How many times is Enoch mentioned in the Bible? (who was Enoch in the Bible?)

 As a theologian, one of the people who intrigue me in the Bible is Enoch. The Bible talks of Enoch as a person who walked with God faithfully, and this sparks a strong interest in me to try and understand who exactly he is in the Bible. To learn more about Enoch, I visited my local church and sat with the reverend, who enlightened me more about Enoch. I teach theology classes, and the question of Enoch came up last week during my lesson on characters in the Bible who went straight to heaven without facing death. My students wanted to know the number of times Enoch is mentioned in the Bible and if the mentions are of one person. Based on my extensive research and what the Bible says, I answered the question comprehensively. So, how many times is Enoch mentioned in the Bible?

Enoch is mentioned in the Bible 12 times in some bible translations, such as the New International Version and New King James Version, and 11 times in other translations, such as the King James Version. 

I invite you to join me in this article as I delve into the topic of Enoch and answer questions such as what the Bible says about him, who he was, and his characteristics. Keep reading to learn more about these questions and more.

What does the Bible say about Enoch?

The Bible does not say much about Enoch since the name is mentioned only 12 times in the whole Bible. The first verse that mentions the name Enoch is Genesis 4:17, which explains the birth of Enoch, Cain’s son. The same verse explains that Cain was building a city, which he named after his son, Enoch. Genesis 4:18 outlines Enoch’s lineage and states that he got a son named Irad, Irad got Mehujael, Mehujael got Methushael, and Methushael had Lamech.

Genesis 5:18 then mentions the name Enoch again, who was the son of Jared. Thus, there are two people named Enoch mentioned in the Bible. Enoch, Jared’s son, was born when his father was one hundred and sixty-two years. After Enoch was born, his father lived another eight hundred years before he diedGenesis 5:24 portrays Enoch as someone in close relation with God, as it says that he walked with God, and God took him after living for 365 years. Hebrews 11:5 also explains that Enoch was taken by God by faith and did not face death since he had pleased God. Being taken by God and escaping death is what Enoch is most known for because he is among two people, the other being Elijah, who was chosen to escape death by God. Enoch seems to have been given this privilege due to his faith and being a man who walked with God for 300 years, as stated in Genesis 5:22.

Who was Enoch in the Bible?

How many times is Enoch mentioned in the Bible?
Who was Enoch in the Bible? Image source: Pixabay

There are two people named Enoch in the Bible. The first is Cain’s son, mentioned in Genesis 4:17Enoch, Cain’s son, was the father of Irad, grandfather to Mehujael, great-grandfather of Methushael, and great-great-grandfather to Lamech.

Genesis 5:18 mentions Enoch, the son of Jared. It is this Enoch that the Bible gives some significant information about. Looking at his lineage, we can see that Enoch fits into Adam’s lineage. The lineage starts with Adam and goes down to the fifth generation from Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, and Enoch. Thus, Enoch was Adam’s great-great-great-great grandson. Enoch had a son, Methuselah, when he was 65 years as seen in Genesis 5:21After having his son, Enoch lived for another 300 years, where he had other daughters and sons, and the scripture states that he walked with God for the 300 years. Altogether, Enoch lived for 365 years before God took him.          

Why Was the Book of Enoch Removed from the Bible?

According to bible resources, the Book of Enoch was removed from the Bible because scholars doubted its authenticity and due to a lack of inspirationOne of the reasons that the book of Enoch was removed from the Bible is that scholars did not believe it was authentic. While it is possible that Enoch wrote part of the book, most scholars believe that other authors changed some parts throughout time. In fact, some scholars believe that a Jewish Christian wrote a section in the book about astronomy in the 2nd century AD. Due to these concerns of the book being tampered with by other authors, scholars feel it lacks authenticity; thus, it was removed from the Bible.

Another reason the book of Enoch was removed from the Bible is its lack of inspiration. The early church examined every book and put it in the canon depending on adaptability, continuous usage, function, and stability. Other factors were also considered when placing a book in the canon; for instance, the New Testament books had to be from the 1st-century apostolic circle. Additionally, the chosen books did not have teachings that went against the orthodox doctrine; the individual highlighted as the author must be the actual author, and the author must be inspired by the Holy Spirit. The book of Enoch did not pass these tests. Also, the book’s lack of inspiration, more so, its view about salvation by special knowledge, contributed to its removal from the Bible. 

Characteristics of Enoch in the Bible

who was Enoch in the Bible?
Characteristics of Enoch in the Bible. Image source: Pixabay

The main characteristics of Enoch are walking with God, as demonstrated in Genesis 5:22, and having significant faith and pleasing God, as shown in Hebrews 11:5When you walk with someone; it shows that you have a great relationship with them. Enoch walking with God for 300 years shows his great relationship with Him. Jude 1:14 affirms that Enoch walked with God since God even sent him to prophesy to others and warn them that God would come to judge and punish them for committing ungodly deeds.

Enoch also had faith in God, and he pleased Him. Hebrews 11:5 explains that he did not face death due to his faith since God took him. And before God took him, Enoch was recognized as one who pleases God. It is correct to assume that his faith demonstrated itself for the 300 years he walked with God. He pleased God in his daily decisions, and at a time when people were committing ungodly deeds, he chose to follow God’s guidance and live a righteous life.      

How did Enoch please God?

The Bible does not state explicitly how Enoch pleased God. HoweverGenesis 5:22 sheds light on how he might have pleased God by faithfully walking with Him for 300 years. Additionally, Jude 1:14 show that God used him to pass his message to the people and tell them that God would convict them for their ungodly acts.    

The fact that Enoch walked with God for 300 years shows that he was obviously a man of faith. He believed in God and His existence and believed in His inherent goodness. He also knew that God would reward him for seeking His face diligently. God was pleased with Enoch and how he walked faithfully with Him, following His counsel that he simply took him, and he did not die.

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