mind your peace of mind and always ensure they do not because you stress as you two keep your relationship working.

Finding a partner with some of these qualities could show that God approves of your union.

How does God reveal your spouse to you?

Understanding God’s will
God revealing your spouse. Image source: Pixabay

God can reveal your spouse to you through prayers. Praying is communicating with God; Christians usually need answers from Him whenever they pray to Him.

You could have been praying to God to reveal your spouse to you. Through a prayer session, God could answer you with a partner He feels would be ideal for you.

You might find the courtship period and the marriage smooth as God Himself fully supports it. Pray without stopping for that ideal spouse from God, and He will answer you by bringing the best partner possible into your life.

God might also reveal to you your ideal partner through a dream. Since the times of Joseph, God has sometimes used dreams to pass around some crucial messages.

According to Genesis 37, “Jacob lived in the land of his father’s sojournings, in the land of Canaan.”

You might have prayed to Him to reveal the spouse He wants you to marry, and through a dream, you get the details about the said girl. From that time, God will ensure He brings a partner into your life.

God can also reveal your spouse through a vision. This has also been another way that God uses to pass His messages. You could be deep into meditation with Him, and He reveals the spouse He has chosen for you.

Christians are therefore encouraged to try and get into meditation with God, and you might receive an important vision about your spouse.

Your spouse might also be revealed through a true prophet of God. Despite many false prophets hiding behind the name of God, we still have the true ones among us.

God could send a message through one of them about your ideal spouse. The prophet would then relay the message to you as God continues working on ensuring that the two of you are joined.

God can also reveal your spouse by speaking His voice to you. Some Christians who have forged a deeper relationship with God have claimed to have heard His voice speak to them and give them His messages. In the Bible, some characters like Samuel heard the voice of God.

1 Samuel 3:8-10 notes, “And the Lord called Samuel again the third time. And he arose and went to Eli and said, “Here I am, for you called me.” Then Eli perceived that the Lord was calling the boy. Therefore Eli said to Samuel, “Go, lie down, and if he calls you, you shall say, ‘Speak, Lord, for your servant hears.’ ” So Samuel went and lay down in his place. And the Lord came and stood, calling as at other times, “Samuel! Samuel!” And Samuel said, “Speak, for your servant hears.””

Moses, Abraham and other patriarchs also heard God’s voice, which could make us assume that He still does so today. Fellowship with God and offer your prayers, and you might hear His glorious voice telling you about the spouse.

These are just but some of the ways some Christians believe that God can use to reveal a spouse to you. Ensure you pray to Him daily and remind Him of the spouse that you would like to marry.

He is a God who answers prayers and will give you His answer in His special time.

8 signs God is leading you to your spouse

How God leads you to your spouse
Signs God is leading you to your spouse. Image source: Pixabay

Getting a prayer partner with whom you share several interests

You might have been praying to God for the revelation of your spouse, and recently you got a Bible study or even prayer partner of the opposite gender.

You might have also realized that apart from Bible study and praying, both of you could be sharing some other interests, such as visiting the needy.

God could be leading you to your partner, someone with whom you share many interests, and He knows you can enjoy a lifetime together. It is usually a Christian prayer that God gives them partners who will make their lives cheerful and enjoyable.

What better way than to have a spouse from God who shares what you enjoy doing? Pray to God about the spouse if you notice you share some of these interests.

Self-respect and total obedience to God’s word

If you find yourself interested in a partner who values self-respect and fully obeys the word of God, then you should consider praying about them.

As a staunch Christian who has always obeyed God and His ways, you might have encountered someone ready to wait until after marriage for them to lie with their spouse.

This is a person who respects God and could be your expected spouse.

When you get that partner who obeys the word of God and follows all of His teachings, then maybe God could be leading you to your other half.

As a Christian, if you notice such qualities in a potential spouse, pray to God about it and ask Him to reveal to you if they are the right people before making your move.

Some of the centres of your discussion focus on Christian marriage

If you have been eyeing someone and most of your discussions are centred on the Christian marriage, it could be a sign that they have been chosen for you.

