Meanings of Blue Color Aura (Meaning and Personality)

Recently, there was a three-day event in town, and I decided to check it out. It had a new-age vibe, and, to this day, I don’t know what made me go. Anyway, I walked through the open-air displays of crystals, sages, wands, books, palm and tarot card readers, and photo booths.

As a theologian interested in understanding different worldviews, this piqued my curiosity. I approached one of the photographers to chat. Apparently, she photographed people’s auras.

This caught my attention since I had only read about it online. So I dug deeper to find out more about auras. Incidentally, she revealed that she could also see auras and casually pointed out that mine was blue.

At that point, she had my attention, so for $50, she agreed to tell me more about blue auras. So, what is the meaning of a blue color aura?

According to new ageism, a blue aura indicates calmness, spirituality, wisdom, intuition, communication, and empathy. It corresponds with the throat chakra, which facilitates communication and authentic expression. Spiritualists believe a blue aura means you’re a creative, deep-thinking, and self-aware individual with good communication skills. Additionally, they believe such people thrive as teachers, counselors, and public speakers.

This article explores the meanings and personalities associated with the blue aura. Join me in learning about the spiritual significance of various shades of blue auras and the challenges, traits, and career prospects of blue-aura people. I’ll also look at the Christian perspective of auras.

What does it mean to have a blue aura?

According to new age beliefs, having a blue aura means you emit blue energy. Proponents of this belief system define auras as subtle energy emanating from people, animals, and plants.

They believe this aura surrounds all living things and reflects your personality and spiritual and psychological state.

Spiritualists also believe that auras exist in seven colors corresponding to the seven chakras, which are seven “spinning” wheels of energy located along your spine.

These chakras are energy points that affect your emotional and physical state. Spiritualists rely on the color of your aura and its corresponding chakra to gain insights into your personality and offer advice on interacting with the world.

The blue aura corresponds with the throat chakra (Vishuddha), which is associated with good communication and expressing your truth. As such, spiritualists believe that people with a blue aura color are good communicators, honest, and trustworthy.

Additionally, they hold that a blue aura indicates gentleness, creativity, deep intuition, empathy, spirituality, heightened awareness, and balance. Spiritualists advise people with blue auras to focus on their creative and empathetic side in relationships, life, and careers.

Spiritual meaning of different shades of blue aura

Meanings of Blue Color Aura 
Spiritual meaning of different shades of blue aura. Image source: Pixabay


Having a turquoise aura suggests harmony, healing, and empathy. Yogis believe that a person with this aura draws qualities from the root colors of blue and green.

According to the new age belief, a green aura points to healing, balance, harmony, and stability. People with green auras consistently pursue growth and are believed to be kind, compassionate, and loyal.

Conversely, the blue aura points to communication, gentleness, spiritual awareness, intuition, and creativity. People with this aura are believed to be good communicators, empathetic, and intuitive. They’re always ready to help.

Therefore, combining these colors suggests that a person is nurturing, empathetic, expressive, and compassionate. Spiritualists believe that people with a turquoise aura have an in-depth understanding of human nature; they’re always willing to help anyone who asks.

They further believe that, unlike their blue aura counterpart, those with turquoise auras have a better sense of self-preservation, tempering their empathy with wisdom by only helping those who ask. This suggests that they’re kind without being overbearing, something endemic among blue-aura individuals.


Royal or true blue aura is seen as the apex of the blue aura category of people. They’re believed to be highly intuitive, sensitive, and empathetic, with a spiritual awareness that’s off the charts.

Yogis believe royal-aura people may develop clairvoyance. Additionally, these people are believed to be fearless, open-minded, charismatic, visionary, and artistic, often relying on their mature wisdom, depth, creativity, and superb communication to express themselves clearly.

As you’ve already guessed, spiritualists suggest these people thrive in leadership, entrepreneurship, and creative pursuits.

Sky blue

A sky-blue aura is associated with high creativity and intuition. People with this aura are believed to have a keen ability to listen at the metaphysical and spiritual levels.

