Number Of Crows Meaning in the Bible (Spiritual Interpretations of Crows)

I have always been fascinated by crows. But even after extensive ornithology classes in college and theology school after that, I ended up with more questions than answers. But for me, this challenge meant taking more time to understand the birds from biological, mythological, and spiritual standpoints. After years, I’ve learned all I believe there is to know about the spiritual aspects of these birds. The most intriguing aspect of the birds remains the number of crows meaning.

According to mythological and spiritual beliefs, crows could mean good luck, bad luck, abundance, peace, harmony, transformation, renewal, or a looming catastrophe, depending on the number of crows that you encounter.

In this article, I will explore the spiritual elements and symbolism of crows in different cultural and religious groups. With sightings of single crows believed to carry a different meaning from sighting of 5 or 9 crows, I will consider the meanings of the birds throughout the article. Keep reading to learn what crows in different numbers mean or symbolize spiritually.

What is the spiritual meaning of crows?

In the spiritual sense, crows are associated with the mysterious and dark symbolism that represents both change and death. They are also depicted as harbingers of truth intended to teach humankind about the importance of accepting change, stepping into the unknown, looking beyond the physical world, and gaining wisdom by being reflective and looking inward.

And in the Bible, the crow was depicted as Noah’s little helper, as implied in Genesis 8:6-7. In this regard, the Bible portrays the crow as a symbol of strength, resilience, survival, and even uncleanliness.

Some of the spiritual meanings associated with crows include:

  • Sacred law – seeing a crow is considered a sign of the Sacred Law and a sign that you should reflect on the important values in your life and the sacred laws. The sacred law, which differs from religious or man’s laws, are portrayed by the crow in that the appearance of this bird means that there is need for self-reflection and becoming more aligned with one’s sacred intuition.
  • Form of communication with and from the spiritual realm – this is the most widely known significance of crows and why the crows are often deemed as symbols of death. Crows are believed to be intermediaries between our world and the spiritual world.
  • Representation of change – Crows are believed to have the power to fly high in the winds, even in unpredictable weather, including rain and tornadoes. And so, like the winds of change blowing in your life, crows in your life symbolize change. These birds are also reminders that all humans need to make constant adjustments in life, regardless of the paths they are flying.
  • Death – literally and figuratively, crows are omens of change; in some cases, this change is in the form of death. These birds may also be deemed to symbolize rebirth or the beginning of something new.
  • Clean homes – the other unexpected spiritual meaning associated with crows is that the crows are essential symbols of people living in clean spaces. It’s also believed that meditating on a crow’s symbolism will make you develop more respect for your home and your health.

Overall, the crows signify a strong connection between life and death while also being reminders for humans to move through their life transitions with insight and clarity.

According to Norse mythology, crows and ravens were associated with prescience, foretelling the future, or fortune-telling. It was believed that the Norse god, Odin, sacrificed his eye for wisdom, but he relied on having two ravens for sight. The ravens, Muninn and Huginn, whose names translated to Thought and Memory, flew across the world and would deliver information to Odin.

The Greek God Apollo also relied on a white raven who served as his messenger. And as per the native/ indigenous Canadian and American mythology, the ravens or crows played an essential role in their divination rituals.

Are crows good or bad luck?

Number Of Crows Meaning
Are crows good or bad luck? Image source: Pixabay

They can be symbols of good luck or bad luck. While many people believe that crows represent and carry bad omens, often because of how the birds are portrayed in films where they identify with witchcraft and magic, this is a huge misconception around the birds because these birds don’t represent bad luck. Additionally, these birds are deemed harbingers of death because they would land on corpses, gouging out their eyes – this is a popular myth spread across Northern Europe and in Egyptian Mythology.

But crows aren’t all bad. In many aspects, crows are considered bringers of good luck and special messengers carrying important messages from the spiritual world. And so, seeing a crow means it could bring you a message from the spiritual world.

With the spiritual meanings attached to the crows in mind, it makes sense that they would be associated with bringing bad luck. The birds’ associations with change, specifically through death, are why crows may be considered symbols of bad luck.

Therefore, the crows’ symbolism is that of balance, with these messengers bringing good or bad, depending on how one looks at things.

Are crows spiritual messengers from God?

According to different spiritual beliefs, crows are believed to be messengers who give or send messages to people from the spiritual realm. Additionally, it’s believed that crows are symbols of divination. The ancient Greeks, for example, believed that the crow symbolized the God Apollo and his role as the God of prophecy.

In the Bible and for Christians, Crows are portrayed as messengers that God used to provide to his people, as suggested in Job 38:41, Luke 12:24, and Psalms 147:9. It’s worth noting that the Bible names the birds as ravens or crows, interchangeable, but whenever the birds are mentioned, God used them as symbols that provided to God’s people and showed God’s limitless care.