The Christian marriage follows a principled guideline before the two of you are released to go and stay together. You must follow a certain process while maintaining chastity for you two to be considered fit for marriage.

If you realize that your discussions are about following the guidelines of God before getting married, then you might be talking to your future partner chosen by God. A God-chosen partner is ready for a Christian marriage that involves both families knowing and approving everything before it occurs.

An ordained minister of God also officialises it before a congregation. When discussions about a Christian marriage arise between you, pray to God about it.

Lots of Peace whenever they are around

You might be talking to someone who enjoys a lot of peace whenever they are around you. You might even have panicked, but you feel at peace as soon as you see them.

This could be a sign from God that that is the person with whom you will enjoy that peace for the rest of your lives.

Therefore, God loves peace and would want you to enjoy this peace with your spouse. This could be why you might find some situations more peaceful when someone God chose for you is around you than when they are away.

When you notice you are experiencing more peace when someone you are interested in is around, pray to God about the person. They could be the chosen ones.

Presence of a friendship before thinking about marriage

You might have had a special friendship with someone that has lasted for quite some time. This friendship might have survived for a good time, and the two of you are growing in the ministry.

This could also be a sign from God that they are your chosen spouses.

God might have had a reason for allowing you two to be good friends before thinking about courtship. He could have seen it fit to make you people friends first for a better understanding of each other in the future.

As a Christian, consider this a blessing from God and ask Him to bless the union as He finds fit in His eyes.

The person having the qualities you have been praying for

You could have been praying for a spouse with qualities best suited to you. You might have prayed to God for the kind of girl you would be comfortable living with for the rest of your life.

This could be backed up by having someone you like with such qualities. This could be an answered prayer from God. If you notice someone you are interested in having the qualities you have been praying for in a spouse, get down to your knees. Pray to God to finalize your relationship if they are the one.

Everybody is in favour of the relationship

When you have someone you are interested in being in favor with everyone around you, it could be a sign from God that they are the ones.

When the person you like gets love from everyone around you during the initial stages of your courtship, God could send you a sign that He has approved of that person.

Pray that God strengthens the sign and confirms the person as His ideal choice for you.

If the person you like honours the greatest commandment

The greatest commandment of God is love. In His instructions in Matthew 22:37-39, He commanded us to love Him with all our hearts and also our neighbors as we love ourselves: “And he said to him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'”

If the person you are interested in shows love to God and everyone and is fond of sharing their love, God could give you the signs that you are eyeing the right person. Jesus Christ died because he loved us, and everybody who honours this commandment is considered to belong to him.

If you find someone who honours this great commandment of God, pray about them, they could be chosen for you by God.

How do you know that God wants you to be in a relationship with someone?

When God wants you to be in a relationship with someone, He places them strategically so that you can spot them easily. He can send them to your life in different ways, such as a Bible study or prayer partner.

He will ensure that the person matches the qualities you have been yearning to have in a lifetime partner. He will give you a person who will form good chemistry with you, and there will be no constant arguments between you two.

God will also ensure that He grants you two heavenly peace whenever you are together so that you can feel very safe around the other.

He will also ensure that the two of you gain favour from each other’s families and that you appreciate one another. He will ensure that He strengthens the bond between you and makes the union work.

How do you know that God does not approve of your spouse?

When God does not approve of your spouse, the relationship will fail. There would be no love in that relationship, and constant arguments would occur between you two. Since God does not approve of the relationship, Satan will create turbulences and weaken it.

The person will lose the ideal qualities you previously thought they had and lose appeal in your eyes. The house might lack the peace of God and instead be marred with chaos.

Your families might also disapprove of the relationship and fail to accept your union. The bond between the two of you could be severely severed. Ultimately, the two of you might be forced to break up.

As a Christian, you are advised to pray about every situation and ask God to give you the spouse He finds ideal. Give Him your most preferred qualities in your prayers, and allow Him to work towards giving you the perfect spouse.

If He disapproves of the one you have, do not force the relationship to work.

Let Him work towards ensuring that you are in relationships He considers ideal.

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