Spiritualists believe such people speak from the heart, which compounds the value of their words. Furthermore, their sky-blue aura suggests a balanced throat chakra, enhancing their impressive communication skills. Counselors advise people with sky-blue auras to engage in creative pursuits.

Dark blue

Dark or muddy blue points to negative emotions or a blocked throat chakra. According to yogis, it results from mingling black and light blue. Black auras point to introspection and significant life changes, characterized by depression, distrust, and emptiness.

Spiritualists link this to an unbalanced chakra. Mingling black to a light blue aura points to spiritual stagnation, depression, and exhaustion.

New-age counselors advise those with a dark blue aura to take a break or seek help working through the negative emotions and re-ignite their light blue aura.

Blue indigo

Like Turquoise, blue-indigo results from mingling two colors: blue and indigo. An indigo aura suggests heightened spirituality, introspection, intuition, and self-awareness.

Yogis believe combining these with the empathetic and communicative blue aura gives you someone who marches to the beat of their own drum.

People with a blue-indigo aura are believed to have more intuition and empathy. They’re also believed to display psychic abilities since the indigo aura is linked to the third eye chakra responsible for awareness.

What makes an aura color turn blue?

We’ve alluded to the core attributes associated with the blue aura: creativity, communication, and empathy. New Age counselors recommend participating in activities that ignite your creative spark, improve communication, and spur empathy to turn your aura blue.

Spiritualists suggest these activities if you have a dark blue aura. They recommend “cleansing” your aura by engaging in activities that reflect your natural blue light.

Additionally, they promote practices such as mantra meditations believed to open your throat chakra and restore your blue aura.

What are some personality traits of people with blue aura?

Meanings of Blue Color Aura 
What are some personality traits of people with blue aura? Image source: Pixabay

Expressive and honest

As mentioned, spiritualists link the blue aura to the throat chakra, which affects communication. These people are seen as bold and able to express their truth clearly. They’re also believed to value honesty.

Furthermore, counselors suggest blue aura people are blunt because they’re more in touch with their masculine energy. Additionally, they’re believed to be good listeners, making them perfect problem-solvers.


People with a blue aura are believed to be level-headed. Spiritualists suggest they can project peace into their environments and stay calm amidst heated debates and arguments.

They attribute this to their developed emotional stability, which makes them good mediators and counselors.

Empathetic and intuitive

I probably sound like a broken record at this point. However, spiritualists hold that empathy is a hallmark of people with blue auras. They’re believed to connect deeply with others and sympathize with them.

Additionally, counselors believe they have innate wisdom and heightened awareness of what’s happening around them, which borders on clairvoyance.

Creative and introspective

As mentioned, yogis believe blue-aura people have heightened self-awareness, which allows them to tap into their creativity. They’re believed to enjoy artistic ventures like singing, painting, and writing.

Additionally, yogis suggest their tendency towards introspection makes them deep thinkers who create art that speaks to most people.

Difficulty setting emotional boundaries

Remember we mentioned that blue-aura people are believed to be empathetic? This trait is seen as a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, spiritualists believe they’re drawn toward helping others; on the other, they see them as easy targets for narcissists and toxic people.

Counselors believe this results from an inability to properly set emotional boundaries. Constantly engaging with toxic people is believed to drain blue aura people, which darkens their auras, putting them in a spiritual and emotional slump.


Counselors suggest this ties into their need for harmony. Blue aura people are believed to be balanced (spiritually and emotionally because of their attraction to all things spiritual.

Spiritualists believe that people with a blue aura constantly pursue perfect harmony. However, they suggest their quest for perfectionism could hinder their spiritual progress because they’ll end up overworking and depressed, which darkens their aura.


This is linked to their creativity and introspection. Blue auras are believed to spend much of their time in their fantasy world, especially if life becomes unbearable.

Counselors suggest this disconnects them from reality and contributes to depression when reality doesn’t conform to their ideal.

Challenges people with blue color aura face


As mentioned, people with blue auras are believed to have heightened spiritual awareness and intuition that borders clairvoyance. It’s believed that these abilities may frighten them as they figure out how to best use them. If left unassisted, they may sink into depression or stagnate in their spiritual journey.