Crows are also portrayed as God’s messengers in Genesis 8:6-7 where Noah sent out a raven as a way for him to know when the flood had ended and when they finally found land.

What message does a crow bring into your life?

A crow is associated with carrying different messages, but in most cases, spotting a crow means that you can expect a change in your li – either positive or negative. Often, crows carry messages relating to death, protection, or transformation.

Remember that crows are powerful spiritual symbols, and the message they carry differs depending on the situation you’re currently in. They also carry divine messages, and if you’ve recently lost a loved one, crows would be signs from the departed or perhaps a reminder from the divine realm reminding you that they are guiding or watching over you.

How to tell if your encounter with a crow has a spiritual meaning

Since many have encountered crows and haven’t thought about the bird’s significance or gone through any shift in life, it’s essential to know what to look for to recognize the impact the bird may have in your life.

In most cases, however, understanding the influence of the crow on one’s life is a profoundly spiritual matter. If you are discovering or re-discovering your spirituality or have been doing shadow work, the appearance of a crow could be a good thing because it indicates that you could be establishing a deeper connection with the spiritual world.

A shift in your life after encountering a crow would also mean a spiritual connection. This is believed to be the case because an encounter with a crow often indicates that you’re about to awaken your psychic powers.

What is the symbolic meaning of encountering crows?

Spiritual Interpretations of Crows
Symbolic meaning of encountering crows. Image source: Pixabay

The symbolism around encountering crows differs depending on the number of crows you come across. The meanings are associated with encountering 1, 3, or 9 crows.

Meaning of encountering 1 crow

Encountering a single crow could mean bad luck, a message from a departed soul, or angelic guidance.

First, it may mean that you are receiving spiritual messages from angels and a loved one who passed away and is trying to connect to you. This often happens when the person that passed was close to you. In such instances, the encounter sends you the message that you aren’t alone. These associations follow the beliefs held by some cultures, which believe that crows are messengers from the dead or the gods.

Secondly, the crow may be an angel or spiritual guide, especially when you encounter the bird on days that feel as if the universe is conspiring against you, and nothing seems to be going the right way. On such days, seeing a single crow may be the hope or light you need because it serves as a reminder that an angel is guiding you, so you are not alone.

On the flip side, encountering one crow could bring you bad luck and a great deal of destruction. This is because encountering a single crow is seen as a bad omen. So, seeing a lone crow flying around you means that you should prepare yourself for bad news or bad luck.

Meaning of encountering 2 crows

If you see two crows, it could mean either of these two thingsa new beginning or a dual existence.

Beginning a new season in your life is because the number 2 is associated with new beginnings. So, encountering two crows means that you should accept all the changes coming your way.

Dual personality – spotting two crows may also represent your dual personality and the fact that you may act in two different ways. The crows may also represent your strengths and weaknesses. But in general, they point to the duality of your existence.

If you spot two crows at night, it could be a sign of uncertainty. It often means that the universe is revealing to you that you have many options to choose from, and these may be the reasons for your indecision.

Encountering two crows means that you could receive good news, enjoy more peace and harmony in your life, or are about to experience a new beginning.

Meaning of encountering 3 crows

If you encounter three crows, they may be carrying the following spiritual meaningsan angelic sign, sign of good health, upcoming celebration, or a transformation.

Angel signs – the three crows are believed to make you aware that you have a guardian angel, so whenever you have your guardian angel around you, there will be three crows flying around your home.

Transformation – seeing three crows may also signify transformation. These birds are believed to be there to make you aware that your transformation is about to begin. The crows also remind you that the journey or transformation process kicks off in your mind before it’s reflected in your actions. And so, if you come across three crows, you should perceive them as the inspiration you need to work on and change your mindset, and these changes will be reflected in your decisions and the activities you participate in.

Good Health – Three crows flying around are a good omen for good health and overall wellness in your family. The reason for this is that the number 3 is associated with completeness, unity, and divine perfection, so the three birds mean that your family is blessed with good health and lives in harmony with one another.

Celebration – the three crows may also point to a forthcoming season of celebration in your life, so now might be the best time for you to refresh your home and yourself in readiness for the upcoming big day.

Meaning of encountering 4 crows

You may also encounter 4 crows; when you do, you should pay attention to them and their meanings. In most cases, the 4 crows represent balance and stability.

Balance – Seeing 4 crows is believed to carry spiritual significance, reminding you that God wishes you to have more balance in your life. It’s a reminder that God wouldn’t want you to be extreme, so the birds will show up in your life when you start to lose your balance, reminding you that you can still attain balance.

Stability – the 4 crows, like all things that are only stable on 4 legs, represent stability. When you encounter 4 crows, you should open up to the possibility of becoming emotionally stable. The birds will stick around for as long as you are stable and when you feel like you are losing control over your emotions. In such cases, the birds won’t just stick around, but they may also make some sounds as they fly away.

Good Luck – Encountering 4 crows flying close to you signifies good luck. It means that good things are coming, and your prayers have been answered. Remember that the number 4 is regarded as a positive sign in many world cultures.

Wealth and Prosperity – Seeing 4 crows also signifies that you will be wealthy and prosperous. This could mean you will get a new source of income or even a promotion at work.

Meaning of encountering 5 crows

Five crows appearing in your life may signify unexpected changes, spiritual activities, confidentiality, but also, poor health.

Illness or poor health for your family – unfortunately, seeing five crows around your home may not be the best thing to happen to you because these birds, in that number, are often a bad omen and the fact that your family member or even you may soon fall ill. With this forewarning, you should address any health concerns immediately.

Confidentiality – the five crows aren’t always a sign of doom. In some cases, they may be there to remind you to be secretive and avoid over-interaction with other people because you may inadvertently expose secrets.

Unexpected Change – Encountering 5 crows might be the spiritual realm reminding you or making you aware that you may experience a huge shift in your life. But also, you should embrace the change when it happens because it would be great for your future.

Increased new spiritual activities – Seeing five crows may symbolize that you will experience an increased level of spiritual activities or energy all around you, which also means that it would be an excellent time for you to consider spiritual development and trust your intuition.

Meaning of encountering 6 crows

Six crows symbolize the desire to become famous, bad luck, or robbery.

Bad luck – encountering six crows might not be the best thing to happen because the birds could be a sign of difficult times ahead and reminders that you must be more cautious. Six crows are regarded as a bad omen by many cultures. The bad luck could be in the form of a robbery or a theft in your home, so you should do your best to secure your valuables and take additional security and safety precautions in and out of your home.

Desiring to become famous – the six crows you recently spotted eating grains may look cute together, but they may also be the symbol you need to ensure that your desires for popularity are realized. However, you shouldn’t be led by harmful desires because these would lead you down the wrong path.

Meaning of encountering 7 crows

According to Celtic beliefs and symbolism, seven crows represent the Divine Messenger, which often represents a guardian angel or a spirit guide that watches over and protects you. So, encountering 7 crows is often associated with gaining inner wisdom, spiritual awakening, and enlightenment. The 7 crows symbolize sorrowful events, journeys, financial abundance, repetition, satisfaction and fulfilment.

In other words, the seven crows would mean that it’s your travel season and a season for financial abundance.

Meaning of encountering 8 crows

If you encounter eight crows, it could mean that you are stuck in a repetitive cycle of good or bad habits that you should be ready to break out of or pivot from. The seven crows may also be a sign for you to be prepared for a season of sorrow and grief.

Meaning of encountering 9 crows

Encountering nine crows could be a sign of fulfilment and satisfaction. The birds could be a reminder that the good luck or break you have been hoping for is coming your way, finally. This meaning is associated with the fact that the number 9 symbolizes the end of a specific cycle in life and the beginning of something new.

Meaning of encountering a murder of crows

Number Of Crows Meaning
Meaning of encountering a murder of crows. Image source: Freepik

A large group of crows is referred to as a murder of crows, and when you come across a murder of crows, it often means that you may experience bad luck in your future. At the same time, the crows may symbolize good coming your way. The impact the birds may have on your life will differ depending on the number of birds in the murder. The activity the birds are participating in is also important in determining what they mean and how they could influence your life.

What is the meaning of seeing a crow in your sleep?

If you see a crow in your sleep or dream, it is believed to symbolize a spiritual message held in your subconscious mind. You’d have to pay attention to the bird’s details and what it’s doing in the dream to understand its spiritual meaning. In most cases, seeing a crow in your dream symbolizes that a new beginning is within your reach. It may also symbolize change and the fact that something may be changing in your life – this can be a rebirth or a transformation.

To understand the meaning of or the symbolism behind the crow in your dreams, you should think of what’s happening in your life and how the crow may influence how things pan out.

What do crow feathers mean?

Crow feathers may be glistening and beautiful, but these feathers are associated with negative energy and bad omens. The feathers are primarily associated with death and darkness.

However, native American cultures acknowledge that the feathers are associated with good luck, enlightenment, cleansing, and protection from evil spirits.

What does it mean when a crow is following you?

A crow following you may not be the most calming or positive thing because whenever a crow follows you or lingers in your vicinity for a long time, it often means that death or bad luck is coming your way.

The good news is that this isn’t always the case, and there is a possibility that the crow following you is merely a messenger from the spiritual realm bringing you a message of reassurance from a loved one who recently passed.

What does it mean when a crow attacks you?

Besides the possibility of the crow hunting for food and trying to get the food you’re carrying, a crow attacking you could mean that the bird considers you a foe rather than a friend, especially if you come off as a potential danger to its nestlings. On the other hand, some people believe that when a crow attacks, it brings you good luck or beckoning a change.

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