Blocked chakra

Communication is believed to be a big part of people with blue auras. As such, spiritualists believe communication problems are tied to a blocked throat chakra. Common symptoms include an inability to speak clearly, creative stagnation, and a crippling fear of judgment.

Blue auras may also experience hoarseness, jaw and neck pain, headaches, and thyroid issues. Yogis often recommend Vishuddha healing techniques like yoga, sound healing, meditation, and even medical help, if necessary.

Overflow of masculine energy

We mentioned that yogis believe blue-aura people are blunt in their communication. Many believe this to be a symptom of an overflow of masculine energy.

According to new age beliefs, everyone has masculine and feminine energy within them. Masculine energy is believed to spur action and is drawn from inherently “male” characteristics. Feminine energy, in contrast, is associated with “being.”

Spiritualists suggest blue aura people may experience an imbalance in these energies, which makes them blunt and pushes them to overwork and eventually depression.

To combat this imbalance, meditation experts recommend frequent meditation, creative pursuits, learning to relax, and ditching your planners for a day.

How to interact with people with a blue aura?

Counselors believe that interacting with blue aura people will involve a lot of communication. They recommend befriending them first since they’re often introverted and would appreciate deeper, more intimate friendships.

Next, they recommend communicating clearly, honestly, and frequently. Additionally, they suggest being prepared for some blunt, no-holds-barred comments.

However, they also believe blue-aura people temper this bluntness with empathy; they will quickly notice if you’re offended and apologize for it.

According to spiritualists, blue-aura people are trustworthy and reliable, often ready to lend a hand and help you work through problems. They recommend staying calm and respectful in a conflict.

Above all, blue-aura people are believed to be sensitive and deep thinkers, meaning they’ll often read between the lines. Therefore, experts recommend you avoid carelessly tossing words around to prevent misunderstandings.

Blue aura in love and relationships

Meanings of Blue Color Aura 
Blue aura in love and relationships. Image source: Pixabay

Spiritualists recommend that those with blue auras look for relationships where commitment, honesty, and communication are valued. Having these will allow them to thrive in the relationship. They believe blue aura people are in it for the long run; they dislike change and prefer sticking with one partner.

Additionally, counselors suggest their empathy and intuition make them considerate and unwilling to hurt their partners. As such, they expect similar treatment, even during fights. Spiritualists recommend pairing blue aura people with those having a yellow aura.

Blue aura in career and professional life

We’ve alluded to the belief that blue-aura people have excellent communication and unparalleled creativity. They’re seen as empathetic, intuitive, and deep thinkers.

Career coaches and spiritualists believe these traits make them good leaders and team players. They also believe blue auras thrive as CEOs, teachers, healers, artists, musicians, writers, and counselors.

Career coaches attribute this to their trustworthiness and honesty, making them excellent employees who would breathe new life into an organization or project.

What is the relationship between the blue aura and the throat chakra?

Spiritualists link good communication to blue auras. According to new age beliefs, this is the reserve of the throat chakra, one of seven energies in the body.

New ageism teaches that the throat chakra is the fifth chakra found around the jaw, throat, mouth, and thyroid area. It’s the gateway for honest communication and expression of your truth.

Spiritualists believe you’ll have no trouble expressing yourself if your throat chakra is balanced. In fact, you’ll do so fearlessly, honestly, and clearly.

They believe that if it’s blocked, you’ll be creatively bankrupt, scared of judgment, and experience physical symptoms like sore throat, headaches, and a painful jaw.

Additionally, spiritualists believe the throat chakra is blue and is seen as a blue aura. Consequently, the powers of communication associated with blue aura people are linked to the throat chakra.

As Christians, we don’t believe in auras and their effect on personalities. We don’t have any biblical basis to justify believing that these auras reflect internal energies or affect our nature.

What we do have, however, is a warning against spiritualism and divination (Leviticus 20:6) that forms an integral part of this belief system.

Instead of worrying about our auras, we should walk in the light: Jesus Christ (1 John 1:7).

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